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I'm not sure about redirecting the direction of one magnet but I do have a theory on how to get an object to move in any direction using magnets and coils of copper. I might not have the means of making this work in real life application, but I have the theory and it should work if applied properly. Just think of say a car that needs no gas or oil, self generating, enviromentaly friendly, lasts for hundreds of years rather then two hundred thousand miles, and speed is per programing. I know that this sounds to far fetched to be put to real life, but before you say that stop and think what everybody said about the telephone and being able to call somebody hundreds of miles away, or electricity and being able to light up a house without any candles. All of the new and exciting things that came out between 1900 to 2000, now it is beyond it is time for some new things and stop living in the 20th cetury.

Any help or question are welcome.

        Thank You