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March 2009[edit]

Hi, and welcome to Wikipedia. I wanted to let you know that your recent edits to articles for Manta (roller coaster) and Alpengeist have been undone. While they were made in good faith, they suffered from two significant problems. First, the information added was not backed up by verifiable and reliable source material. Wikipedia deals in facts, not in rumors. As an avid roller coaster fan myself, I follow many different fan-sites, and I am pretty sure you read one of the same sites I did to learn about Manta's new zero car. Unfortunately, fan sites don't rise to the verifiable and reliable criteria for a good source for Wikipedia.

Second, the way the edits were made suggested that only Alpengeist and Manta had zero cars. Honestly, I can name at least four others that have them, and have had them for longer than either: the four Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coasters at the various Disneyland/Magic Kingdom parks around the world. The locomotive on the front of the trains is also a zero-car, based on the definitions provided.

All that said, don't get discouraged. You didn't do anything wrong, and you didn't vandalize the page ... I have no reason to believe that what you added was intended to harm the article. On the contrary, you certainly were trying to help out, and that's something I hope you keep doing. If you have any questions about how to cite sources (it can be tricky until you do it a few times), be sure to ask on the article's talk page, or ask a fellow editor.

Thanks, and happy editing!

McDoobAU93 (talk) 04:02, 10 March 2009 (UTC)