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September 2007[edit]

Hello! I have noticed your additions to the various shuttle mission pages, and while I fully understand the interest you have in the shuttle processing (as I have the same interest), I really would like to remind you that Wikipedia is not for up-to-the-minute reporting, and weekly status reports for shuttle processing are not necessary. The article's context is historical, and after the mission is over, what needs to remain are the main highlights, such as the ET mating to the orbiter, rollout to launch pad, etc. While I too, find the daily processing reports given by NASA of high interest, I've had to refrain from adding this, in order to follow the guidelines of style set down here on Wikipedia. I've edited the information for formatting (for some reason, your additions have odd line breaks in them) and removed information that is honestly not something that the average reader will comprehend, or understand the relevance of. Again, please do not take this negatively, as I completely understand where you're coming from, as a member of L2 on, I read the daily reports, and would love to add all that stuff, but the fact is, without references and sources (L2 can't be a source), and in the context of being relevant to the average reader, the majority of that information is not necessary to the article. I hope you understand! I would love to see you add those updates to the article's talk pages, though! I think those who are real space enthusiasts would love that. ArielGold 02:34, 8 September 2007 (UTC)