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June 2010[edit]

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The way that the WBA champions are right now makes it seem as though Shane Mosley lost his title in the ring on May 1st and he did not. The WBA kept him as their "Super" Champion for a few weeks after the loss to Floyd Mayweather and then he was stripped of the title. Here is an article from in which it states that the WBA officially drops Mosley and it was dated on May 22nd-

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I'll just leave it as an error because I don't feel like going through all of that just to prove that I'm right but I already provided proof that it was factual and that the way that the list currently looked was inaccurate because Mosley did not lose the WBA "Super" title on May 1st. There's many other errors but I'll just leave them because I don't feel like going through this whole back and forth stuff just to have the page remain incorrect. And someone keeps on putting Selcuk Aydin as the WBC champion when he's not- he's only the "silver" champion. Andre Berto is the WBC's current welterweight champion, so perhaps you should get on their case about that because what they're doing is much worse than the corrections that I was attempting to make. Peace out for good ~ Double M Magnum

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Ken Buchanan won WBC lightweight championship.[edit]

Hello. You have Ken Buchanan removed from List of lightweight boxing champions‎ (→WBC). He won the WBC lightweight championship on February 12, 1971, became the undisputed world champion at the same time. Originally, this day, Buchanan was Mando Ramos (and the WBC mandatory contender, was also former champion) was scheduled to fight. But two days ago, because Ramos declined to fight, the WBC admitted as against Ruben Navarro (the WBC 3rd contender). Ramos has been demoted from the WBC mandatory contender, Pedro Carrasco elevated. Buchanan was stripped to the WBC championship on June 25, 1971. Because Carrasco did not match. These circumstances are described in The Times Archives. Please refer.--Poro789 (talk) 06:40, 22 August 2010 (UTC)

Link had no proof[edit]

According to boxrec and everywhere else I've seen, Ken Buchanan never won the WBC title- this was only 1 of the many errors that I saw on this page and almost all of the others about divisional champions. The link you provided gave me nothing as far as proving that Buchanan ever held the WBC title. Buchanan won the WBA title from Ismael Laguma (who was stripped of the WBC title BEFORE facing Buchanan) and he held the title until losing it to Roberto Duran. Here is Buchanan's record- Here is the linearity of the WBC lightweight title, which clearly shows that Buchanan never held it- I'm not gonna keep going back and forth like I see all the time on here, so you can respond but I won't read it. Wikipedia goes by what is factual with actual proof and what you've said has none that I can see.

Did you really search for linked Websites? No, it is likely not to examine it. For another remark and you, is only being written in websites evidences? In writing in websites, there is an original. The original is not websites but is a record book and a newspaper article. They must not be other websites. It should not believe in a website alone blindly.--Poro789 (talk) 03:35, 25 August 2010 (UTC)