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Al-Azhar University vandalism[edit]

Your repeated insertion of blatantly untrue statements (i.e. "Saladin converted Egyptians by force to Sunni Islam") on several Wiki pages including Al-Azhar University and Al-Azhar Shia Fatwa, and your constant citing of completely irrelevant, dummy sources to create the illusion of veracity mark you as a vandal. No amount of spin on your part can change that. You've already been reported, and a detailed summary of your malfeasance has already been logged on that article's talk page by not one, but two separate, registered editors -- a distinction you have neither the courage nor the good intentions to be since actually registering on Wikipedia would make your job of vandalizing pages that much harder. Causteau (talk) 23:37, 1 June 2008 (UTC)

Your recent edits[edit]

Hi there. In case you didn't know, when you add content to talk pages and Wikipedia pages that have open discussion, you should sign your posts by typing four tildes ( ~~~~ ) at the end of your comment. If you can't type the tilde character, you should click on the signature button Button sig.png located above the edit window. This will automatically insert a signature with your name and the time you posted the comment. This information is useful because other editors will be able to tell who said what, and when. Thank you! --SineBot (talk) 23:52, 1 June 2008 (UTC)


Hiya, I have no opinion on the content disputes, but I did want to offer you a note of advice... If you are disagreeing with someone on Wikipedia, your comments will have far more weight if you are able to keep them civil and content-based. As soon as you resort to incivility or personal attacks, it weakens the rest of your argument and makes people less likely to listen to you. Just FYI, --Elonka 02:50, 2 June 2008 (UTC)

Also, could you please consider creating an account? Having a username will also give your voice more weight, as just posting anonymously can get you confused with the thousands of anonymous vandals that flood in to Wikipedia each day. Thanks, Elonka 03:58, 2 June 2008 (UTC)

June 2008[edit]

Information.svg Please do not delete content or templates from pages on Wikipedia, as you did to Imad Mughniyah, without explaining the valid reason for the removal in the edit summary. Your content removal does not appear constructive, and has been reverted. Please make use of the sandbox if you'd like to experiment with test edits. Thank you. Please don't remove well-sourced categories. Elonka 05:23, 2 June 2008 (UTC)

If this is a shared IP address, and you didn't make the edit, consider creating an account for yourself so you can avoid further irrelevant notices.

Suspected sockpuppet[edit]

This account has been listed at WP:SSP, specifically Wikipedia:Suspected sock puppets/Klaksonn. If you or anyone watching this page would like to participate, please do so. --Elonka 23:23, 3 June 2008 (UTC)