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s wondering if you could help me, as you seem to know abit about RQW, i wanted to know if you knew what happened with Phil Powers leaving the company and Erin Angel leaving with him. --- Paulley


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Sam when you make a good edit i do not alter it... try making more good edits... wikipedia isnt a secondary homepage for RQW... dont treat it like one. You moan at me yet everytime i have offered to help you with formatting and how to write within wiki you have ignored me or just plain been rude.. if you carry on this way you will be blocked from using the site --- Paulley 18:05, 29 August 2006 (UTC)

help with articles[edit]

see: User_talk:Samgibbs#Article_help

still more to be done[edit]

the Skye article needs to be moved to correct naming... also the information within the article is all blated copy from GLORY... take the information and rewrite within the article.. ie: if it says she has been wrestling for 1 and a half years then you known when her debut was so you add it to he stat box... her most hated enemies can be converted from that into a pargrapgh stating that she has had long feuds with these ppl... --- Paulley