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Hello, and welcome to Wikipedia. Thank you for your contributions.

Currently, you are editing without a username. You can continue to do so, as you are not required to log in to Wikipedia to read and edit articles; however, logging in will result in a username being shown instead of your IP address (yours is Logging in does not require any personal details, and there are many other benefits for logging in.

When you edit pages:

  • Please respect others' copyrights; do not copy and paste the contents from webpages directly.
  • Please use a neutral point of view when editing articles; this is possibly the most important Wikipedia policy.
  • If you are testing, please use the Sandbox to do so.
  • Do not add unreasonable contents into any articles, such as copyrighted text, advertisement messages, and text that is not related to an article's subject. Adding such content or editing articles maliciously is considered vandalism.

The Wikipedia Tutorial is a good place to start learning about Wikipedia. For now, if you are stuck, you can click the edit this page tab above, type {{helpme}} in the edit box, and then click Save Page; an experienced Wikipedian will be around shortly to answer any questions you may have. Also feel free to ask a question on my talk page. I will answer your questions as far as I can! Thank you again for contributing to Wikipedia.

Your edit to Claire Bretécher[edit]

Thanks for your contribution, but I have to ask that you provide a definitive source in order to alter this date. As Ms. Bretécher's site says nothing about it, and several sources are split between 17 and 7 (the sources stating 7 appearing the more reliable), there is a strong chance French WP has got it wrong. MURGH disc. 09:59, 7 April 2007 (UTC)

I'm sorry about that, I thought it was more likely that a "1" could have been forgotten. I'll try to find a source independent from French WP. Thank you.

Don't be sorry, the discussion about it was away from the CB talk page, not expected to last this long. If you do find an undisputably reliable source It'd bring relief and gratitude. So you know, the best 7-sources so far are Lambiek, Bedetheque and FFF. MURGH disc. 10:34, 9 April 2007 (UTC)