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Old porno[edit]

Hello! Someone from this Swedish-registered IP attempted to add an old private pornographic drawing to the article Gustav III of Sweden on English Wikipedia today. If that person is serious about wanting to add that as relevant to that King's life story, I suggest h/s create an account and log in and prepare to defend the opinion in a way that might be taken seriously, not just as the input of a one-time IP user who has never contributed to English Wikipedia before. Cordially, SergeWoodzing (talk) 16:39, 1 March 2012 (UTC)

"The old porno picture" was only copied from an other page of english Wikipedia. Since the picture concernes the king, and do explain the centence "assisting his marriage consummation" (not written by me) I find it better placed at the article of Gustav III. The picture was drawn already before the king was shot, and is indeed famous in swedish history. After the assasination of Gustav III (by Anckarström), his brother Karl became some kind of temporary "lord protector" util his son Gustav IV Adolf became king. But he was rejected from the throne in 1809 due to the russian invasion of Finland, following the treaty of Tilsit in 1807 (between Napoleon and Alexander). This clearly was no fault of Gustav IV Adolf (neighter the war a such or the russian supremacy), and the true reason thar officers of the "western swedish army" forced the king (the son (?) of Gustav III) to leave the country without even aformal abdication, is by many historian experts concidererd to be the old rumours that Gustav IV Adolf infact was a illegitime child, "produced" just as the picture shows. True or false - the picture is an importaint part of swedish history. It even was shown in the swedish TV-filmed theatre play "Gustav III" from 1974. After Gustav IV Adolf was expelled from Sweden, the old uncle Karl became king. Karl XIII. The last of the dynasty, he was old and had no children (alive anyway) , so a man called Mörner travelled to France and asked the former Napoleon-Field Marshal Jean-Babtiste Bernadotte (who Napoleon had became tired of) if he would like to be successor of the swedish throne. He was accepted as such at the Örebro-reichstag (riksdag) and became king Karl XIV Johan, when Karl III (the brother of Gustav II deciest). I do not take this easilly, and I find Your remarks very unproper or at least strange. What my IP-number has to do whith this I cannot see. I tried to help only. And I am familiar whith swedish history.

And were do You get "private pornographic drawing from" ? Like I said picture already exists under the article of "the assising man" - just click on the blue name, and You will see the same picture. But "the assistant" is not as known as his supposed help during the marridge consumation. (talk) 02:18, 2 March 2012 (UTC)