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Please stop adding commercial links to Wikipedia. It is considered spamming, and Wikipedia is not a vehicle for advertising. Thanks. 23:14, 13 July 2006 (UTC)

This is neither spam nor adv.!!! I was the first author of Code morphing article on behalph of inventors of technology. First you vandalized having edited it as you want and further you prohibit meto post the lonk to authors. You have not that right

My edits are in accordance with WP:NOT and WP:EL. The repeated removals of your strongbit link additions should indicate to you that the consensus is that the links have no place here. This is not about rights, only about following official Wikipedia policy. 00:35, 22 July 2006 (UTC)
Welcome, and thank you for experimenting with the page List of billionaires (2006) on Wikipedia! Your test worked, and thank you for reverting or removing it yourself. The best way to do tests in the future would be to use the sandbox. You can look at these pages as well: how to edit a page, the tutorial, and how to write a great article. All of these pages are good places to start. Again, thanks, and we hope that you will like Wikipedia. ~a (usertalkcontribs) 04:19, 24 July 2006 (UTC)