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Momo =/

irm, she was offering her serivces on italki, what a spanduko =\

We're no strangers to wasted residue
you know the rules, and so does wendy darkins =\
A full commitments what nikol's thinking of =\
she wouldn;t get this from vc or I =\
I just wanna tell you, how im wasting your residue
gotta waste that res-i-due

Never gonna give you up
never gona let you down
never gonna run around and wear wezza out of breath =\
never gonan make you cry
never gonna say goodbye
never gonna tell a lie (ie. "israel exists") and hur you =\

:Before anyone could make any comment on, or deal further with this uhm . . . material, a translaton might be appropriate. // BL \\ (talk) 23:35, 18 April 2009 (UTC)


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