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Information.svgThank you for your contributions to Wikipedia. Please do not edit-war over the terminology used to refer to Macedonia. Wikipedia editors have developed a binding consensus guideline on how to refer to the country, outlined at WP:NCMAC. This is based on the policy of using the most common name generally used in English to refer a country, and/or the name that a country chooses to use for itself, no matter if these names are politically acceptable to third parties (see the naming-conflict guideline). The Arbitration Committee has decided that all edits affecting the Macedonia naming issue are subject to a one-revert restriction: no editor is allowed to undo another editor's action more than once within 24 hours. In cases covered by the binding guideline, editors restoring the consensus version are not subject to this restriction.

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Camaron · Christopher · talk 20:09, 30 January 2010 (UTC)