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Wow, amazing to find another Zelda fan!

The Japanese article is a little on the spare side, but I don't have any material with me to write a better article. I think my copy of ゼルダ物語 is in Australia and my 全ゼル連 and 'Zelda Massive' newsletters are in Beijing.

Bathrobe (talk) 11:59, 24 February 2008 (UTC)

I don't know if you're still around, but I thought I should add some personal detail.
I first heard Zelda when I bought Carnaval in 1984 (I think), after reading a newspaper article, but didn't become a fan till after I heard C-ROCKWORK in 1987, a record which grew on me until I couldn't stop playing it. So I had to go and see them live, and after I'd seen one I was hooked. I went to as many concerts as I could that year and bought as many records/CDs as I could. It was fantastic -- that was the year before they started pursuing Jamaican music (à la Shout Sister Shout).
I managed to meet the members of the band a couple of times when they were selling clothing and knickknacks on the street (I think I bought a green cap), but I never got to know them personally. I blew a chance to get to know Sayoko after their very first gig with Naomi in Yoyogi. Sayoko asked me if I was 'a friend of so-and-so'. I said I was 'just a fan'. I don't really regret it; sometimes it's better to just be a fan.
I have all their records, plus a couple of Sayoko's post-Zelda albums. I was very lucky when another fan gave me a recorded tape of a Zelda performance from 22 May 1982 (Shinjuku Loft), which I've dutifully transferred to computer so I can still listen to it whenever I want to.
I did write an email to Sachiho some years ago (late 90s) trying to get hold of her post-Zelda efforts. She wanted payment in "flower tea", which I actually bought but never got round to sending.
Just thought I'd add that information. I don't remember seeing many (if any) gaijin at the Zelda concerts I went to, which is why I'm surprised that there are other non-Japanese fans out there.
Bathrobe (talk) 13:24, 9 April 2008 (UTC)