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Are you people at Wikipedia stupid? Look at the link for Worldcat for Orville Lloyd Douglas book "You Don't Know Me" if you follow the link you can clearly see according to Worldcat the book is available in 103 public libraries in United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Why doesn't Wikipedia do their homework and actually LOOK at the link for Worldcat for "You Don't Know Me"? How can the edtiors at Wikipedia be so STUPID? Worldcat is the most important librarian resource in the world for over 45 countries it is proof the book is available in these libraries. If you bothered to go the the reference section of Orville Lloyd Douglas Wikipedia page you would SEE the link to Worldcat. If you bothered to READ you would see the specific UNIVERSITIES AND PUBLIC LIBARIES in CANADA, USA, NEW ZEALAND AND AUSTRALIA THAT OWN THE FUCKING BOOK! PAY ATTENTION YOU STUPID FUCKING IDIOTS AND FUCKING READ!!!!