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You might be interested in giving input here. Snuggums (talkcontributions) 04:08, 24 June 2014 (UTC)

I'll take a look. :) Acalamari 07:04, 24 June 2014 (UTC)

Delta Machine[edit]

Hi, could you please semi-protect the page Delta Machine? An IP hopper keeps persistently adding unsourced genres to the article. Thanks in advance. SN▲PSN▲P 20:03, 24 June 2014 (UTC)

Hmm...while the disruption has been going on for some time, the edits have been spaced out. I've added pending changes to the article for now but if the disruption continues, do let me know and I'll consider semi-protection instead. I hope this is satisfactory. Acalamari 21:00, 24 June 2014 (UTC)
I think this will do for now. I'll let you know if the disruption persists. Thanks! SN▲PSN▲P 21:42, 24 June 2014 (UTC)
The same thing has been happening to Wanessa. Would you mind semi-protecting it or adding pending changes? SN▲PSN▲P 01:40, 5 July 2014 (UTC)
Yes check.svg Done Acalamari 09:31, 5 July 2014 (UTC)

A cookie for you![edit]

Choco chip cookie.png Thank you so much for the fast name change! You're an awesome admin/bureaucrat! Brandon (MrWooHoo)Talk to Brandon! 23:01, 24 June 2014 (UTC)
Hi MrWooHoo, you're very welcome, and thanks for the cookie and compliment. :) Acalamari 07:25, 25 June 2014 (UTC)


Hi mate. I've noticed a lot of IP vandalism and crappy general edits to the article. Being that the article is a notable biography (susceptible to fanatic ruin) especially now with its quality on the rise, you think it would be appropriate for an indef semi-protection? Cheers.--PeterGriffinTalk2Me 16:12, 27 June 2014 (UTC)

Hi Petergriffin9901, I think it's fine being unprotected for now. Mathiassandell IP socks have been the biggest source of disruption and I have been ready to ask Kww to protect the page if necessary, but I haven't felt the need to yet because I've been blocking the socks on sight and there have been some good IP contributions.
Just to clarify: I won't be protecting the page this time. I should not be protecting pages that I've edited heavily, like Christina Aguilera; my protection of the page from a couple of weeks ago was an extraordinary circumstance. I'd much rather another admin semi-protect the page should it need protection! Best. Acalamari 18:11, 27 June 2014 (UTC)
I've been contemplating a filter. Does he use actual sock accounts much these days, or is it primarily IP based?—Kww(talk) 18:33, 27 June 2014 (UTC)
From what I can tell, only IPs. I haven't seen a sock account from him for a long time. Acalamari 18:34, 27 June 2014 (UTC)
Like Peter, I would strongly recommend that an admin indefinitely semi-protect Xtina's main article. To be frank, it surprised me that it even got unprotected at all after repeated disruption and vandalism. Snuggums (talkcontributions) 22:06, 27 June 2014 (UTC)
One of the side effects of adding full protection with an expiry date to an indefinitely semi-protected article (in this case, a BLP) is that the full protection overrides the semi-protection and when that protection expires, they both do.
At this time, if semi-protection were to be requested, I am fairly certain that it would be declined. As of now, there haven't been any disruptive edits for two days; I would be very surprised if any admin protected the page on those numbers. Acalamari 22:12, 27 June 2014 (UTC)
I see..... just keep a close watch in case it picks back up..... Snuggums (talkcontributions) 01:55, 28 June 2014 (UTC)

Jennifer Lopez has sold 80 million records Worldwide as of 2014 and i don't think it's right you keep changing it[edit]

Hi If You actually did your research and read the articles i posted you would know that since may of 2014 Jennifer Lopez has sold 80 million record worldwide i feel that it is not right that people keep reverting my changes when i have included up to date articles from 2014 which state that she has sold 80 million records worldwide as well as a film gross of 2 billion dollars what i want to know is why do you and others keep using articles from 2011 and not 2014 you say always cite reliable sources well i can give you 3 articles which state the same thing that Jennifer Lopez has sold 80 million records for article title:Jennifer Lopez on dating, her split with Marc Anthony and First Love. article title Jennifer Lopez Reveals Album title & Racy Artwork Article Title: 20 Hottest Female Musicians in The World Today (Tnays20 (talk) 16:35, 28 June 2014 (UTC)).

@Tnays20: I only reverted you on these occasions: [1][2] and the reason I reverted you was because you changed sourced sales figures into unsourced sales figures. If you want to know why your recent edits were reverted, you'll have to ask Petergriffin9901, as he reverted you this time. Best. Acalamari 16:46, 28 June 2014 (UTC)

Old version[edit]

Hello Acalamari, I don't know if this is the correct venue, but can you please delete the old revisions of File:Madonna - Girl Gone Wild.jpg? I hope its not a problem. —Indian:BIO · [ ChitChat ] 05:01, 29 June 2014 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Done Acalamari 08:02, 29 June 2014 (UTC)
Thanks dear, I have one question though. The file page still shows me the original version even though I purged the cache a number of times. I'm on Google chrome browser. Do you know why that is happening? —Indian:BIO · [ ChitChat ] 10:12, 29 June 2014 (UTC)
Hmm...I'm not really sure; the file has definitely been deleted and it appears that way in my browser (Firefox). Maybe try clearing your entire browser cache? Acalamari 11:46, 29 June 2014 (UTC)


Hello Acalamari, I regret to say that above user who you banned for a month some time back, has again started making unsourced edits to World Trade Center articles. I have reverted their edits, but feel a much longer block is now required. With best regards, David, David J Johnson (talk) 22:45, 1 July 2014 (UTC)

If I were to block this IP, it would be the fourth time I would have blocked it. Since a much longer block might be needed this time, I would prefer another admin review this and block accordingly, assuming they think that's necessary; I'm not sure I feel comfortable about performing a fourth block against one IP, especially since this is for unsourced editing rather than obvious vandalism. Would you be okay with another admin looking at this? I'll even signal one myself. Acalamari 23:59, 1 July 2014 (UTC)
Hello Acalamari, Many thanks for yours. I understand your position. It just seems that this IP will never learn. I would certainly be happy with you signalling another admin, to stop this. Regards, David, David J Johnson (talk) 09:17, 2 July 2014 (UTC)
Thanks, David J Johnson, I appreciate that. In that case, to randomly pick an admin who is experienced at block-related issues: Bishonen, would you mind looking at this, please? Your input on this would be welcome. Acalamari 10:16, 2 July 2014 (UTC)
I'll take a look as soon as I get back from some errands. Bishonen | talk 11:24, 2 July 2014 (UTC).
Of course! There's no rush. Acalamari 12:09, 2 July 2014 (UTC)
Gosh, never an edit summary, never a talkpage post, but simply waits out the escalating blocks. Blocked for six months with a block notice about what needs to be changed. I'd have made it a year if I'd dared, but considering even static IPs change owners occasionally, I don't dare. If there is a next time I'd recommend a full year, though. If this had been an account, I'd have indeffed it to force communication. Bishonen | talk 19:41, 2 July 2014 (UTC).
Thank you both for all your help. Regards, David, David J Johnson (talk) 20:21, 2 July 2014 (UTC)
Bishonen, thank you very much for reviewing this and taking the action you thought was most appropriate. I definitely felt it was necessary to bring in a fresh set of eyes and as such, I appreciate what you've done. Best. Acalamari 22:20, 2 July 2014 (UTC)


You're welcome Face-smile.svg . When you have a chance can you please mark the two request I have marked {{notdone}}, {{notdone}} as the bot will ignore any not placed by a 'crat. Cheers Mlpearc (open channel) 00:57, 2 July 2014 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Done I'd forgotten that the bot didn't accept non-bureaucrat declines. Thanks for reminding me. :) Acalamari 01:10, 2 July 2014 (UTC)

FAC input[edit]

Hello Acalamari. Since you are one of the most experienced editors, can I ask you to take a look at Megadeth, my FA nominee? The review page is here, so your input will be very welcomed. Thanks in advance.--Retrohead (talk) 21:43, 2 July 2014 (UTC)

I'm afraid the FA process is not a place where I am active, so unfortunately, I am not able to help you. Best. Acalamari 22:21, 2 July 2014 (UTC)
I'll leave some input there myself when I get a chance. Also, I plan on taking the one and only California Gurl to FAC this month. She's not ready just yet, and is still under peer review, but I'm determined to get her main article to FA in time for it to be "Today's Featured Article" (TFA) for her 30th birthday this upcoming October 25th. Be prepared to copyedit accordingly once I nominate. This means I will probably have to get her to FA at least one month ahead of time to file a request for TFA. SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 16:28, 4 July 2014 (UTC)

About to be a volunteer wikimania 2014[edit]

i am not from UK.I'm from Aazerbaijan.And i want to be a volunteer 2014 Wikimania.have i must pay myself? to travel ,to place for stay?How do u help me?Generally,can i be a volunteer? please write me everything about it.i am aslo mostly work on az Wiki.I waiting for answer.. i'm want learn about it by heart what need for it )--hinkel777 (talk) 09:36, 4 July 2014 (UTC)

@Ilkinhemidov: I'm not involved in organizing the volunteering for Wikimania 2014; a better person to ask would be HJ Mitchell (and the information page for volunteering can be found here). That being said, to be able to attend the conference, you will need to pay for your own travel and accommodation. Acalamari 10:24, 4 July 2014 (UTC)

Happy Anniversary[edit]

I'm not sure whether you count the first time you received the sysop tools or the most recent as your admin anniversary, but happy July 4th and your 7th anniversary since your last RFA. Mkdwtalk 16:03, 4 July 2014 (UTC)

I'm sure he does (told me about it this past March when giving advice for admin preparation), and happy anniversary sir! My name change four days ago (which I again thank you for) was also to celebrate the first anniversary of my account :P. Also, one thing I'm curious about: what can bureaucrats do that admins cannot? SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 16:31, 4 July 2014 (UTC)
Wow, you're a year old now? I knew that was coming up but I thought it was later this month! A late happy wiki-birthday and a happy July 4th to you! :) As for what bureaucrats do, we create administrators and other bureaucrats through the RfA/B process (example here), remove admin status from accounts (although we cannot de-bureaucrat another user; I'm not sure why that's the case), grant and remove bot status from bot accounts, and we carry out renames. Acalamari 16:55, 4 July 2014 (UTC)
Hi Mkdw, thanks for the anniversary note and happy July 4th to you, too! :) I count my second RfA/July 4th, 2007, request as my admin anniversary because my first request for adminship wasn't successful; it's hard to believe how long it's been since both of my candidacies. Thanks again for thinking of me, it's very much appreciated! Acalamari 16:55, 4 July 2014 (UTC)
Happy 4th to you too, bud :). Nice to know those differences between admins and bureaucrats. One year old? Yes- I'm actually Stewie Griffin, which is how I can operate this account so young :P. Anyway, yeah it was my wiki-birthday, so thank you :3. My wiki-presents were the name change from you and Prism passing the GAN for Lady Gaga Live at Roseland Ballroom (which I worked on extensively with IndianBio since it was first created). SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 18:07, 4 July 2014 (UTC)

Happy adminship anniversary!!![edit]

Wikipe-tan mopping.svg
Wishing Acalamari a very happy adminship anniversary on behalf of the Wikipedia Birthday Committee! Anastasia (talk) 19:45, 4 July 2014 (UTC)
Thanks, Anastasia! :D Acalamari 21:24, 4 July 2014 (UTC)

A beer for you![edit]

Export hell seidel steiner.png Thank you & Enjoy! Denisarona (talk) 14:27, 6 July 2014 (UTC)
You're welcome! :) Acalamari 15:13, 6 July 2014 (UTC)

help plz[edit]

could you do the page "List of Turkic dynasties and countries" protected, those who are not logged destroys only. User:Mehmeett21 — Preceding unsigned comment added by Mehmeett21 (talkcontribs) 16:29, 9 July 2014 (UTC)

To be honest, I don't know enough about the subject to know if the IP edits are disruptive or constructive, or if this is a content dispute. As such, I'd rather not protect the page. Acalamari 18:19, 9 July 2014 (UTC)

I undid your granting of a permission[edit]

Letting you know that per discussion at WP:AN/I#I would like to report user:daniellagreen for doing paid editing with nondisclosure to wikipedia as is the current policy., I have undone your granting of the Rollbacker right to Carriearchdale on 16 June 2014. Yngvadottir (talk) 17:33, 9 July 2014 (UTC)

No worries, Yngvadottir, thanks for letting me know. Acalamari 18:19, 9 July 2014 (UTC)

Soliciting comment...[edit]

Hi! Would you be interested in reviewing my FA nomination for the article Of Human Feelings? The article is about a jazz album by Ornette Coleman, and the criteria for FA articles is at WP:FACR. If not, feel free to ignore this message. Cheers! Dan56 (talk) 14:45, 11 July 2014 (UTC)

Hi Dan56, as I've said in one of the above sections, the FA process is not a place where I am active. Best. Acalamari 16:56, 11 July 2014 (UTC)

Rename me[edit]

Can you please rename me and my subpage /Main2 for me? --Macman(252) (My edits!!!!!) 16:19, 11 July 2014 (UTC)

@Macman252: what username would you like? I can't rename you if I don't know what name you want. Acalamari 16:56, 11 July 2014 (UTC)
HurricaneHelbert215! Macman(252) 01:47, 12 July 2014‎ (UTC)
@Macman252: I just noticed that as a result of your global account, you have accounts on several wikis. One of my fellow bureaucrats, Writ Keeper, recently advised another user with accounts on multiple wikis to wait for global renaming so that all of their accounts can be renamed at once, rather than them have request a rename on each individual wiki. After seeing your other accounts, I recommend the same for you, as it would be easier to rename all of your accounts at once rather than you go to each wiki to request renames for them. Acalamari 09:26, 12 July 2014 (UTC)
Actually @Macman252:, the global renaming tool was released a couple days ago, and it's now ready for use. You should be able to make a global rename request of the stewards at meta:SRUC. The instructions on that page are liable to be out of date, but the stewards tell me that's the place, so I guess we have to wing it for now. :) I don't really know much more than anyone else about how the process is supposed to go down, but if you need help, let me know and I'll do my best. Writ Keeper  14:07, 12 July 2014 (UTC)
Ah, thank you, Writ Keeper, and I note your posts elsewhere on this topic. :) I think I'm going to miss performing renames: I began doing them less than six months ago and have found the task to be fairly enjoyable! Acalamari 14:56, 12 July 2014 (UTC)

Hi Acalamari[edit]

Trophy.png Hi Acalamari
Hi. You have been supporting wikipedia alot. Do they even pay you? Cooljoes (talk) 13:08, 14 July 2014 (UTC)
  • Hi Cooljoes! No, I'm not paid; admins and bureaucrats are volunteers, just like everybody else here. Thanks for the award and compliment. :) Acalamari 16:03, 14 July 2014 (UTC)

Hong Kong socks[edit]

Here are a few of those pesky socks of Chowkatsun9, related to the SPI case Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Chowkatsun9:

I haven't been bringing these guys to you for the last month, but today's experience was especially convincing, with very quickly reverting me three times. Binksternet (talk) 19:16, 14 July 2014 (UTC)

I've blocked the three that edited in July; the June ones are a bit too far away to block but I will block them if the person uses those IPs again. Acalamari 20:32, 14 July 2014 (UTC)
Here is another little batch from the last two weeks, with an obvious registered account thrown in for good measure:
Thanks for keeping this channel open to me. Binksternet (talk) 15:57, 4 September 2014 (UTC)
I blocked, Chowkatsun0221 and The other two's recent edits were a bit too old to justify blocking. Acalamari 17:10, 4 September 2014 (UTC)
Here's another one: Special:Contributions/ Thanks! Binksternet (talk) 13:39, 15 September 2014 (UTC)
Blocked! Acalamari 17:09, 15 September 2014 (UTC)
Re-appeared on Special:Contributions/ Binksternet (talk) 11:44, 16 September 2014 (UTC)
That didn't take long. Blocked. Acalamari 12:10, 16 September 2014 (UTC)

Special:Contributions/ just showed up, and here's another from five days ago. Binksternet (talk) 14:11, 24 September 2014 (UTC)

Both are now blocked. :) Acalamari 14:52, 24 September 2014 (UTC)
Boing! Another popped up at (talk · contribs · WHOIS). Classic tell is present. Binksternet (talk) 14:43, 25 September 2014 (UTC)
Blocked! Acalamari 17:12, 25 September 2014 (UTC)

Another few incursions! Binksternet (talk) 15:53, 13 October 2014 (UTC)

Here's another few:, and Beatleswithgibbs. This edit by the sock account gives away Chowkatsun9's signature move – the removal of unseen but useful spaces in the infobox. Binksternet (talk) 14:58, 23 October 2014 (UTC)
All blocked. Acalamari 17:10, 23 October 2014 (UTC)

Aaaand he's back: Quite a tiresome houseguest. Binksternet (talk) 13:27, 30 October 2014 (UTC)

Blocked! Acalamari 18:01, 30 October 2014 (UTC)

The New Year brings new socks: This edit shows his signature 'tell', the removal of empty space in the infobox. Binksternet (talk) 18:57, 26 January 2015 (UTC)

There's also,, and
I've blocked three of them for two weeks. I left the ones that were last active on the 17th or earlier. Acalamari 19:59, 26 January 2015 (UTC)
Here's one active today: Special:Contributions/ Thanks in advance! Binksternet (talk) 16:41, 3 February 2015 (UTC)
Blocked! Acalamari 16:53, 3 February 2015 (UTC) reappeared, needs a reblock. Binksternet (talk) 19:47, 11 February 2015 (UTC)
Been almost a day but blocked. Acalamari 08:22, 12 February 2015 (UTC)
Special:Contributions/ is up to the same ol'. Binksternet (talk) 18:10, 18 February 2015 (UTC)
Blocked! Acalamari 20:03, 18 February 2015 (UTC)

────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────Our new friend Special:Contributions/ popped up. Binksternet (talk) 07:10, 22 February 2015 (UTC)

Popped back down again. :) Acalamari 08:14, 22 February 2015 (UTC)


Can you change my username to Esmost, I don't feel comfortable with my full name as my username.--Ibrahimsqureshi (talk) 03:54, 16 July 2014 (UTC)

Hi Ibrahimsqureshi, I noticed that you have a few edits to other wikis, as can be seen here. You might want to consider filing a request on Meta so that you can be renamed globally. I can rename you here, but I'd only be renaming your enwiki account and none of your others; however, if you're not bothered about your other accounts, I can still rename you. Acalamari 08:18, 16 July 2014 (UTC)

I don't really care about the other wikis, I'm mostly active on the enwiki, so just rename me here.--Ibrahimsqureshi (talk) 16:25, 16 July 2014 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Done Make sure you log in with your new account name; otherwise, you will re-create your old name. Best. Acalamari 16:50, 16 July 2014 (UTC)

Changing username/Simple Request[edit]

Hi Acalamari, I noticed you have completed the name change for all the requests except for Jyoti.mickey at Changing username/Simple, was it because I have a global account and I have few edits on other project? Shall I request in SRUC? I am editing as ip because the instruction says to stay logged out while the rename request is carried out. -- (talk) 08:52, 16 July 2014 (UTC)

Yes, you should request over at Meta, but do so using your account and not with an IP. Sorry for not replying to your request; I can assure you that it wasn't being ignored. Acalamari 09:00, 16 July 2014 (UTC)


Hi. I noticed you accorded this user autoptrolled rights a few years ago. However, while doing some NPP I was a bit concerned that some of their BLPs may not meet criteria for sourcing and notability. Could you please take a moment to review some of their recent creations and let me know what you think. Regards, Kudpung กุดผึ้ง (talk) 11:36, 17 July 2014 (UTC)

Hi Kudpung, feel free to go ahead and remove it; I had a look at some of their creations and found a couple of articles that had been unsourced when they created them and BLPs that were poorly sourced (such as to a forum). I'm surprised I granted autopatrolled to this user, to be honest. Acalamari 14:42, 17 July 2014 (UTC)
FYI. Thanks, Acalamari. Kudpung กุดผึ้ง (talk) 16:23, 17 July 2014 (UTC)

Edit warning on Christina Aguilera[edit]

Hello, Acalamari! There's one thing that I might get your help again. As I have been warned at my talk page, there will be dozens of new Wikipedians (or new Xtina fan) will "help" trimming the article to get it to GA-status. I'm quite worried about their edits in the future, so could you pleased keep an eye on it? Many thanks, Simon (talk) 12:59, 18 July 2014 (UTC)

I can, and just in case they haven't seen it, SNUGGUMS, IPadPerson and Petergriffin9901 should all be aware of this, too. New editors are free to edit the article, of course, but POV-pushing and unsourced editing are disruptive, as are threats like this. Acalamari 15:06, 18 July 2014 (UTC)
I'll help with some bits but am going to be the GA reviewer- can't get too involved beforehand. None of my edits to the page so far have been substantial. SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 15:11, 18 July 2014 (UTC)
Okay, thanks for letting me know. :) Acalamari 15:51, 18 July 2014 (UTC)
I could be able to help without POV issue. I definitely wouldn't say that my role in the edit war was controversial. IPadPerson (talk) 15:45, 18 July 2014 (UTC)
You were fine. There's nothing (usually) controversial about reverting unsourced/poorly sourced edits and fanboy/fangirl edits. Acalamari 15:51, 18 July 2014 (UTC)
  • Simon, if you haven't already, you might want to add other articles about Aguilera to your watchlist, such as her albums and songs. Acalamari 18:21, 18 July 2014 (UTC)
    • IndianBio, any help you can provide will also be very much appreciated, especially because of threats like this one (kindly reverted by SNUGGUMS!) We might end up with a POV-pushing problem for a while. :/ Acalamari 23:23, 18 July 2014 (UTC)
  • Oh yeah! I have added many of Aguilera song and album articles to my watchlist. But right now the Aguilera article is poorly constructed by a bunch of newcomers. I'm kinda worried about this. (I have reverted all). Cheers, Simon (talk) 02:21, 19 July 2014 (UTC)
  • Be prepared to take your girlfriend's articles to WP:RFPP as well, HĐ. SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 02:36, 19 July 2014 (UTC)
  • LMAO, Acalamari seems like they have made you famous by making you shade-queen. :D I will keep a watch on the article from now on. —Indian:BIO · [ ChitChat ] 04:18, 19 July 2014 (UTC)

Tread carefully Acalamari! The dreaded Aguilera fans are amongst the most insane of the zealots! Imagine the type of mind at work... Chillum 04:21, 19 July 2014 (UTC)

To be specific, the name of Xtina's fanbase is "Fighters". Just throwing that out there :P. SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 04:32, 19 July 2014 (UTC)
On an administrative note, a number of accounts created seem to be exactly for the purpose that banned user Mark4Mark noted in Acalamari's talk page. If you search his contributions before getting indeff'd, you will see that the user pinged some of the freshly created accounts and it seems like he/she knew them from Twitter. I believe those accounts should be indeff'd too. —Indian:BIO · [ ChitChat ] 04:34, 19 July 2014 (UTC)
I agree with IndianBio that such accounts should be indef-blocked. The account "MimiFatPig" I'm confident was here to not only insert Xtina fancruft but also harass lambs (as shown here on Peter's userpage). SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 04:51, 19 July 2014 (UTC)
IndianBio, SNUGGUMS and Simon, this forum appears to be where this is being orchestrated (their insults for us are downright hilarious, ha ha). Chillum, I agree with you. The thing is, I'm an Aguilera fan myself and I have her albums; I just don't edit her articles to read like fanpages. I wouldn't mind if these hardcore fans came to the talk page and discussed how to improve the article...that would be helpful! But they don't seem interested in doing that. Oh well. Acalamari 11:48, 19 July 2014 (UTC)
User:Euphorae is one of those from that forum. And checking the commentary, nah, there's no way that they would be up for any consensus. And I'm willing to bet that this was orchestrated by someone from inside here. —Indian:BIO · [ ChitChat ] 13:40, 19 July 2014 (UTC)
TheRevolution7 seems to be a Mimi-hating Fighter who returned after 3 years of no activity to slam her and mock the rationales given in Xtina's page edit summaries. SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 15:08 19 July 2014 (UTC)
Kww has blocked both of the accounts, plus DeadSend4.
I'm baffled as to why they think Mariah/Gwen/Britney/Pink fans are their opponents. Why not like all four of those artists and their music along with Christina and hers? It is possible to enjoy all. Just wondering... Acalamari 17:10, 19 July 2014 (UTC)
Exactly- people can easily belong to multiple fanbases. For example, you Acalamari are a Little Monster, a Black Star, and (from what you recently wrote) a Fighter. SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 18:48, 19 July 2014 (UTC)
Heh, I thought these terms for fanbases were silly at first but my moderate contempt for them has dissipated over time. :P Yes, I am classified as a Little Monster, a Fighter and a KatyKat (I think that's Perry's), as well as some other fan names that I don't know about, but I'm definitely not a crazy fan of any of them or anyone else. I'm not sure whose fanbase the Black Stars are, though, and I am assuming that Lambs are Gwen Stefani fans (hence why I mentioned her earlier, unless "Lamb" has some other meaning). Acalamari 20:43, 19 July 2014 (UTC)
Yes- KatyCat* is the official term for a Katy Perry fan.Black Stars are Avril Lavigne fans, and lambs are Mariah Carey fans. A while ago, I started collecting a bunch of fanbase names and added them to this page. I find some names amusing myself :P. Some that I don't know (due to lack of sources) include Madonna and Michael Jackson, but my first guess for Jackson would be "Moonwalkers". One of my friends once told me that "Material Girls" could be Madge's fanbase, but that doesn't really account for her male fans.SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 21:51, 19 July 2014 (UTC)
Wow, thanks for that link...that's a pretty neat list! I didn't know there were so many fan names. Okay, I didn't know that Black Stars were Avril Lavigne fans and I thought that "Lambs" were Gwen Stefani fans because of Love. Angel. Music. Baby.. I hope you can find a source for Jackson's: I like the sound of "Moonwalkers". Acalamari 22:01, 19 July 2014 (UTC)
While reading this witty conversation I thought I might join in. Snuggums, if you want to expand that list of yours, you might add that Megadeth fans are called Droogies, in honour of Burgess' masterpiece A Clockwork Orange.--Retrohead (talk) 22:27, 19 July 2014 (UTC)
Thank you very much- I will add. SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 03:01, 20 July 2014 (UTC)
You folks might want to be aware of this. ArbCom needs to be notified. —Indian:BIO · [ ChitChat ] 19:32, 20 July 2014 (UTC)
It's fine, I think, and I'm sure ArbCom already know since the thread is about contacting the committee. As far as I am concerned, the people on that thread are entitled to contact ArbCom with complaints. Acalamari 20:42, 20 July 2014 (UTC)

"Lambs" were definitely the first ;) PS, as long as none of y'all are Beliebers or Selenators, I'm okay Lol.--PeterGriffinTalk2Me 06:35, 24 July 2014 (UTC)


Hey Acalamari, wanted to ask you is it "favorable" or "favourable" in New Zealand English? I've made my first edit to pop-related albums on The Love Club EP and I've might made a slight mistake on that one.--Retrohead (talk) 22:52, 19 July 2014 (UTC)

Hi Retrohead, I am 99% certain that "favourable" is correct. Canada tends to use a mixture of spellings from US and British English, but New Zealand English spellings (to my knowledge) don't differ much from spellings in British English. I would use "favourable". Acalamari 23:13, 19 July 2014 (UTC)
Ok, I've corrected the spelling. Checked the talk page for additional instructions, and it gave examples such as colour, realise, analyse, so I guess I got it right this time. Honestly, I don't pay much attention to this aspect, but since the article is FA nominee, these things can easily make or break stuff.--Retrohead (talk) 23:27, 19 July 2014 (UTC)

CHU clarification[edit]

Hello Acalamari, at ACC we use this flowchart to determine if an existing account, similar to a new account request, is active. Even if the existing account is exactly the same as the new request, if the account is determined to be inactive, the new request can be created. This doesn't seem to be the norm a CHU, am I mistaken ? Mlpearc (open channel) 17:23, 20 July 2014 (UTC)

I've never seen a flowchart like that for CHU before, but I suspect we follow something similar without a specific flowchart. For example, I would be hesitant to grant a request that sounds similar to an existing and active user, although it does depend on the context. I would definitely not rename someone to a name that exists on another wiki.
Out of curiosity, is there a rename that I did that you think shouldn't have been approved because it was too close to an existing and active user? Please do let me know! :)
Feel free to let me know if my answer wasn't the one you wanted. Best. Acalamari 18:43, 20 July 2014 (UTC)
No, no you're fine, I was just curious if a CHU request that is very similar or even the exact name of a registered account that is not active (within similar confines as the flowchart) would be granted but, as you say, most likely if it's a local account and never if global. Mlpearc (open channel) 21:05, 20 July 2014 (UTC)
The most likely time it would be an exact name is a usurpation. I suppose the only other time when someone would be renamed here to a handle that exists on another wiki is if the existing account were not only inactive, but had never been active. The stewards, when they take over the renames, will have probably have stricter standards, but we'll see. Acalamari 08:04, 21 July 2014 (UTC)

Thank you![edit]

What A Girl Wants122 - CA.jpg The Christina Aguilera WikiProject Thanks You!
As a member of the Christina Aguilera WikiProject, I am very delighted to award you this barnstar for your heavy contributions to Christina Aguilera-related articles, as well as protecting them. Much appreciated, Simon (talk) 04:32, 22 July 2014 (UTC)
Acalamari has a gracefully light touch on 'heavy' subjects such as pop music. ;^)
Binksternet (talk) 05:31, 22 July 2014 (UTC)
^ Agreed. SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 05:41, 22 July 2014 (UTC)
  • Thanks for the award and kind words, Simon, and thank you for your kind comments, too, Binksternet and SNUGGUMS. :D I appreciate the timing of this award, especially since - as I've recently discovered - there are people who seem to think I am some sort of anti-Aguilera crusader, despite my actually being a fan of her myself and all my edits (going back to 2007) in keeping her articles free from vandalism. Ha ha, oh well. :P Thanks again! Acalamari 08:13, 22 July 2014 (UTC)


How we should find the points in a book to edit an article?

User Talk:Mahusha — Preceding undated comment added 14:59, 24 July 2014 (UTC)

Hi Mahusha, I'm not sure what you're referring to here. Could you please expand on what you meant? Thanks! Acalamari 21:04, 24 July 2014 (UTC)

I am saying that many articles have book reference like encyclopedias and other important books. How they find the points to write that article.

User Talk:Mahusha — Preceding undated comment added 09:45, 25 July 2014 (UTC)

What do you mean by "find the points"? I now understand that you're referring to book sources but I'm still not sure exactly what you're asking. Acalamari 22:52, 25 July 2014 (UTC)


Prepare yourself- I am nominating Katy Perry for FA tomorrow. My goal is to have her be "Today's Featured Article" for her 30th birthday this upcoming October 25th. Users Prism and IndianBio have been helping with last-minute polishing, and she's getting very close to being top-notch quality. Fingers crossed, here the fuck we go..... SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 18:56, 24 July 2014 (UTC)

Oooh...good luck! The work you've been putting into the article for over half a year has been excellent; I hope the nomination succeeds! Acalamari 21:04, 24 July 2014 (UTC)
Thank you sir! Please also keep a watch on its FAC for times I'm not around. I've gotten six articles (including this) to GA, reviewed many GAN's, and participated in several FAC's before, but this shall be the first article I nominate for FA. I admittedly feel nervous given how much harder FAC's are to pass than GAN's. If all goes well, it will probably be promoted roughly one month after nomination. SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 21:52, 24 July 2014 (UTC)
Provided there's not some auto-fail that takes you completely by surprise, you should be fine; besides, you have an established record of responding to issues about the article so if anyone points out any problems with it, you can be relied on to fix them. As for watching the page, link me to it when it's been created and I'll add it to my watchlist. :) Acalamari 22:59, 24 July 2014 (UTC)
I'm sure there will be queries, but don't think anyone will outright oppose it for FA. Just in case, it wouldn't hurt to get someone to copyedit the article (though not GOCE as requests take generally five or six weeks to be answered) beforehand. I will definitely provide the link :)! SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 23:42, 24 July 2014 (UTC)
Here it is: Wikipedia:Featured article candidates/Katy Perry/archive1
Watchlisted. :) Acalamari 22:53, 25 July 2014 (UTC)
We're so close to finally getting her the gold star, I can feel it :'D! Snuggums (talk / edits) 23:37, 6 August 2014 (UTC)
Yes! I've been occasionally looking at what's going on over there; you're doing well! :) Acalamari 07:19, 7 August 2014 (UTC)
You have no idea how fucking happy it made me to see Ms. Hudson promoted yesterday :'D. I have put my blood, sweat, and tears into perfecting that page over the last 13 months. I'm gonna take Ms. Germanotta to FAC at some point as well, but she's not ready yet. Definitely need to at least wait until it settles after the release of Cheek to Cheek. Snuggums (talk / edits) 00:09, 24 August 2014 (UTC)
Hi SNUGGUMS! I'm delighted for you! You've put a lot of hard work and countless hours into getting Katy Perry to featured status; it's only natural that you are ecstatic about and are celebrating your first featured article. You deserve it! :) Yes, Lady Gaga needs a better article, too, but waiting until Cheek to Cheek has passed seems sensible. Once again, good work! Acalamari 18:34, 24 August 2014 (UTC)

American Civil War[edit]

I think so American Civil War is good for day after tommorrow's featured article. Please do it if you can acalamari.

User Talk:Mahusha 8:12 25 July 2014 (UTC).

I'm afraid that selecting the featured articles is the responsibility of another user (I think it's Bencherlite, but I could be wrong); however, for an article to be considered for the Main Page, it needs to be of Featured Article status first. According to Talk:American Civil War, it is a de-listed Good Article and is therefore significantly below Featured Article standards. Acalamari 22:58, 25 July 2014 (UTC)
Just felt I should comment: Articles don't have to be "Today's featured article" to appear on main page- they can also be listed under "did you know" (DYK) or "in the news" or "on this day" on main page. If you can work the article up to GA, you can submit the article to Template talk:Did you know within five days of passing a GAN. I'm not sure how to get articles to be listed under "on this day" or "in the news", though. SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 02:22, 26 July 2014 (UTC)

Thank You:)[edit]


Thank You very much for the warm welcome to Wikipedia!Hope Everything is well your side and I do intend on staying and look forward to working with you in the future.Anything you think needs working on especially related to Christina, please throw it at me.Im also monitoring her pages incase unruly fans try to disrupt them again.

Regards CJBXT720 (talk) 08:17, 28 July 2014 (UTC)

Wikimania 2014[edit]


My name is Victor and I'm a storyteller and video producer for the Wikimedia Foundation. I'll be looking to capture stories about Wikimedians at Wikimania in London in a week. Here is an example of the kind of thing that I'm aiming to do. I saw that you're attending Wikimania and I was wondering if you might have some time to talk about the pop-star work do you on Wikimedia projects. Anyway let me know if you are interested, I'll be at Wikimania from the 6th-10th of August and would need maybe 30 minutes of your time. I can answer any questions you may have. I’m best reached at vgrigas(at)


Vgrigas (talk) 16:34, 31 July 2014 (UTC)

Hi Vgrigas. Thanks for your note, but I'd rather not be interviewed. Best. Acalamari 15:40, 8 August 2014 (UTC)

Anniversary of bureaucracy[edit]

Regarding this edit, I think you meant January and not July :P SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 20:28, 1 August 2014 (UTC)

Epic fail! Now fixed. Thanks for pointing that out to me, SNUGGUMS. :) Acalamari 20:31, 1 August 2014 (UTC)
No problem SNUGGUMS (talk · contribs) 20:52, 1 August 2014 (UTC)

Awards Page[edit]

Hey there, I want to work on the Christina Aguilera awards page, however I would first like to ask your advice. On the "Beyonce awards page" magazine + online rankings and polls, including, forbes, sexiest lists, vocals ext are considered "awards"(I counted over 150 online polls alone listed as awards on her page).Why is this allowed for her page but has been removed from every other singers including Christina, Britney, P!NK, Mariah ext?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated CJBXT720 (talk) 09:30, 2 August 2014 (UTC)

Hi CJBXT720! The two most likely reasons are:
1. Nobody has yet gone through the Beyonce awards page to remove the non-notable entries.
2. The other awards and nominations pages simply haven't been expanded yet.
I suspect it's a combination of the two, though; the Beyonce one probably has some excess listings, which can be removed, while the others are missing pieces of information. Acalamari 09:44, 2 August 2014 (UTC)

A mess[edit]

Wow, I've just read the christina aguilera official page and im kind of upset. I dont really edit main biographical pages but i am shocked at the level of missing detail and the extremely bias edits being done especially by user HD. Wikipedia is supposed to be neutral, but this page is an absolute mess from start to end, with large sections of inforamtion removed without any valid reason(..e.g legacy section, removing the impact of dirrty >>reason cited = redundant information). However, no impact of dirrty was previously mentioned.A biographical page should not read like a hate or fan page, but notable achievements and failures should be noted and included in such articles. I have also just viewed HD's talk page and seen several other complaints of their bias editing.

Could you look into the matter? I would greatly appreciate it? Maybe start a group discussion on the matter(as i am not sure how to) , but at the moment the page just looks ridic hate page.

Hope to hear from you

CJBXT720 (talk) 11:48, 2 August 2014 (UTC)

Hi CJBXT720, I have seen your message and will reply in detail later; I'm only logging in for a couple of minutes and have to go out shortly, but I don't what you to feel as though I am ignoring you. Best. Acalamari 17:19, 2 August 2014 (UTC)
Okay then, CJBXT720, I see you have already started a discussion on the talk page, which is good; however, you need to specifically state over on the talk page what details you think are missing, what details you think that HD shouldn't have removed (plus why you think his edits are biased) and why you think the page reads like a hate piece; you have to do this because otherwise, people won't know how to address your concerns. Also, it's best to assume that HD's edits, like yours and mine, are being made in good-faith and that he is trying to improve the article. :) You also might want to consider asking HD on his talk page about why he made those edits. Best. Acalamari 15:12, 4 August 2014 (UTC)

Pending changes reviewer[edit]

Hi Acalamari, is it possible for you to grant pending changes reviewer tool to me? There are many Indian actor and music articles I have on my watchlist which have PC on them, but I am not able to verify or approve the changes done my new users. If there is another appropriate location, please tell me. Sorry for any inconvenience. :) —Indian:BIO · [ ChitChat ] 11:03, 8 August 2014 (UTC)

No inconvenience here or need to go anywhere else; asking an individual admin is fine. I'm surprised you didn't already have the tool so Yes check.svg Done. Acalamari 12:07, 8 August 2014 (UTC)
Thanks a lot. *__^ —Indian:BIO · [ ChitChat ] 12:08, 8 August 2014 (UTC)
If you don't mind, I'd love to be a reviewer myself- I often have to keep watch for non-constructive edits at articles like Kaley Cuoco that are PC. Snuggums (talk / edits) 13:06, 8 August 2014 (UTC)
Yes check.svg Done No reason for you to not have them. Acalamari 13:10, 8 August 2014 (UTC)
Thank you :3 Snuggums (talk / edits) 13:12, 8 August 2014 (UTC)
You and IndianBio are very much welcome. :) Acalamari 13:13, 8 August 2014 (UTC)

Wikimania 2014 note for anyone watching this page[edit]

For anyone watching my talk page who might also be going, I'll be attending the final day of Wikimania 2014 in London tomorrow. Acalamari 18:57, 9 August 2014 (UTC)


Hey There

I would like to Thank You for sticking up for me on the Christina Official page. Firstly, I dont belong to any forums, I simply dont have the time for that. Second, Ive liked Christina ever since I went to her Back To Basics tour thats it. Lastly, my edits are always neutral. I respect wiki policies and other users input, i only raise issues when i feel that its slightly biased. The reason I brought up the mess page was because of the large section of text being removed and the constant mention of Mariah Carey in her as if the page had been edit by a Mariah Carey fan. Thats about it.

Again, thank you for placing faith in my edits,

Regards CJBXT720 (talk) 10:34, 11 August 2014 (UTC)

Hi CJBXT720, you're welcome. Even if you were from that forum, you'd still be welcome to edit here and, as I said, your edits have been helpful. As for when you started liking Christina Aguilera, it doesn't how long or little you've liked can edit the page, regardless! :) Acalamari 11:52, 11 August 2014 (UTC)


Hello, Acalamari. I'm a little confused here. Every username I've seen that contains the names of musical artists has been blocked. For instance, when I have reported band names to UAA, they have been blocked. I'm pretty sure we don't allow band names, though I doubt that there is a rule written anywhere on it. I guess it could be deemed promotional. - Hoops gza (talk) 22:21, 11 August 2014 (UTC)

There's no promotion here. Beatleswhobeachboys' username has obviously been created by a fan of each band rather than someone who's connected to or promoting them; also, it's clear that Beatleswhobeachboys is not impersonating any of the bands. It's not explictly against the username policy to use words from musical artists provided that they are not 1. spamming/promoting the musical artists in their edits. 2. impersonating said artists or 3. maligning them. Beatleswhobeachboys doesn't appear to be doing any of that. No admin will perform a username block here.
This all being said, could you point to an example of an account being blocked for the reasons you specify, please? It would be helpful for me to understand the context under which those accounts were blocked. Thanks. Acalamari 23:19, 11 August 2014 (UTC)
In terms of providing a specific username, I can only recall those which I have reported. Special:Contributions/The Beatles would be one example. I have seen other people report band names to UAA and the accounts were blocked; I cannot recall the specifics, however. - Hoops gza (talk) 23:27, 11 August 2014 (UTC)
An account called "The Beatles" is different because it's the whole name of the band on its own and it could be seen as a group and/or promotional account (although I wouldn't have bothered blocking that particular account because it hasn't been active since its creation in 2006). Beatleswhobeachboys is most definitely not promotional or shared; the name is just using words from different band names, nothing more. Acalamari 23:33, 11 August 2014 (UTC)
Thanks for explaining that. - Hoops gza (talk) 23:38, 11 August 2014 (UTC)

AfC fail help[edit]

Hi - I was hoping you could help me. I was trying to clean up some persistent, repeated vandalism, and attempted to remove/decline Draft:Alisha Heng, but I didn't realize my not being an AfC participant would cause problems for the script (it still ran at least partially, but I'm not sure it completed successfully). I noticed you declined this particular submission previously, so I thought I'd see if you could help make sure whatever I just did hasn't left any problems behind. Sorry, and thanks! --Fru1tbat (talk) 17:17, 12 August 2014 (UTC)

Hi Fru1tbat, I'm not an AfC participant, either, but I've gone ahead and deleted that draft as vandalism/a blatant hoax. For the past several months or so, someone has been using various IPs and sock accounts to insert this non-notable person's name into various articles, often replacing existing actresses' names in the process. Acalamari 17:36, 12 August 2014 (UTC)
So I've noticed! I ran across a few instances today, and did what I could to help clean it up once I figured out what was going on. I don't suppose there's a dedicated page where anyone is keeping track of the involved socks/IPs, is there? Or has each case just been handled individually through AIV, etc.? --Fru1tbat (talk) 17:53, 12 August 2014 (UTC)
Thanks for cleaning all that up. :) It's only been handled individually; I just revert and block on sight. Acalamari 17:58, 12 August 2014 (UTC)

Request for Rollback Right[edit]

Sir with all sense of humility and responsibility as an editor in good standing, who has been reverting and reporting cases of WP:Vandalism, hereby request your permission of a Rollback Right. Sir, granting me this right will improve my efficiency and productivity. Thanks in anticipation sir. Wikicology (talk) 17:09, 16 August 2014 (UTC)

Hi Wikicology, you now have rollback rights enabled on your account. As I'm sure you know, rollback is not for reverting good-faith edits and any use of it to edit war will likely lead to it being removed from your account. Now that the warnings are out the way, have fun with your new tool! Best. Acalamari 08:50, 17 August 2014 (UTC)
More grace to your elbow sir. I will adhere strictly to its policy of usage sir. Regards. Wikicology (talk) 09:15, 17 August 2014 (UTC)

user TranquilHope[edit]

you may what to rethink the toy ("rollback") you gave this person Skippypeanuts (talk) 04:56, 19 August 2014 (UTC)

It looks like he just made a mistake and he even apologized for it (humans make mistakes). VeNeMousKAT (talk|contribs) 06:14, 19 August 2014 (UTC)
Hi Skippypeanuts, after a review of this, I don't see any need to remove anyone's tools. As VeNeMousKAT said above, TranquilHope apologized to you for reverting you and when I reviewed several of TranquilHope's other reverts, I couldn't find any problem with them. While I agree with you that it's incredibly annoying when someone reverts you and labels your edit as vandalism when it's not (I've had it happen to me a few times!), this appears to be a one-off error, which the user has apologized for. It will only be a problem if this becomes a pattern, but given TranquilHope's response to you, I doubt that'll happen. Acalamari 07:29, 19 August 2014 (UTC)


Hello, this is a a test account of NickGibson3900. I created this account to see what been blocked is like. As you are a sysop I am requesting a block. NickGibson3900 - Test account (talk) (NickGibson3900 (talk)) 06:21, 19 August 2014 (UTC)

Confirmed by normal user. NickGibson3900 - Talk - Sign my Guestbook 06:27, 19 August 2014 (UTC)
An odd request but at any rate, I have blocked your test account. I soft-blocked it so that your main account wouldn't be autoblocked by my block. Acalamari 07:31, 19 August 2014 (UTC)

Fields Medal page[edit]

Hello there,I'm that user who's been the victim of editing the Fields Medal page(i.e.I got blocked with charge of Vandalism.).I've got three question:1)When the current protected status of that page ends,Does the page current contents remain in place or they are replaced with the old version? 2)I've prepared a new and somehow comprehensive table about Fields medalists.I posted this table on the discussion section of the Fields Medal page,and I request for comments about this(If You come there and see my that table I will be really glad,and don't forget to put your comment about it down there!;-)),but so far,just one person did so.Is it normal? 3)Should I submit a request for edit to replace the new table with current one?Or should I wait for reaching a consensus?Thank You. Rezameyqani (talk) 07:50, 19 August 2014 (UTC)Rezameyqani (talk) 08:17, 19 August 2014 (UTC)

User talk:VanishedUser000000000[edit]

I'm not sure that it was a good idea to delete User talk:VanishedUser000000000. According to WP:VANISH, "User talk pages are rarely deleted", and I don't know of any reasons why it needed to go away in this case. Jackmcbarn (talk) 15:31, 22 August 2014 (UTC)

I focused on the "rarely" part of WP:VANISH in this case: they were a short-term user and there was nothing worth keeping on that talk page, just some bizarre edits from the user themselves and some reverts/warnings. I had some doubts about this request, hence why I asked them here if they understood that they had to stop editing once the vanish had been carried out (they responded in the affirmative). Should they edit again, against what they told me, I'll restore the talk page and remind them that vanished means vanished. I hope this is satisfactory. Best. Acalamari 16:19, 22 August 2014 (UTC)

Thanks for the change of user name[edit]

I shall consider a page redirect later WarrenRodwell (talk) 13:38, 24 August 2014 (UTC)

@WarrenRodwell: @Sampajanna: You're welcome, but I didn't leave a redirect because I thought you wanted to protect your privacy. Also, you appear to have re-created and are editing from "WarrenRodwell". You need to log out of that account and into "Sampajanna", which is what I renamed you to. Acalamari 18:29, 24 August 2014 (UTC)

An important message about renaming users[edit]

Dear Acalamari,

I am cross-posting this message to many places to make sure everyone who is a Wikimedia Foundation project bureaucrat receives a copy. If you are a bureaucrat on more than one wiki, you will receive this message on each wiki where you are a bureaucrat.

As you may have seen, work to perform the Wikimedia cluster-wide single-user login finalisation (SUL finalisation) is taking place. This may potentially effect your work as a local bureaucrat, so please read this message carefully.

Why is this happening? As currently stated at the global rename policy, a global account is a name linked to a single user across all Wikimedia wikis, with local accounts unified into a global collection. Previously, the only way to rename a unified user was to individually rename every local account. This was an extremely difficult and time-consuming task, both for stewards and for the users who had to initiate discussions with local bureaucrats (who perform local renames to date) on every wiki with available bureaucrats. The process took a very long time, since it's difficult to coordinate crosswiki renames among the projects and bureaucrats involved in individual projects.

The SUL finalisation will be taking place in stages, and one of the first stages will be to turn off Special:RenameUser locally. This needs to be done as soon as possible, on advice and input from Stewards and engineers for the project, so that no more accounts that are unified globally are broken by a local rename to usurp the global account name. Once this is done, the process of global name unification can begin. The date that has been chosen to turn off local renaming and shift over to entirely global renaming is 15 September 2014, or three weeks time from now. In place of local renames is a new tool, hosted on Meta, that allows for global renames on all wikis where the name is not registered will be deployed.

Your help is greatly needed during this process and going forward in the future if, as a bureaucrat, renaming users is something that you do or have an interest in participating in. The Wikimedia Stewards have set up, and are in charge of, a new community usergroup on Meta in order to share knowledge and work together on renaming accounts globally, called Global renamers. Stewards are in the process of creating documentation to help global renamers to get used to and learn more about global accounts and tools and Meta in general as well as the application format. As transparency is a valuable thing in our movement, the Stewards would like to have at least a brief public application period. If you are an experienced renamer as a local bureaucrat, the process of becoming a part of this group could take as little as 24 hours to complete. You, as a bureaucrat, should be able to apply for the global renamer right on Meta by the requests for global permissions page on 1 September, a week from now.

In the meantime please update your local page where users request renames to reflect this move to global renaming, and if there is a rename request and the user has edited more than one wiki with the name, please send them to the request page for a global rename.

Stewards greatly appreciate the trust local communities have in you and want to make this transition as easy as possible so that the two groups can start working together to ensure everyone has a unique login identity across Wikimedia projects. Completing this project will allow for long-desired universal tools like a global watchlist, global notifications and many, many more features to make work easier.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the SUL finalisation, read over the Help:Unified login page on Meta and leave a note on the talk page there, or on the talk page for global renamers. You can also contact me on my talk page on meta if you would like. I'm working as a bridge between Wikimedia Foundation Engineering and Product Development, Wikimedia Stewards, and you to assure that SUL finalisation goes as smoothly as possible; this is a community-driven process and I encourage you to work with the Stewards for our communities.

Thank you for your time. -- Keegan (WMF) talk 18:24, 25 August 2014 (UTC)

--This message was sent using MassMessage. Was there an error? Report it!

Glad to have received this at last. :) Thanks, Keegan/Keegan (WMF)! Acalamari 22:39, 25 August 2014 (UTC)

PROD expired article[edit]

Hello Acalamari, the PROD on the article "Heavy Metal Lover" expired, and would need administrative action. So can you review it and then either delete the article or redirect it to Born This Way? —Indian:BIO · [ ChitChat ] 18:33, 29 August 2014 (UTC)

Hmm...I don't usually handle AfDs and PRODs. I mostly agree with SNUGGUMS' rationale for the article's deletion (or more likely, re-direction to Born This Way) in that the song receives passing mentions in the sources provided, but what about the two chart positions it achieved? I thought the two charts cited were enough to keep a song but I could be wrong. Acalamari 19:41, 29 August 2014 (UTC)
Charts are not an automatic indicator of notability. WP:NSONGS requires song articles to have significant coverage from secondary sources outside of album reviews, and enough to expand beyond a stub. Since there is not sufficient coverage, it doesn't warrant a separate article. Snuggums (talk / edits) 20:24, 29 August 2014 (UTC)
Yes Acalamari, Snuggums is correct. As for the chart info which you question, that can easily be merged into Born This Way and let's face it, they are not that notable of chart peaks either. —Indian:BIO · [ ChitChat ] 20:26, 30 August 2014 (UTC)
I don't have any reason to decline the prod, so re-directed to Born This Way. Acalamari 17:07, 31 August 2014 (UTC)

Charli XCX[edit]

Regarding this, why not simply semi-protect the article yourself since your account has the ability? Snuggums (talk / edits) 11:34, 1 September 2014 (UTC)

Administrators are expected to not use their tools in areas where they actively edit (I have 70+ edits to Charli XCX), although there are exceptions, such as blocking a blatant vandal. While the recent IP edits to Charli XCX are BLP violations, they're not blatant vandalism (even though they are disruptive); it would be better if another admin reviews the situation and decides whether or not semi-protection is appropriate. Acalamari 11:42, 1 September 2014 (UTC)
I see..... on a side note, is there any particular reason BLP articles are more "sensitive", so to speak, than articles on the deceased? I've seen defamatory edits on both the living and the dead, yet it seemed like those made on the living came off as a bigger concern. Snuggums (talk / edits) 12:00, 1 September 2014 (UTC)
In the case of the living, given Wikipedia's prominence, defamatory edits to biographies on living people have the potential to hurt the subject in real life, such as by damaging their reputation (and thus their career) or jeopardizing their personal safety. While there should never be any defamatory edits made to articles on dead people, a dead person doesn't have to worry about losing their job or personal harm stemming from having a slanderous biography on Wikipedia. Acalamari 12:24, 1 September 2014 (UTC)
Very interesting. Snuggums (talk / edits) 12:37, 1 September 2014 (UTC)

Pussycat dolls to GRL[edit]

Hi Acalamari, would you please see the discussion I just started on the Pussycat Dolls talk page. Thanks. ----Design (talk) 08:57, 2 September 2014 (UTC)

Sure! :) Acalamari 20:30, 2 September 2014 (UTC)

Jess Glynne[edit]

  • Hi, Im a friend of jess's and i know alot about her, and I put up some personal info about her on wikipedia that is 100% true. So tell me, WHY did you remove it. It's interesting, not many people know that kind of stuff and people like to know these things. I would love it if you would kindly put that info back up of my good friend Jess Glynne. ~9/9/2014~ — Preceding unsigned comment added by Nedeena J (talkcontribs)
    • Hi Nedeena J, if you are a friend of Jess Glynne then any personal knowledge you know about her needs to be sourced or otherwise you are adding original research to the article. Also, in your edits, some of the content you added isn't notable, such as writing about an individual fan. Unless that fan has received extensive news coverage and is relevant to Jess Glynne's life, that information doesn't belong in the article. Content also needs to be neutral in its wording and biographies need to be written carefully. I hope this helps. Best. Acalamari 12:19, 10 September 2014 (UTC)
      • I'll keep what you told me in mind and I'll be certain about what I put up on wikipedia is worth being there BEFORE i go on and put it up. Thankyou so much for opening up my eyes to that. Yours sincerely Nedeena J — Preceding unsigned comment added by Nedeena J (talkcontribs)
        • You're welcome. Also, I would appreciate it if you would not remove comments and revert me on my own talk page, please; you are not supposed to remove comments from talk pages if someone has already replied to them. Removing your comment and the header, which I added, makes no sense when my comment is left intact. Acalamari 16:04, 10 September 2014 (UTC)

Cecropia Thanks You[edit]

...for your nice "Welcome Back.' -- Cheers, Cecropia (talk) 19:16, 10 September 2014 (UTC)

You're welcome, Cecropia. :) Acalamari 19:50, 10 September 2014 (UTC)

Request for Admin[edit]

I wanna become an adminstrator — Preceding unsigned comment added by Donyi Taga (talkcontribs) 05:31, 13 September 2014 (UTC)

To do so, you must file an WP:RFA. In the RFA, there must be consensus that you are suited for adminship. Snuggums (talk / edits) 16:14, 15 September 2014 (UTC)
Thanks, SNUGGUMS, for answering. Sorry, Donyi Taga, for not replying; I did see your message but simply forgot to respond. SNUGGUMS is correct that to become an administrator, you need to file a request at Wikipedia:Requests for adminship; however, according to this, you have fewer than 500 edits. Most candidates have a few thousand edits before they apply; unfortunately, you do not have the necessary experience to become an administrator at this time. Acalamari 17:07, 15 September 2014 (UTC)
Of course :) Snuggums (talk / edits) 19:00, 15 September 2014 (UTC)


Hello Acalamari, following a un-protection request I've lowered an OLD protection you placed on this article from SPP to PC1; if you are still monitoring it and see high vandalism levels, feel free to revert my action without discussion. Happy editing, — xaosflux Talk 03:21, 18 September 2014 (UTC)

Hi Xaosflux, thanks for letting me now. I think it is a good decision to lower the protection; I had forgotten that I had protected the money article nearly seven years ago! Acalamari 09:31, 18 September 2014 (UTC)

Input Request[edit]


Recently on the talk page for Mariah Carey, dispute arose over whether she is a singer and songwriter or a singer-songwriter. From what Calvin999 said, she is a singer-songwriter for writing 99% of lyrics, composition, and such on her first six albums and for still being intricately involved in her creation process. JennKR argued that she is not (at least not nowadays) one due to having lots of work from other songwriters, producers, etc. Not sure if you noticed, but I pinged you there for input, since you've often edited articles with the summary "not a singer-songwriter". Jenn also raised RFC at WP:WikiProject Music with regards to what constitutes a singer-songwriter.

What is your take? Snuggums (talk / edits) 22:54, 22 September 2014 (UTC)

Hi SNUGGUMS, I had noticed the ping and I'm sorry for not acknowledging it. I've been busy these past few days and haven't had much time to review the discussion and comment accordingly. I'll do so soon. Acalamari 18:00, 23 September 2014 (UTC)


Thank you for this bit of Idiot Control. I was trying to sort it out but you beat me to it. :) Best wishes (talk) 20:11, 30 September 2014 (UTC)

You're welcome,! :) Acalamari 20:16, 30 September 2014 (UTC)


He/she added unreliable source for other genre on Avril Lavigne (album), especially Myspace. (talk) 01:05, 1 October 2014 (UTC)

I've reverted, but feel free to WP:Be bold and do so yourself in the future when seeing unreliable additions, Snuggums (talk / edits) 03:54, 1 October 2014 (UTC)
Thanks for handling this, SNUGGUMS. :) Acalamari 12:39, 1 October 2014 (UTC)

Please subscribe to the global renamers mailing list[edit]

Dear global renamer,

You have not yet subscribed to the global renamers mailing list. Considering the diverse background of all renamers, and with the intention to create an efficient platform for direct internal assistance and discussion, we strongly encourage you to do so. Please subscribe here and send me or Trijnstel an email to confirm it is you requesting it. Should you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Thank you, Savhñ 23:04, 2 October 2014 (UTC)

  • Hi. Can you please look at your inbox? I've send you an email. Trijnsteltalk 09:21, 11 October 2014 (UTC)
    • Hi Trijnstel, I've subscribed and am waiting for approval. Acalamari 09:04, 12 October 2014 (UTC)
      • You probably already saw it, twice, but I've accepted your subscription. Face-wink.svg Trijnsteltalk 13:56, 12 October 2014 (UTC)

Eau de Gaga[edit]

Acalamari, can you delete the above redirect so that Eau De Gaga can be moved to the above namespace? Thanks :) —Indian:BIO · [ ChitChat ] 05:16, 4 October 2014 (UTC)

Done. :) Acalamari 15:06, 4 October 2014 (UTC)

User talk:Slaylordaniel13[edit]

Acalamari, need your suggestion on the above user. He/She goes on continuously adding false certification to the "Shake It Off" article including unsourced content. Numerous warnings and explanations have fallen to deaf ears and the user pays no attention to it. Each and every week the Billboard charts are published and the user goes on adding the same content over and over again. What to do? I have even threatened to report for administrative action and block, asked him/her to come to my talk page if clarification is needed, but alas those messages get deleted. The thing is that I cannot go to WP:AIV since he/she does not do it consecutively and it is indeed vandalism. —Indian:BIO [ ChitChat ] 06:33, 16 October 2014 (UTC)

Let me know if it happens again and I'll block them. Somebody who ignores numerous warnings is disruptive. Acalamari 22:12, 16 October 2014 (UTC)
Yes Acalamari, he/she is never going to learn. I'm literally fed up. —Indian:BIO [ ChitChat ] 17:58, 20 October 2014 (UTC)
I've blocked them for 31 hours. It likely won't have any effect but we'll see what happens. Acalamari 09:48, 21 October 2014 (UTC)


Wikipedia:Today's featured article/requests/Katy Perry was successful, she shall be TFA for her 30th birthday! Snuggums (talk / edits) 05:53, 17 October 2014 (UTC)

That's awesome! After all that hard work, I'm glad you got what you wanted. Congratulations, SNUGGUMS! :D Acalamari 08:16, 17 October 2014 (UTC)

Happy Anniversary/WikiBirthday[edit]

Congrats on being a Wikipedian for exactly 8 years now! Snuggums (talk / edits) 17:27, 19 October 2014 (UTC)

Thanks, SNUGGUMS! :) It's amazing how long it's been. Acalamari 22:45, 19 October 2014 (UTC)

Thank you.[edit]

Acalamari, Thank you for taking out the time for advising and guiding me in the right direction. I'll do my best again and contribute here whenever I can. Best Regards. TheGeneralUser (talk) 20:07, 19 October 2014 (UTC)

You're welcome; glad you're back. :) Acalamari 22:44, 19 October 2014 (UTC)

Happy First Edit Day[edit]

Nuvola apps cookie.svg Happy First Edit Day, Acalamari, from the Wikipedia Birthday Committee! Have a great day! Vatsan34 (talk) 18:23, 20 October 2014 (UTC)

Request for comment on noticeboard[edit]

Acalamari Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct way to request comment from another admin, but I'm not satisfied with the unfair & misleading manner in which an admin has evaluated my report on edit warring/enabled the reported user's behavior, and I'd like for another admin to give their input (please take note of the comments section, and the primary issue). I'd really appreciate it, and please let know the correct way to go about it if this isn't.--Lpdte77 (talk) 19:34, 26 October 2014 (UTC)

You can ask individual admins for help but not all work in all admin areas and thus, might not be able to help you; for example, I don't participate on the board related to edit-warring. Your best course of action is to talk to the administrator with whom you disagree and if you aren't satisified with their response, WP:ANI would be where you post for additional input on the matter. Acalamari 23:22, 26 October 2014 (UTC)
Ok, thank you. --Lpdte77 (talk) 02:22, 27 October 2014 (UTC)

Halloween cheer![edit]

  • Thanks, SNUGGUMS! I hope you have a pleasant Halloween, too. :) Acalamari 09:53, 29 October 2014 (UTC)

A request for your time and consideration[edit]

I've made an appeal to the AN board that has gone unattended by an uninvolved admin for some time. It's become rather stale and I'd very much like a resolution one way or another. I sought you and two other editors out because I've appreciated your judgement in previous instances. Please understand that this isn't an appeal for your help, that's neither appropriate nor especially constructive. Instead I simply want this matter attended to by competent people who can impart a measure of finality at WP:AN. I'll totally understand your declining to review my appeal but I hope you'll consider giving it some of your time, even if it's to refer another administrator. GraniteSand (talk) 12:48, 29 October 2014 (UTC)

Hi GraniteSand, unfortunately, I am not active at the administrators' noticeboard and would rather not involve myself over there; however, I can recommend another administrator. 28bytes is a fair and experienced administrator, and he is active on that board (at least I think he's still active there). Sorry and best. Acalamari 19:24, 30 October 2014 (UTC)
No apologies necessary and thanks for the referral. 22:56, 30 October 2014 (UTC)

User talk:Slaylordaniel13 again[edit]

Sorry to bother you again Acalamari, but the previous block does not seem to have had any effect on the above user. He/She is back to causing nuisance on the Taylor Swift articles again. Just now he/she added false certification to 1989 (Taylor Swift album), removed the AFD template from Holy Ground (Taylor Swift song), adding MAriah's image to Shake It Off (Taylor Swift song) even though it was deleted countless times, etc. Really pissed off. —Indian:BIO [ ChitChat ] 13:58, 1 November 2014 (UTC)

  • Given how this Swifty has an obvious COI when it comes to T-Swift, I strongly recommend blocking for a while. Snuggums (talk / edits) 15:56, 1 November 2014 (UTC)
    • Blocked for a week. Next block is for a month if they repeat their disruptive behavior. After that, it's indefinite. Acalamari 16:03, 1 November 2014 (UTC)
      • Thanks guys, however the thing which is bothersome is that the user is unresponsive and has not paid any attention to any warnings. So this will ultimately lead to indefville only. —Indian:BIO [ ChitChat ] 19:04, 1 November 2014 (UTC)

Question about Les Invasions barbares[edit]

Doesn't a film that originated in French retain its French name, i.e. Les Invasions barbares? FWiW Bzuk (talk) 18:32, 3 November 2014 (UTC)

Hi Bzuk, I'm not familiar with the subject but I'm guessing that WP:COMMONNAME applies; if the English name is more recognized than the French title, the former should be used. If vice versa, then it'll be the latter. Acalamari 21:03, 3 November 2014 (UTC)


I did, I left a message in the Talk page. (N0n3up (talk) 11:52, 6 November 2014 (UTC))

Besides, she was born in England. (N0n3up (talk) 11:53, 6 November 2014 (UTC))
The consensus on the talk page was that Leona Lewis identifies as British; it will require consensus to change her identity. Unfortunately, the message you left on the talk page was merely a statement of fact, rather than a reason to break away from what had been discussed previously. Acalamari 21:36, 6 November 2014 (UTC)

I need help on creating a biography[edit]


I have known and use wikipedia for years but it's just now that I am trying to create a biography for a living person. I know you're busy but I would greatly appreciate if the following sources I have are more than sufficient. I really need help on checking if these are verifiable ones in accordance to wiki's standard. I can gather some more if the need be. My email is I would sincerely appreciate any help you can extend. Thank you very much. — Preceding unsigned comment added by ChiefCatalystEdDeCosta (talkcontribs) 04:50, 7 November 2014 (UTC)

Hi ChiefCatalystEdDeCosta, I think the advice that Acroterion provided you with here answers your question. Best. Acalamari 12:44, 8 November 2014 (UTC)


Thanks for the warm welcome, it's so good to see a familiar face! — BranStark (talk) 13:09, 10 November 2014 (UTC)

BranStark, you're welcome. It's equally good to see an old name return. :) Acalamari 20:48, 10 November 2014 (UTC)
Everyone I used to know have either retired or disappeared. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO TEH WIKI!?!? Is Jennavecia still here? I miss herBranStark (talk) 09:51, 13 November 2014 (UTC)
Sadly, many people I've known here from years ago are either hardly active or retired now. :( Unfortunately, Jennavecia rarely edits anymore; however, she will respond to messages. Acalamari 20:01, 13 November 2014 (UTC)
Could you possibly approve my request to be added to the AutoWikiBrowser/CheckPage, I've been waiting ages! My original request is hereBranStark (talk) 14:16, 14 November 2014 (UTC)
I've think I've Yes check.svg Done it correctly for you. Never answered an AWB request before! Acalamari 18:24, 14 November 2014 (UTC)
Yup done! Thanks very much! — BranStark (talk) 13:30, 15 November 2014 (UTC)
You're welcome! Glad to help make your return that bit easier. :) Acalamari 18:44, 15 November 2014 (UTC)


Back again adding OR, false certification and fancrufty content. Had to revert two such edits (one was sourced but it was bordeline peacocky). No edit summary and no point in leaving warning templates. Enough lesson learnt. —Indian:BIO [ ChitChat ] 14:29, 14 November 2014 (UTC)

Blocked for a month. I honestly don't expect a change in behavior once the block expires but a month-long block is usually what's standard at this point. The next block is indefinite. Acalamari 18:29, 14 November 2014 (UTC)
You are right. The user is back to socking. Check Special:Contributions/Blankspace13. —Indian:BIO [ ChitChat ] 12:00, 15 November 2014 (UTC)
Seems like an obvious sock but I'll someone answer the investigation before I do anything. That type of sockpuppetry is clear grounds for an indefinite block. Acalamari 18:44, 15 November 2014 (UTC)
And right you are. The CU confirmed them as socks. Both master and puppet are indeff'd. We will see more socks in the future though. —Indian:BIO [ ChitChat ] 04:20, 16 November 2014 (UTC)
I seriously hope they don't become extensive :/ Snuggums (talk / edits) 04:54, 16 November 2014 (UTC)
If they do resort to that form of sockpuppetry, more blocks for them! Thank you to PhilKnight for performing the new blocks. Acalamari 10:06, 17 November 2014 (UTC)

Date format in Linux articles[edit]

Hello! Any chances, please, for you to have a look at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Software § Date format in release history sections of Linux articles and possibly comment there by providing your point of view? The whole thing is pretty much poorly discussed with only a few editors actually discussing it, while it seems to be affecting more than a few articles (and the date format seems to be extending beyond the tables into references, please see history of the Linux distribution article). Any contributions to the discussion would be highly appreciated! — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 02:40, 15 November 2014 (UTC)

I'll have a look. Acalamari 18:44, 15 November 2014 (UTC)
Thank you. — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 03:31, 16 November 2014 (UTC)

Question about sysop rights[edit]

Hello Acalamari,

I noticed that my sysop rights were removed (per Wikipedia policy, so nothing wrong with that). I'm curious if I could have those rights re-instated - also: where should I post such a request to formally align with Wikipedia policy? (I've been to the Bureaucrats' noticeboard, but there doesn't seem to be any clear indication as to where I should place such a request.) Thank you for your attention to the matter. JW..[ T..C ] 08:59, 17 November 2014 (UTC)

Hi Johann Wolfgang, welcome back! Yes, you can ask to have them restored: the bureaucrats' noticeboard is the correct place to ask for them back. All you need to do is start a new discussion section on the noticeboard, as you would a regular talk page, in which you state you've returned and would like to have your adminship restored. There will be a 24-hour wait from the start of your request; this wait is the reason why I can't give them back to you right now. Hope this helps; do let me know if you need anything else. Acalamari 10:12, 17 November 2014 (UTC)

Hey, pal! Can I request a second opinion[edit]

A new user created a bunch of articles, which all took a great degree of effort and time, relating to different bus stops in Norway. Each article was nominated for deletion for being non-notable and you can see the discussion taking place here which is fine, I even voted for their deletion. However, the user (who I feel was only trying to enhance the project in good faith) was blocked for disruptive editing without a single warning. It bugs me that he was treated worse than a traditional vandal who generally gets warned 4 times before being blocked. I've brought it up with the admin who blocked him, but looking through her talk page history, she's previously been brought to ANI for similar trigger happy bahviour. I was just wondering if I could get a second opinion from you whether her behavior appropriate and in accordance with policy. Surely blocking policy hasn't changed this much in the 5 years I was absent? — BranStark (talk) 15:40, 20 November 2014 (UTC)

Hi BranStark, sorry for the late response. While I might not have performed a block in Fram's place, I would say it was in line with policy. Fram left a hand-written warning here, which I think is better than slapping a vandal template on the person's talk page; Fram only blocked when the user ignored the warning and continued. Acalamari 10:37, 23 November 2014 (UTC)
Ok thanks for getting back to me — BranStark (talk) 13:14, 24 November 2014 (UTC)

Someone is harassing me.[edit]

User:Bladesmulti is undoing most of my edits on personal basis. and threatening me for Legal threat .So I want you to block him. AmRit GhiMire "Ranjit" 15:20, 21 November 2014 (UTC)

Acalamari, while I have got the time to explain each of those most of my edits, I really want to hear that what I should do if someone is falsely alleging me of vandalism[3] and legal threat. Bladesmulti (talk) 15:25, 21 November 2014 (UTC)
@Bladesmulti: I am not falsely blaming you. You had started undoing all my edit just after the conflict.Next you had used WP:NPA for legal threat twice. AmRit GhiMire "Ranjit" 16:14, 21 November 2014 (UTC)
Are you saying that I have made legal threats? Bladesmulti (talk) 16:21, 21 November 2014 (UTC)
Amrit Ghimire Ranjit, you need to provide evidence that Bladesmulti has either issued legal threats or accused you of making them; an unfounded accusation of a legal threat is a personal attack in itself. Acalamari 10:40, 23 November 2014 (UTC)

A Cupcake for you![edit]

Choco-Nut Bake with Meringue Top cropped.jpg Hello Acalamari!

You are such an experienced and excellent editor! Hats off to you! Enjoy this Cupcake! - Kunalrks (talk) 10:02, 22 November 2014 (UTC)

Precious again[edit]

Cornflower blue Yogo sapphire.jpg

help to people whenever you can
Thank you for tireless quality contributions to articles on performers such as Fergie (singer), for creating templates, and for help to people, - repeating: you are an awesome Wikipedian (11 June 2007, 20 December 2008, 22 April 2009)!

--Gerda Arendt (talk) 06:36, 22 November 2012 (UTC)

Two years ago, you were the 312th recipient of my PumpkinSky Prize, --Gerda Arendt (talk) 22:51, 22 November 2014 (UTC)

Thank you, Gerda Arendt, I highly appreciate this. Let's not forget that you're an awesome Wikipedian yourself. :) Acalamari 10:43, 23 November 2014 (UTC)
Thank you! I was told on 3 August 2010 and never forgot, see my user page. Some however think I am here on battleground, and in a way they are right. I make the "Mourning, war and peace" on my talk page bigger day by day. --Gerda Arendt (talk) 12:37, 23 November 2014 (UTC)
I don't agree that you're here for the battleground; if anything, based purely on my observations, with all the good cheer you spread and encouragement you give to others, I'd say you help to ameliorate negative moods around here. Acalamari 21:24, 24 November 2014 (UTC)
Thank you for a word of trust. (In case I ever appeal, I may need them. So far I have too much dignity, as Eric said.) - I removed the mourning image altogether and replaced it by pumpkins for Thanksgiving. Did you know that I made a DYK about encouragement (not my article, but my hook, and recently the song made headlines)? --Gerda Arendt (talk) 19:34, 29 November 2014 (UTC)
I actually didn't know that you'd made that DYK nor have I seen it on any of the headlines. :/ What was it in the news for? Acalamari 09:57, 30 November 2014 (UTC)
The article is about a song which Bierbaum wrote for people in danger of getting hardened in hard times, particularly for one who was in prison in the GDR. It was a new article when I could use it to encourage myself, and I occasionally used it when I saw others discouraged (Melody, Comments on this guide: For the public, Encouragement, A cup of coffee for you!, ... - interesting reading in retrospect, looking at the prophecy: "It's never good news to be a party in an ArbCom case, but one day they'll achieve their goal and we'll all have been banished. Only a matter of time. Eric Corbett 14:03, 13 August 2013 (UTC)"). The song was in the news when Biermann sang it in a session of the German parliament for a celebration of the all of the Wall, making politics by adding unplanned spoken statements, that's in the article. --Gerda Arendt (talk) 13:17, 30 November 2014 (UTC)


Hello Acalamari, Can I ask for your advice/action please? User Mr RNGAnderson keeps deleting the lead photograph from the Cincinnati article, without giving any reason. I have asked for a reason and reinstated twice, but we are now on at least the third reversion, again without reason. I have asked for an explanation on the editors Talk page to no avail. Best regards, David, David J Johnson (talk) 16:08, 23 November 2014 (UTC)

Actually deleted four times. David J Johnson (talk) 20:39, 23 November 2014 (UTC)
I've restored the image and given Mr. RNGAnderson a hand-written note rather than a vandal warning. Let's see what happens. Acalamari 21:26, 24 November 2014 (UTC)
Many thanks for all your help. Best, David,David J Johnson (talk) 21:29, 24 November 2014 (UTC)

Charlie Sheen[edit]

Since you blocked editing, in the Personal life section please add: "On October 17th 2014, Sheen announced through a press release that he and Rossi had mutually decided to end their engagement and relationship".Healkids (talk) 03:05, 24 November 2014 (UTC)

Hi Healkids, your account can edit semi-protected articles so you are free to edit the Charlie Sheen article yourself; however, material like what you want to add will require a reliable source. Best. Acalamari 21:28, 24 November 2014 (UTC)
That's what I thought but it's not allowing me...please make the change, here is the source

"Charlie Sheen Ends Engagement to Brett Rossi:".  Healkids (talk) 03:32, 25 November 2014 (UTC)

That's strange; that shouldn't be happening at all. Have you tried actually making the edit to see if it goes through? Acalamari 21:03, 25 November 2014 (UTC)

of course!Healkids (talk) 02:49, 26 November 2014 (UTC)

@Healkids: as stated by Acalamari, your account is autoconfirmed and the page is semi-protected, you can make the edit yourself. There is another option, please see Wikipedia:Edit requests. Cheers, Mlpearc (open channel) 02:59, 26 November 2014 (UTC)


Acalamari I would like to report the above user for extreme name-cussing and personal attacks on me and @SNUGGUMS:. The user had deliberately fabricated false information on the Lady Gaga page, which was reverted and the user was warned level 3. Instead of taking onus for the deliberate mistake the user took the high-mighty attitude. SNUGGUMS flat out explained to him/her why it was completely unacceptable. The user then cussed and made blatant personal attack at my talk page, made inflamatory comment about Gaga fans in the userpage as well as attacked Snuggums. I mean, seriously? —Indian:BIO [ ChitChat ] 04:17, 26 November 2014 (UTC)

Yes something needs to be done, what that user did is unacceptable. Snuggums (talk / edits) 05:16, 26 November 2014 (UTC)
I have blocked them indefinitely; however, I have given them the option of an unblock if they withdraw and apologize for their statements. Acalamari 19:41, 26 November 2014 (UTC)


Hello Acalamari, I am writing to ask you to block permanently this user Special:Contributions/, here is his/her vandalism. Persons like this must never be allowed to edit in wikipedia! --g. balaxaZe 21:15, 27 November 2014 (UTC)

(talk page stalker) @Giorgi Balakhadze: Please make these type of reports at Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism. Mlpearc (open channel) 21:36, 27 November 2014 (UTC)
Hi Giorgi Balakhadze, I agree with Mlpearc that it's better to report vandals to WP:AIV than to any individual admin. As for that IP, there's not much point in blocking them now because that edit was almost two days ago. Acalamari 21:46, 27 November 2014 (UTC)

Birthday Barnstar[edit]

Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar
I happened to come across this list, and figured out today's your 24th birthday! This star is my present to you not only for dedicating roughly one third of your life to serving one of the biggest websites in existence, but also thanks for all the guidance you've given myself and other editors throughout your time. Cheers, Snuggums (talk / edits) 06:26, 29 November 2014 (UTC)

You've also got others sending you wishes..... Enjoy your day, bro :D! Snuggums (talk / edits) 06:26, 29 November 2014 (UTC)

Everything SWnugs said, I echo it. You truly are awe-some-bestest. —Indian:BIO [ ChitChat ] 08:26, 29 November 2014 (UTC)
Hey SNUGGUMS, thank you! :D I didn't think I'd receive any sort of birthday greeting here again so this is a delightful surprise! I'm not quite sure if spending on Wikipedia one-third of my current existence is something to be proud of but then again, it's not as though I've been online here every moment of the last eight years. :P Thanks, SNUGGUMS, and thank you, IndianBio. (And thank you for those videos, too!) Acalamari 16:50, 29 November 2014 (UTC)
My pleasure :). I really meant providing services (including admin) and helping maintain the site, though of course not every waking moment :P. Snuggums (talk / edits) 17:56, 29 November 2014 (UTC)
Heh, I knew what you meant. :) I don't think it would be physically possible to stay online 24/7! Acalamari 18:09, 29 November 2014 (UTC)

An award for you![edit]

Wikipedia bureaucrat.svg Bureaucrat's award
Hi Acalamari,

I've seen that you've been closing most of the recent RfAs, and I thought I'd give you this just so you know that your work doesn't go unnoticed. Keep it up! Face-smile.svg Biblioworm 18:48, 29 November 2014 (UTC)

Thanks, Biblioworm, for the recognition! :) The only one I missed was Northamerica1000's candidacy but I was asleep at its closing time. Acalamari 09:57, 30 November 2014 (UTC)


Hey Acalamari! The archiving discussion template that you placed on Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Czar, didn't reach towards the bottom of the page, I believe the collapse template used in question 6 in the question section cut it. Best, ///EuroCarGT 22:26, 29 November 2014 (UTC)

Hi EuroCarGT, thanks for letting me know but I have no idea about how to fix it. :/ Acalamari 09:57, 30 November 2014 (UTC)

Vasil Tolevski[edit]

Hi, please add this Macedonian page: to this English page, please : , and edit the English page. Thanks — Preceding unsigned comment added by Olgica Tolevska (talkcontribs) 18:21, 30 November 2014 (UTC)

Hi Olgica Tolevska, I don't speak Macedonian and am unable to help you translate the article to the one. Acalamari 21:07, 30 November 2014 (UTC)

Hi Acalamari, not to translate, I mean to add the Macedonian page to English page with the menu: Languages !!! Thanks — Preceding unsigned comment added by Olgica Tolevska (talkcontribs) 13:32, 1 December 2014 (UTC)

I'm honestly not sure how this is done anymore. I don't think interwiki links are added manually to each page now. Acalamari 00:07, 5 December 2014 (UTC)

Singer-songwriter (again)[edit]

Saw you again with the "not a singer-songwriter" edit summaries. Given the dispute at Talk:Adele, perhaps you could leave input. Snuggums (talk / edits) 07:57, 4 December 2014 (UTC)

Despite the editing I've done since you posted this, I haven't been ignoring you. I will get to this soon. Thanks. Acalamari 00:06, 5 December 2014 (UTC)

Kelly Hu[edit]

Hi Acalamari. An IP user ( insists on adding "voice artist" to Kelly Hu's infobox and lead, even though I explained to them that "voice artist" is redundant in her case. Could you please semi-protect the page? Thanks! SN▲PSN▲P 21:08, 6 December 2014 (UTC) this case, I think it would be better to use the talk page rather than shut people out by protecting the article. There hasn't been any activity for almost a day now and this IP - unlike others - is engaging in discussion. Acalamari 17:26, 7 December 2014 (UTC)

Many thanks[edit]

Hello A. Thanks for the revert on my talk page (and SNUGGUMS as well) they are much appreciated. I just wanted to let you know that Troll-be-GoneRegisteredTM.svg has Pine, Pumpkin and Cranberry scents in honor of the holiday season. Thanks again and cheers. MarnetteD|Talk 20:17, 8 December 2014 (UTC)

Thanks from me as well :) Snuggums (talk / edits) 20:29, 8 December 2014 (UTC)
Hi MarnetteD and SNUGGUMS, you're both welcome! :) Acalamari 00:09, 9 December 2014 (UTC)

Seasonal Greets![edit]

Wikipedia Happy New Year.png Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2015 !!!

Hello Acalamari, May you be surrounded by peace, success and happiness on this seasonal occasion. Spread the WikiLove by wishing another user a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, whether it be someone you have had disagreements with in the past, a good friend, or just some random person. Sending you a heartfelt and warm greetings for Christmas and New year 2015.
Happy editing,
The Herald : here I am 14:07, 19 December 2014 (UTC)

Spread the love by adding {{subst:Seasonal Greetings}} to user talk pages with a friendly message.

Hi The Herald, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, too. :) Acalamari 21:06, 19 December 2014 (UTC)

Merry Merry[edit]

To you and yours


FWiW Bzuk (talk) 22:55, 22 December 2014 (UTC)

  • Thank you, Bzuk; Merry Christmas to you, too. :) Acalamari 23:13, 22 December 2014 (UTC)
Hello Acalamari, To add my greetings to you and yours and thank you for your help in 2014. Best regards, David, David J Johnson (talk) 12:19, 23 December 2014 (UTC)
Hi David, you're welcome and Merry Christmas to you, too. Acalamari 15:19, 23 December 2014 (UTC)

Happy Holidays![edit]

The sun1.jpg Happy Holidays!
Hi, Acalamari! Have a happy and safe season, and a blessed new year!
Holiday cheers, --Discographer (talk) 18:10, 24 December 2014 (UTC)
Hi Discographer, thanks! Happy and safe season and Happy New Year to you, too. :) Acalamari 18:44, 24 December 2014 (UTC)

Yo Ho Ho[edit]

Dougweller (talk) 21:58, 24 December 2014 (UTC)

Thanks, Dougweller, Season's Greetings to you, too. :) Acalamari 22:11, 24 December 2014 (UTC)

Merry Christmas![edit]

Seasonal Greets![edit]

Wikipedia Happy New Year.png Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2015!!!

Hello Acalamari, may you be surrounded by peace, success and happiness on this seasonal occasion. Spread the WikiLove by wishing another user a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, whether it be someone you have had disagreements with in the past, a good friend, or just some random person. Sending you a heartfelt and warm greetings for Christmas and New Year 2015.
Happy editing,
TheGeneralUser (talk) 23:07, 25 December 2014 (UTC)

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A Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year Acalamari :) Best Wishes! TheGeneralUser (talk) 23:07, 25 December 2014 (UTC)

Thank you, TheGeneralUser; a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, too. :) Acalamari 12:12, 26 December 2014 (UTC)

Merry Christmas![edit]

Árbol navideño luminoso en Madrid 02.jpg Merry Christmas, Acalamari!
Hey Acalamari! It's been a while since I've been on Wikipedia, so I figured I'd stop by, check up on some old wiki-friends, and make sure no-one broke the wiki in my absence :P Merry Christmas, Acalamari! Dylan620 (I'm all ears) 23:58, 25 December 2014 (UTC)
Hi Dylan620, thanks! Yep, no one broke the wiki. :P Merry Christmas to you, as well! Acalamari 12:12, 26 December 2014 (UTC)
Good to hear the wiki is safe :P You're welcome, and thank you, sir! --Dylan620 (I'm all ears) 00:59, 27 December 2014 (UTC)

Panda rights[edit]

When you switched him from Admin to none, you removed autopatrolled, etc. Might be a good thing to add them back on... --SarekOfVulcan (talk) 15:27, 26 December 2014 (UTC)

I had considered that when removing the admin right but I wasn't sure if DangerousPanda wanted the other permissions back. If he does, I will be happy to restore them. Acalamari 23:16, 26 December 2014 (UTC)

Please delete my block[edit]

I had blocked in and please delete me this block and thank's--YacineDZ (talk) 21:44, 30 December 2014 (UTC)

I am not an administrator on Meta or on Commons; as such, I cannot accept any unblock requests that are filed over there. Acalamari 16:25, 31 December 2014 (UTC)

Happy New Year Acalamari![edit]

Hi SNUGGUMS, thanks! You've really done well this year; thanks for all your contributions as well. Happy New Year to you, too! :D Acalamari 16:28, 31 December 2014 (UTC)

Happy New Year![edit]

Fuochi d'artificio.gif

Dear Acalamari,
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! A new year has come! How times flies! 2015 will be a new year, and it is also a chance for you to start afresh! Thank you for your contributions!
From a fellow editor,
--Nahnah4 (talk | contribs | guestbook) 09:11, 31 December 2014 (UTC)

This message promotes WikiLove. Created by Nahnah4 (talk | contribs | guestbook). To use this template, leave {{subst:User:Nahnah4/Happy New Year}} on someone else's talk page.

Happy New Year to you as well, Nahnah4! :) Acalamari 16:29, 31 December 2014 (UTC)

A beer for you![edit]

Export hell seidel steiner.png Many thanks for removing vandalism from my user page. Enjoy, and a Happy New Year to you. Denisarona (talk) 12:35, 31 December 2014 (UTC)
Happy to have reverted it for you, Denisarona. Happy New Year to you, too. :) Acalamari 16:30, 31 December 2014 (UTC)

Avril Lavigne (album)[edit]

There's several unreliable or questionable sources again, including Muumuse, etc. Can you handle this? (talk) 13:09, 31 December 2014 (UTC)

The article is not protected, which means that you are free to edit it. If you know what needs fixing, go ahead! :) Acalamari 16:31, 31 December 2014 (UTC)

A Question[edit]

Hello there! I have a question for you, as you are an administrator and I am in need of this advice.

I've noticed a page titled "Wonder Pets" that should be renamed "Wonder Pets!" with an exclamation mark (it is trademarked this way), but I cannot rename the page. The rename tool claims that it is because the target page is already in use when it is really a redirect to the page I am trying to rename, which shouldn't be a problem but somehow is. It would be great if you could rename the page or assist me in doing so.

Thank you so much for your time, and have a great new year! Squiddaddy (talk) 21:37, 31 December 2014 (UTC)

Hi Squiddaddy, sorry for the late response. I'm actually not sure whether it should be moved to "Wonder Pets!" or not, mainly because I don't know what the Manual of Style naming conventions are on having exclamation marks in article titles. I just had a quick look for the relevant guideline but couldn't find it; I'll have another look before taking any action. In the meantime, Happy New Year to you, too! Acalamari 15:59, 3 January 2015 (UTC)
Thanks for responding! I've looked into it, too. There is barely any official (created by the producers) content online about the show, but I did find a Facebook page that was "verified" to be official at this link. I will continue to research but I hope this helps! Squiddaddy (talk) 21:31, 3 January 2015 (UTC)
I think I'll also ask for advice on this one. SNUGGUMS, what do you know about the naming conventions in regards to exclamation marks in article titles? Acalamari 17:15, 4 January 2015 (UTC)
Not sure what to say, though I do know it shouldn't be used for stylizations like "P!nk". Snuggums (talk / edits) 17:17, 4 January 2015 (UTC)
I definitely agree with you there; I'm just stumped about what to do if they're at the end. Acalamari 17:20, 4 January 2015 (UTC)
I've done more research and it appears that the mark are used on many pages (Yo Gabba Gabba!, All Grown Up!, Go, Diego, Go!, to name a few), so it would be somewhat "unfair" to our WP! page to leave it without one. Thanks for all of your help, it's made Wikipedia a friendly place! Squiddaddy (talk) 23:06, 4 January 2015 (UTC)
I just noticed the same for things like Wham! and Teen Titans Go!, so it seems to be used when at the end of a title. Snuggums (talk / edits) 15:04, 5 January 2015 (UTC)

Happy New Year![edit]

Fuochi d'artificio.gif

Dear Acalamari,
HAPPY NEW YEAR Hoping 2015 will be a great year for you! Thank you for your contributions!
From a fellow editor,
--FWiW Bzuk (talk)

This message promotes WikiLove. Originally created by Nahnah4 (see "invisible note").

  • Thanks, Bzuk! Happy New Year to you as well! Acalamari 16:01, 3 January 2015 (UTC)

Version deletion[edit]

Acalamari how are you? How was your New Year celebrations? I have a request. Can you please REVDEL this disgusting addition by an IP vandal on a BLP? Thanks. —Indian:BIO [ ChitChat ] 13:34, 3 January 2015 (UTC)

Thanks a lot. :) —Indian:BIO [ ChitChat ] 13:47, 3 January 2015 (UTC)
Hi IndianBio, you're welcome; that was a horrible edit. As for me, I am feeling mostly okay and my New Year's Eve and Day were quiet occasions. Hope you're well! Acalamari 16:00, 3 January 2015 (UTC)

Deleted Article: Richard Torres[edit]


There was an article deleted a very long time ago in 2009 (the article was about a martial arts teacher named Richard Torres) and I was wondering if I can re-start the article again, hopefully this time with proper references. I was the one who created the page and never fully followed up on its edits. I could not remember my user name from 2009 and so I created a new one. Gratitude for any help or advice you can give me in matter.

JMonkDisciple (talk) 15:13, 6 January 2015 (UTC)

Hi JMonkDisciple, if you feel you have the proper references and content to create a decent article, go ahead. Acalamari 11:17, 8 January 2015 (UTC)

Suggestions for unprotection[edit]

Hello, I have compiled a list of currently protected celebrity-related articles that may no longer need protection due to changing trends. Could you please take a look at each case and decide whether unprotection or downgrading to a pending changes system may be a safe course of action for these pages?

  • Carly Rae Jepsen - indefinitely protected since May 31st 2012. This singer has not released any singles receiving major radio airplay for approximately two years, and a song she released was extremely popular on the radio at the time this page was protected.
  • Usher (entertainer) - indefinitely protected since October 31st 2010. Was frequently played on the radio at the time of protection and not heard on chart radio often at present; unprotection could work.
  • Soulja Boy - indefinitely protected from anonymous edits since August 13th 2007, and is also move protected. The move protection should stay, however the edit protection was placed in response to vandalism triggered by Internet and radio popularity which has since died down, so removing this protection may be worth a try.

Thank you for taking the time to review these suggestions, (talk) 13:51, 9 January 2015 (UTC)


Hi! Since you've been getting other messages lately, I just wanted to tell you that my discussion on the "Wonder Pets!" needed move is still in need of address (sorry to bother you!) I know you're probably busy, but I just wanted to make sure the follow-ups to the message were looked at. Squiddaddy (talk) 23:31, 9 January 2015 (UTC)

Hi Squiddaddy, I haven't been ignoring you; as you say, I have been busy. At any rate, I was about to complete the move when I checked the talk page and noticed this discussion. As the result of that discussion was "no consensus", it would be highly inappropriate for me to move the page without a new discussion. Acalamari 03:43, 10 January 2015 (UTC)
I see. I've added a new discussion (I didn't know to check the talk page in the first place, I thought that correcting the title was a given necessity). It is still unfair for other shows with the exclamation mark in their titles to have it and not this one, so why not? Thanks for all your help! (It would be great if you'd comment on the discussion, located here: Talk:Wonder Pets#Requested move 2). Squiddaddy (talk) 19:25, 10 January 2015 (UTC)

A discussion on the Linux distribution talk page[edit]

Hello! There's a somewhat lengthy content-related discussion in Talk:Linux distribution § Information on GNU/Linux that would really need input from more editors. It's about an ongoing disagreement on how should a Linux distribution be described, required level of coverage by references, and partially about the way article's lead section should reflect the article content. If you could provide any input there, I'd really appreciate it! — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 02:56, 15 January 2015 (UTC)

Hi Dsimic, I haven't been ignoring your message; I saw it after you posted it but accidentally forgot about it. I am really sorry about this. Unfortunately, I don't feel I know enough about the subject to be of any help. Acalamari 12:37, 25 January 2015 (UTC)
No worries! Fortunately, the dispute has been already resolved with a whole lot of help from other editors. However, I'd say that the whole thing showed weaknesses in Wikipedia's "formal" dispute resolving mechanisms. For example, I wasn't aware that a request for a third opinion can be pretty much "sabotaged" by simply refusing to provide a viewpoint summary. With that in mind, it seems to me that uncooperative, stubborn or ignorant editors have quite a lot of wiggle room, so to speak. — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 12:48, 25 January 2015 (UTC)

Logging admin actions[edit]

As long as we were talking on the other page - I have a question. As a new admin I would like to know if there is some option I can choose to log my admin actions? Thanks. --MelanieN (talk) 23:33, 22 January 2015 (UTC)

Hi MelanieN, to my knowledge, the only place where your admin logs are stored is Special:Log/MelanieN (which can also be split, see your blocks, deletions and protections). I'm not aware of any automated feature that adds your actions to a user subpage. Acalamari 23:46, 22 January 2015 (UTC)
OK, thanks. I thought I had seen one at other people's pages. --MelanieN (talk) 01:15, 23 January 2015 (UTC)
(talk page stalker) @MelanieN: Is something along the lines of {{adminstats}} what you were looking for? --Dylan620 (I'm all ears) 01:27, 23 January 2015 (UTC)
That's helpful - thanks, Dylan620! --MelanieN (talk) 04:52, 23 January 2015 (UTC)
No prob! :) --Dylan620 (I'm all ears) 06:03, 23 January 2015 (UTC)
Dylan620, thanks for suggesting the adminstats pages. MelanieN, sorry about that; the adminstats pages completely slipped my mind last night. I was thinking of the CSD logs that some people keep. Acalamari 09:19, 23 January 2015 (UTC)
Anytime. --Dylan620 (I'm all ears) 05:25, 24 January 2015 (UTC)
That's actually what I wondering about - a log similar to the CSD and PROD logs that Twinkle generates. But I guess the closest thing to that is the special:log function that you suggested - while the adminstat tool can give a cumulative total. That will be useful in answering a question that I once saw from an admin who specializes in speedy deletes: "How much blood is on my hands?" --MelanieN (talk) 15:00, 23 January 2015 (UTC)


Yogo2783 Close crop.JPG
This user has been identified as an Awesome Wikipedian, first on 11 June 2007.

I'm not really sure how to do this "precious" thing - but I think you're an amazing wikipedian. — I hope someone can fix this to make it look right. — Ched :  ?  02:13, 31 January 2015 (UTC)

  • Hi Ched, thank you! I think I've managed to fix it...sort of. :P Thanks so much! Acalamari 10:46, 1 February 2015 (UTC)
I had a couple coding classes (BASIC, C++, Fortran, Pascal, etc.) back in the day, but never did quite get all the parsing stuff in wiki-templates. Long ago I was working on a few, but kind of lost interest. — Ched :  ?  11:52, 1 February 2015 (UTC)

Spice Girls page protection?[edit]

Hi Acalamari. Seems to be a frequent target for vandalism. Page protection?--Carlos Rojas77 (talk) 14:56, 3 February 2015 (UTC)

Hi Carlos Rojas77, you're right; in fact, I've already protected the page. :) Acalamari 14:59, 3 February 2015 (UTC)

File help[edit]

Hello, I recently uploaded File:TonyBennettLadyGagapng.jpg but would like to rename it so it doesn't have "png" in the title. Can you please rename it or tell me how I could do so myself? Snuggums (talk / edits) 17:04, 3 February 2015 (UTC)

Fixed. :) Acalamari 17:09, 3 February 2015 (UTC)
Thank you :D! Snuggums (talk / edits) 17:12, 3 February 2015 (UTC)

User: Da big steve 3220[edit]

Hello Acalamari, Could I please bring to your attention the activities of the above user on various crime articles, especially Zodiac Killer. This editor keeps adding unsourced additions and in spite of requests from several editors does not give any reason for their actions, just edit warring by restoring, without reason their "edits". Could I leave this with you for action please? Regards, David, David J Johnson (talk) 21:18, 5 February 2015 (UTC)

Blocked for 31 hours for disruptive editing. Acalamari 21:24, 5 February 2015 (UTC)
Thank you for your help. Regards, David, David J Johnson (talk) 21:25, 5 February 2015 (UTC)

Living for Love[edit]

Acalamari can you please help me in understanding an admin's actions in fully protecting the above article here? I had asked for semi-protection for the recent usual bout of fanboys changing chart peaks and all, but this admin gave the reason as WP:EW when there has been none. The article was under expansion and I lost all of it due to his untimely protection also and that too till 20th February, which completely seems unjust. —Indian:BIO [ ChitChat ] 17:26, 6 February 2015 (UTC)

Hi IndianBio, it seems it's been resolved here; however, I should note that I did not receive your ping there. Acalamari 23:56, 6 February 2015 (UTC)
Hi Acalamari, thanks as always. However, it seems strange that you did not receive the ping. Do you know what happened? —Indian:BIO [ ChitChat ] 02:18, 7 February 2015 (UTC)
I don't know why I didn't receive the ping; I think the notification system has the occasional bug. Acalamari 12:18, 7 February 2015 (UTC)
(watching) Some don't know that a ping works only with a new signature, - you can't add it to previous message unless you sign again. --Gerda Arendt (talk) 15:53, 7 February 2015 (UTC)

Article clones[edit]

This may seem like an odd question, but I don't know any administrators so I got your name from the Wikipedia admin list. My question is this: How can you merge or even delete an article when there are three articles of the same person?

1.)Abdul Rauf Aliza
2.)Abdul Rauf (Taliban governor)
3.)Abdul Rauf (ISIS recruiter)

The last two articles should be deleted, as they have the least amount of content in them. How can I do this?? --Ritsaiph (talk) 05:47, 10 February 2015 (UTC)

Since the other two are repeats, you can just redirect them to the original article. Acalamari 15:19, 10 February 2015 (UTC)
But how can I do any of this? I only make edits, cite sources and upload images . I have no idea how to initiate a merge or what you just said. I'm Wiki-disabled. And now another damn article has been made in the past couple of days: Abdul Rauf (militant commander). Four articles on the same person. --Ritsaiph (talk) 14:13, 12 February 2015 (UTC)
(talk page stalker) First I verified that they are all about the same person; they are. (This is a very common name, see Abdur Rauf which is a disambiguation page.) I then tagged the last three for speedy deletion as duplicates of existing articles (WP:A10). All four were created by different people - established editors, not socks. Probably because he was in the news recently. Ritsaiph, thanks for calling this to our attention. If you see any more of these, you can just copy this tag at the top of the page: {{Db-a10|article=Abdul Rauf Aliza}} That will call it to someone's attention as an article that should probably be deleted. --MelanieN (talk) 15:28, 12 February 2015 (UTC)
It's now been claimed at Talk:Abdul Rauf (Taliban governor) that more than one person is represented here, and that the press have confused or conflated them. For now I have removed all the speedy tags until we can sort out who is who. --MelanieN (talk) 18:42, 12 February 2015 (UTC)
Thanks for helping to deal with this, MelanieN. Acalamari 16:42, 17 February 2015 (UTC)

Valentine Greets!!![edit]

Wikilove2 new.png Valentine Greets!!!

Hello Acalamari, love is the language of hearts and is the feeling that joins two souls and brings two hearts together in a bond. Taking love to the level of Wikipedia, spread the WikiLove by wishing each other Happy Valentine's Day, whether it be someone you have had disagreements with in the past, a good friend, or just some random person.
Sending you a heartfelt and warm love on the eve,
Happy editing,
 - T H (here I am) 12:00, 13 February 2015 (UTC)

Spread the love by adding {{subst:Valentine Greetings}} to other user talk pages.

  • Thank you, The Herald; I hope you had a good Valentine's Day. :) Acalamari 16:43, 17 February 2015 (UTC)

You've got mail![edit]

Hello, Acalamari. Please check your email – you've got mail!
Message added 02:57, 16 February 2015 (UTC). It may take a few minutes from the time the email is sent for it to show up in your inbox. You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{You've got mail}} or {{YGM}} template.

///EuroCarGT 02:57, 16 February 2015 (UTC)

Taking the 5th[edit]

Red flag, meet bull. :-) --SarekOfVulcan (talk) 14:04, 18 February 2015 (UTC)

:D Acalamari 17:06, 18 February 2015 (UTC)

Android Lollipop article[edit]

Hello! Could you, please, semi-protect the Android Lollipop article? Recently, the article experienced some persistent vandalism by a few IP addresses, which continually added a non-existing successor to the article's infobox. Reverting all those unproductive edits is quite tiresome, and all that also trashes the article history. Any help would be really appreciated! — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 05:11, 19 February 2015 (UTC)

Oh, and that persistent vandalism also seems to be extending into the Template:Android navbox. — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 07:54, 19 February 2015 (UTC)
I've semi-protected Android Lollipop but I don't think there's enough disruption on the template to justify protecting it at the moment. Acalamari 09:16, 19 February 2015 (UTC)
Thank you very much! I'll feel free to report back in case disruption on the Template:Android navbox ramps up. — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 21:35, 19 February 2015 (UTC)
... and yes, it ramped up. — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 22:47, 19 February 2015 (UTC)
Heh, that didn't take long; semi-protected for two weeks, like the article. Acalamari 23:44, 19 February 2015 (UTC)
Thank you very much! — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 02:34, 20 February 2015 (UTC)

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Could you, please, have a look at the recent history of Nexus 6 article? It might be justified to have it semi-protected for a week or so, as the same type of vandalism now seems to be taking place there. — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 06:13, 26 February 2015 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Done for two weeks. Acalamari 11:05, 26 February 2015 (UTC)

This is for my own future reference as much as anyone else's - the Android Milkshake guy is editing from and is quite quiet so I've blocked that temporarily given the number of articles this guy is editing. looks like it has a reasonable amount of productive and unrelated activity, so I've held off blocking that one for now, but that could be an option if the Nexus 6 level of disruption is repeated elsewhere.. – Steel 19:13, 26 February 2015 (UTC)

Thank you both! — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 00:07, 27 February 2015 (UTC)
Hi Steel, thanks for what you've done and it's good to see your name again. Dsimic, you're welcome! :) Acalamari 19:30, 27 February 2015 (UTC)

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Hello again! Could we, please, have the Rooting (Android OS) article semi-protected for two weeks or so? We're having persistent and rather frequent vandalisms in the last 30 days that just clog up the article history. — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 04:25, 19 April 2015 (UTC)

Hi Dsimic, after looking at the vandalism, I've semi-protected the article for a month. Acalamari 12:01, 19 April 2015 (UTC)
Thank you! — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 13:37, 19 April 2015 (UTC)

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Well, here's another one. :) How about semi-protecting the Programming language article, as we recently have more than a few reverted vandaliams that just keep clogging up the article history? — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 02:33, 25 April 2015 (UTC)

I've added pending changes to the article. I don't think that the vandalism is frequent enough to warrant semi-protection but since most edits are vandalism or reverts, pending changes seems appropriate. Acalamari 09:29, 25 April 2015 (UTC)
Totally agreed, thank you once again! — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 21:40, 26 April 2015 (UTC)

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── Here we go again. :) Could you, please, semi-protect the Android version history article, as there's an IP address thinking that Android 6.0 already exists, resulting in persistent additions of nonsensical content to the article? Thank you. — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 13:23, 15 May 2015 (UTC)

Semi-protected for six months. You know, I hope that the dessert name for the next version of Android will be something other than "Milkshake" or "Muffin" just to prove this troll wrong! Acalamari 20:01, 15 May 2015 (UTC)
Thank you very much! The time will tell what the soon-to-be-announced Android M will actually be codenamed, but it surely won't be using car engines to provide some kind of an offline GPS service. :) — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 20:20, 15 May 2015 (UTC)

──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── And, here's one more frequently vandalized article, Rooting (Android OS). Any help would be appreciated! — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 20:07, 24 May 2015 (UTC)

Semi-protected for three months. Thanks for letting me know. :) Acalamari 20:47, 24 May 2015 (UTC)
Thank you for doing it so quickly! :) — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 20:55, 24 May 2015 (UTC)


Could you process this request the user has had a time with their request and I'm sure they will be relieved when it's done (I linked you to the first one :P ) Thanx a bunch, Mlpearc (open channel) 05:21, 22 February 2015 (UTC)

Whoops! Sorry, Mlpearc, I completely missed your post! :( I'm really sorry about that; I only noticed it after seeing SNUGGUMS' message below. It looks as though the request has been handled now because I'm linked to the whole page rather than the section when I click on your link. Again, I'm sorry for missing your note! Acalamari 10:52, 24 February 2015 (UTC)
No problem, I think Xeno processed the request. All's good :) Mlpearc (open channel) 16:45, 24 February 2015 (UTC)

Mail for you[edit]

Hello, Acalamari. Please check your email – you've got mail!
Message added 04:54, 24 February 2015 (UTC). It may take a few minutes from the time the email is sent for it to show up in your inbox. You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{You've got mail}} or {{YGM}} template.

Snuggums (talk / edits) 04:54, 24 February 2015 (UTC)

Hi SNUGGUMS, I've replied. Thanks. Acalamari 10:52, 24 February 2015 (UTC)
And so have I. Snuggums (talk / edits) 16:38, 24 February 2015 (UTC)


Can you help me in becoming a admin on Wikipedia? Also, can you go over my edits and tell me if I am fit to be a admin? Also, can you tell me some problems I might have in my admin process if I were to be a admin?Doorknob747 01:00, 5 March 2015 (UTC)

Hi Doorknob747, unfortunately, according to the edit counter, you have fewer than 1,000 edits. While the number of edits isn't everything, to stand a chance of passing a request for adminship you probably need a minimum of around 5,000; beyond that, you'll need experience with reporting vandals, requesting page protections and possibly commenting on deletion discussions. You'll also need a substantial amount of work done to articles, as many people will oppose adminship candidates who do not have much content work. I hope this helps. Best. Acalamari 11:34, 7 March 2015 (UTC)

Suspended admin still listed[edit]

Seems that you suspended User:BrendelSignature from admin status some time ago for inactivity. But the userpage & admin listing still shows the name and admin icon. Thanks. – S. Rich (talk) 16:52, 18 March 2015 (UTC)

Done. Acalamari 18:36, 18 March 2015 (UTC)

Joss Stone discography[edit]

Would you mind semi-protecting Joss Stone discography? An IP hopper has restored poorly formatted, poorly sourced versions of the page four times for the past two months. SN▲PSN▲P 22:54, 22 March 2015 (UTC)

I think there hasn't been enough disruption for semi-proteciton but I have applied pending changes to the article. Acalamari 23:58, 22 March 2015 (UTC)

Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Jakec[edit]

Hi Acalamari, you protected the page Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Jakec against IP editors and trolls, but I think you accidentally added template editor protection, because currently only template editors and admins can edit this page. Can you consider lowering the protection level to let autoconfirmed users edit? Thanks in advance. Epic Genius (talk) 14:45, 24 March 2015 (UTC)

Hi Epicgenius, yes, that was an accident. I've changed it to semi-protection. Thanks for letting me know. Acalamari 14:49, 24 March 2015 (UTC)
Yeah I shouldve noticed something was up too, when I went to edit and the editbox was red, but it just didnt occur to me. Soap 15:54, 24 March 2015 (UTC)
No worries, Soap; you didn't do anything wrong by not noticing. The only person at fault was me. :) Acalamari 16:06, 24 March 2015 (UTC)

Next meetups in North England[edit]

Hello. Would you be interested in attending one of the next wikimeets in the north of England? They will take place in:

If you can make them, please sign up on the relevant wikimeet page!

If you want to receive future notifications about these wikimeets, then please add your name to the notification list (or remove it if you're already on the list and you don't want to receive future notifications!)

Thanks. Mike Peel (talk) 20:27, 28 March 2015 (UTC)

Hi Mike Peel, thanks for the notification. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the next Manchester meetup but I will add my name to the notification list. Hope to see you and everyone else again at another meetup! :) Acalamari 16:49, 31 March 2015 (UTC)

Talk back[edit]

Nuvola apps edu languages.svg
Hello, Acalamari. You have new messages at User talk:The Herald/Talkback.
Message added 05:28, 1 April 2015 (UTC). You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{Talkback}} or {{Tb}} template.

Please delete my images[edit]

Kindly delete the images of mine ; the one which created on 15:27, 9 April 2015 and other on 03:10, 23 November 2014. Sorry for Interrupting you,i am User:Akshay Das UTW.4:01 pm,09 April 2015 (UTC).

(talk page watcher) @Akshay Das UTW: Looking through your upload log none of the uploads were done at 15:27 on 9 April or 23, November. Please provide a link to the ones you want deleted or you can add {{db-author}} to the files, this will tag them for deletion. Cheers, Mlpearc (open channel) 16:37, 9 April 2015 (UTC)

This is the link towards that image Please delete everyrhing[4] — Preceding unsigned comment added by Akshay Das UTW (talkcontribs) 06:58, 10 April 2015 (UTC) and sorry for the interruption.

Hey Acalamari![edit]

I hope everything's going good! I need a admin help with this problematic IP User talk: (check his last edit also: you moron check the pages (rs discograpy and Nightingale demi lovato song) you removed neccecary info because of your incompetence - also personal attack). He keeps adding a promo single infobox for the Tinashe remix of "Jealous" when in fact that's not a promo. As you are aware promo singles are free, and the remix is not, thus it's just an extension of the original song. Also there is no a source calling it promo. He also adds the Twitter Real Time Songs which is not needed when the song charted high on the other Billboard charts. Thanks in advance. — Tomíca(T2ME) 20:19, 9 April 2015 (UTC)

Hi Tomica, the IP hasn't edited for several hours now and you have warned them; I won't revert the IP but if you do again and the IP reverts you again, please let me know. Acalamari 09:46, 10 April 2015 (UTC)
Well he was the last to revert me. I didn't want to edit war further cause obviously he doesn't want to listen to me and went to call me a moron. Anyways I am gonna revert to my version again. — Tomíca(T2ME) 09:48, 10 April 2015 (UTC)
There, he/she doesn't want to learn. — Tomíca(T2ME) 10:18, 10 April 2015 (UTC)
I'm surprised at how fast they reverted you. Blocked for 48 hours, especially after their edit summaries. Acalamari 10:24, 10 April 2015 (UTC)
Haha, they probably slept on their keyboard. Thank you :) — Tomíca(T2ME) 10:29, 10 April 2015 (UTC)

I believe my Article was notable enough this time[edit]

Hello. I believe my Article was notable enough this time however it is deleted without giving me any satisfactory explanation. The procedure i have followed: Make draft, join chat and spend 1 whole day to edit and compose excellent article based on suggestion and edits by experts at the chat, submit draft, draft accepted, draft reviewed and edited by WikiProject_Video_games editor and completely published. Then i ask chat again about isn’t this too much edit? then primefac opens speedy delete then it is deleted without giving me any explanation in matter of minutes. If you check the issue i appreciate ty very much : . And there were not any discussion it was deleted immediately. One more notice: I checked same genre games articles and majority of them have way more less authority references and even some have 0 references. Thank you very much for your help. OnlineGamesExpert (talk) 12:41, 11 April 2015 (UTC)

Just a note in the interest of transparency: nearly a dozen editors, administrators included, have explained all of this to him at great length. Quinto Simmaco (talk) 12:26, 11 April 2015 (UTC)
Just a reply to Quinto Simmaco no one explained me why my article deleted immediately without any debate after it has been excellently writtenOnlineGamesExpert (talk) 12:41, 11 April 2015 (UTC)
...We discussed this with you, both before and after deletion, for a couple of hours in IRC. You've also received replies from the administrator who deleted your page (who was also in the channel), and I would imagine you've also heard from a few of those 20+ administrators you've now canvassed. The article has now been deleted four times, SALTed, and this is becoming disruptive. You were cautioned about trying the community's patience on this issue, in addition to having nearly every aspect of this process discussed with you, at length, in real time; saying that this wasn't the case is disingenuous. We understand that you're upset, and we do sympathise. But honestly, given your edit history under both of your usernames, I'm not entirely convinced you're here to build an encyclopedia, beyond promoting your game. I'd advise that you edit other articles where you do not have a COI, and contribute constructively, if you indeed are here to do so. Quinto Simmaco (talk) 13:03, 11 April 2015 (UTC)
Nevermind. Point has been rendered moot by an indefinite block of the user.
Apologies for this interruption on your talk page, especially regarding an issue with which you weren't involved, but simply canvassed regarding. Hopefully there's no sockhunt to follow, but I would be extremely surprised if that didn't happen. Have a good day, Acalamari. :) Quinto Simmaco (talk) 13:17, 11 April 2015 (UTC)
Hi Quinto Simmaco, it was fine, no worries; thanks for answering them for me. Hope you have a good day, too. :) Acalamari 17:13, 11 April 2015 (UTC)


Please check your inbox. Snuggums (talk / edits) 18:23, 13 April 2015 (UTC)

You've got mail[edit]

Hello, Acalamari. Please check your email – you've got mail!
It may take a few minutes from the time the email is sent for it to show up in your inbox. You can remove this notice at any time by removing the {{You've got mail}} or {{YGM}} template.

--Anthony Bradbury"talk" 21:18, 15 April 2015 (UTC)

  • Hi Anthony Bradbury, I've seen your e-mail; I'll have to think about your question for a day or two before I answer. Thanks. Acalamari 23:52, 15 April 2015 (UTC)
    • Don't agonise over it; it was a serious question but the issue is not life-threatening!--Anthony Bradbury"talk" 11:29, 16 April 2015 (UTC)

Hey :)[edit]

I saw your talk page header stating you're busy so don't worry too much about this but if you get the chance, could you remove the move=sysop from Joseph McManners? I'd appreciate it, thanks — BranStark (talk) 15:00, 22 April 2015 (UTC)

Hi BranStark, done! :) Acalamari 18:00, 22 April 2015 (UTC)
Thanks! — BranStark (talk) 10:42, 23 April 2015 (UTC)

A beer for you![edit]

Export hell seidel steiner.png Many thanks for removing vandalism from my talk page. Enjoy!! Denisarona (talk) 09:37, 5 May 2015 (UTC)

Talk Page[edit]

Hi There

Could you please comment on the issue I raised regarding a section on Aguilera's talk page. Your input would be much appreciated:)

CJBXT720 (talk) 11:24, 12 May 2015 (UTC)

Hi CJBXT720, sorry for not replying to this until now. I'm happy with whatever improvements you'd like to make to the article; I haven't edited it much in recent months - I haven't even performed many small edits. Acalamari 22:09, 27 May 2015 (UTC)

Merge history request[edit]

Sorry to bug you, but as an administrator, would you mind merging the histories on this page? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Ageofultron (talkcontribs) 18:59, 19 May 2015 (UTC)

Hi Ageofultron, sorry for not replying to this earlier. Looks as though it was sorted out by Anthony Appleyard. Acalamari 22:04, 27 May 2015 (UTC)

Article title[edit]

Hey Acalamari, I came here to ask you for a favor. Can you put the Repentless article title in italics? It is the one bellow "talk", not in the opening sentence.--Retrohead (talk) 22:20, 24 May 2015 (UTC)

Hi Retrohead, looks as though Dsimic did it for you. :) Acalamari 13:07, 25 May 2015 (UTC)
(talk page stalker) Right, saw the request here and went ahead with adding {{Italic title}} to the article. :) — Dsimic (talk | contribs) 17:04, 25 May 2015 (UTC)


I sent you an email. Thanks.--MONGO 18:50, 1 June 2015 (UTC)

Hi MONGO, I've responded. If you reply to me but I am slow to reply, it's because of my real-life workload over the next few days. Best. Acalamari 19:19, 1 June 2015 (UTC)

Revdel-related heads-up[edit]

Heads-up: The offending username is still visible in the edit itself. [5]. I suspect you meant to hide that from view as well. (If not, sorry for bothering you and feel free to ignore this message) AddWittyNameHere (talk) 22:40, 1 June 2015 (UTC)

Hi AddWittyNameHere, thanks for letting me know; I've hidden the revision text in addition to the edit summary. :) Acalamari 15:51, 2 June 2015 (UTC)
Thanks and you're welcome! It's pretty easy to miss such things—you're certainly not the first I've seen make that mistake. Or the last.
Then again, it feels like (and probably not incorrectly, either) I've spent a significant portion of the past 36h hunting down diffs that needed revdel or oversight, reverting them, check if replicated anywhere by a on-wiki report, rmv from the list asap, reporting the offending edits & the edits/summaries of reports that had offensive usernames in them, check them, report the missed stuff, alert to new stuff, revert (if no one else was faster, that is), report. As though things weren't busy enough troll/vandal-wise before the mess at the Caitlyn Jenner article's talkpage... Oh well. In cases like this, typo-fixing and correcting dab-links and such can wait another day, and that's just about the only other stuff I do with any frequency anyway. Oh, and rambling on folks' talkpages, as is evident. Face-tongue.svg AddWittyNameHere (talk) 17:09, 2 June 2015 (UTC)
Rambling is good. :) Good work with and thank you for your task of dealing with edits that need revdelling - it's a thankless job! Acalamari 17:30, 2 June 2015 (UTC)
Well, I don't mind rambling, but I know that not everyone has the patience for it. If you don't mind me rambling, I'll gladly ramble some more on your page. Face-tongue.svg
As to reporting edits that need to be revdelled—and fighting vandalism in general—being a thankless some degree, yes, but someone has to do it. Plus, in a fair few cases it has the net-positive of the trolls focusing on me next—something I consider much, much preferable over them hijacking central pages like ANI or bothering editors who can't really deal with it. Though of course for the moment they can't, since my userpage&talkpage are semi-protected for a bit. Unavoidable with the shit going down there yesterday, I'm afraid.
While I'm here anyway, could you keep half an eye on the Caitlyn Jenner talkpage every now and then? While the -trolling- is now mostly impossible due to the semi-protection (it certainly hasn't resurfaced yet, in any case, though the troll may simply be waiting for an account to get auto-confirmed), the mood there is starting to get decidedly unfriendly. Nothing quite severe enough to warrant admin action yet, I'd say—but enough that it would not at all surprise me if things go "boom" soon(ish). I suspect we'd all rather avoid a new Arbcom-case a la Chelsea Manning.AddWittyNameHere (talk) 18:40, 2 June 2015 (UTC)
Feel free to ramble away; it's fine here. :) I have watchlisted the Caitlyn Jenner article and am happy to look out for any trolling that might materialize.
Your user and talk pages are semi-protected...I remember the days when having that was actually a good thing, as it meant you were doing an excellent job at dealing with trolls and vandals. Maybe it's still that way, I don't know. Acalamari 18:30, 3 June 2015 (UTC)
Oh, it still means that, I think—I just really can't be bothered by whatever nonsense trolls and vandals have to say about me, so it's easier to have them hang out and be reverted-and-blocked quietly on my talk/user pages, than to have them hijack central and highly visible places. Less people who do care bothered by it and all that.
But yeah, I suppose if protection of my pages, vandalism to my pages and revdelling of edits to my pages is anything to go by, I'm an excellent vandal-fighter. /strikes arrogant pose. 10 revdelled edits, 9 other harassment/vandalism edits and semi-protection across both user and user-talk—and I've only been back for maybe a week and a half. Oh, and a spurious ANI-thread by a now-blocked sock. Yup, guess that I'm on a roll. Face-tongue.svg Or, as looks to be more correct in this case, I've been reverting a LTA-troll. (+random assortment of minor trolls and vandals. Saw you've been busy in that as well.) AddWittyNameHere (talk) 18:13, 5 June 2015 (UTC)

A beer for you![edit]

Export hell seidel steiner.png Many thanks for removing vandalism from my talk page - Enjoy!! Denisarona (talk) 10:20, 2 June 2015 (UTC)
You're welcome, Denisarona! :) Acalamari 15:53, 2 June 2015 (UTC)

Personal email[edit]

Just sent you a personal email. Regards, David, David J Johnson (talk) 00:09, 7 June 2015 (UTC)

Hi David, I popped in today just to close an RfA. If I don't look at this tonight I'll do so tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. Acalamari 20:32, 7 June 2015 (UTC)
Hello Acalamari, Luckily Acroterion intervened on this problem, which turned out to be a sockpuppet. I think we may still have trouble, as they keep switching from User name to different User name and also IP's. Will keep you advised of any developments. My best regards, David, David J Johnson (talk) 20:55, 7 June 2015 (UTC)

User:Angeline.cabarobias sockpuppets[edit]

A couple of weeks ago you indefinitely blocked User:Angeline.cabarobias and it looks like the user has used a couple of IP address to evade the block, User: and User: Aspects (talk) 06:03, 13 June 2015 (UTC)

Hi Aspects, I have blocked while is still blocked, so I've left that one for now. Thanks for letting me know and please feel free to inform me if new socks appear. Best. Acalamari 09:40, 13 June 2015 (UTC)
Looks like another IP sockpuppet has popped up, User: Aspects (talk) 01:27, 25 June 2015 (UTC)
Blocked. Thanks for letting me know. Acalamari 12:09, 25 June 2015 (UTC)

Good to see you too![edit]

Aaaaaaugh FlyingToaster 01:19, 19 June 2015 (UTC)

Per Holknekt[edit]

Please take a look at the article Per Holknekt that I have created. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.--BabbaQ (talk) 22:33, 20 June 2015 (UTC)


Oh, lovely. Thanks very much - I have much to do this weekend. And beyond... --Ser Amantio di NicolaoChe dicono a Signa?Lo dicono a Signa. 19:55, 26 June 2015 (UTC)

You're welcome, Ser Amantio di Nicolao; I'm happy to have closed your RfA. Have fun with your new tools. :) Acalamari 21:42, 26 June 2015 (UTC)

Workshopping bureaucrat activity requirements[edit]

(Message to all bureaucrats)

There is an ongoing discussion about implementing some kind of standards for administrative and bureaucrat activity levels; and activity requirements for bureaucrats have been explored several times in the past. I've prepared a draft addition to Wikipedia:Bureaucrats that would require at least one bureaucratic action every five years to retain the bureaucrat permission.

In the past, I've been hesitant of such proposals but I believe that if the bureaucrat group as a whole is seen to be actively engaged, the community may be more willing to grant additional tasks to the position.

Please let me know your thoughts. I'm not sure if this actually applies to any of us, but if you have not acted as a bureaucrat in over five years, you might consider requesting removal of the permission or otherwise signalling that you intend to return to bureaucrat activity. –xenotalk 14:22, 30 June 2015 (UTC)

Hi Xeno! Thanks for letting me know; I will read the proposal and comment soon. I would love it if the community did grant additional tasks to the bureaucrat usergroup given that we no longer have renames to perform but have lots of bureaucrats; still, I should meet those activity requirements easily, given how I've still been using the tools despite the relative scarcity of bureaucratic work available. :) Acalamari 15:52, 30 June 2015 (UTC)

8 years[edit]

Can you believe it's been this long since you became an admin? Happy anniversary bro :D! Snuggums (talk / edits) 17:39, 4 July 2015 (UTC)

Nicely done, mister. Kafka Liz (talk) 18:12, 4 July 2015 (UTC)
Thanks, SNUGGUMS and Kafka Liz. :) Wow...eight years - I actually do find it hard to believe I've been an administrator for this amount of time. I thought I'd probably have left Wikipedia long before now but no, I'm still here; many of my friends from 2007 rarely or no longer edit but I'm certainly glad and think it's great that both of you are here. :) Acalamari 22:28, 4 July 2015 (UTC)

Madonna in popular culture[edit]

Acalamari, would it be possible for you to delete the above PROD expired article? Thanks and congrats on completing 8 years on Wikipedia, so much to learn from you. —Indian:BIO [ ChitChat ] 03:35, 5 July 2015 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Done. Thanks for recognition, too. :) Acalamari 13:28, 5 July 2015 (UTC)

user:Rich Farmborough[edit]

I know it's too late; I missed the RfA. But if you are involved in the decision, and if it makes any difference, I would have !voted support. He is in some ways a difficult character, but is unarguably a net positive in the admin corps.--Anthony Bradbury"talk" 22:28, 5 July 2015 (UTC)

Hi Tony, unfortunately, at this point no new supports are accepted, same with any new oppose votes. As for my being involved in the decision, this is a rare RfA where I've had to recuse because I've voted in the candidacy. Acalamari 22:52, 5 July 2015 (UTC)

Chicago area IPs plus one Michigan[edit]

I know you are keeping an eye on Sheryl Crow articles, so you may be interested in an odd connection I have found. This Chicago-based IP appears to be static:

It appears to be connected to another static IP from Michigan:

The connection is shown by using the intertwined edit tool:

Looks like someone commutes, and contributes in both locations. The two IPs have been blocked a total of three times. They also both contribute to Simple Wikipedia,[6][7] which is somewhat unusual.

I don't expect you to act upon this information right away, but it's something to keep in mind while watching the various song and album articles, especially since both IPs have been given Level 4 warnings in the last few days. Best wishes – Binksternet (talk) 19:41, 6 July 2015 (UTC)

Hi Binksternet, thanks for this update; I'll be sure to review it and keep it in mind whenever the likes of Sheryl Crow and similar articles are subject to this. As if the other trolls weren't enough! Acalamari 00:13, 7 July 2015 (UTC)

Bureaucrat discussion notification[edit]

Wikipedia:Requests for adminship/Cyberpower678/Bureaucrat discussion

I would welcome input from other bureaucrats in relation to the outcome of this RfA.
Many thanks, MediaWiki message delivery (talk) for WJBscribe (talk) 11:10, 10 July 2015 (UTC)

Hi WJBscribe, just noting that I have seen the bureaucrat chat and your message here; I've been reading the RfA over the week and over the day. I'll try to have my input in before I go to bed later. Acalamari 17:01, 10 July 2015 (UTC)

My RfA[edit]

Homemade chocolate chip cookies, fresh out of the oven, November 2009.jpg
Pavlov's RfA reward

Thank for !voting at my recent RfA. You voted Support so you get a whopping three cookies, fresh from the oven!
All the best: Rich Farmbrough, 18:50, 16 July 2015 (UTC).

  • Hi Rich, you're very welcome; I'm happy to have supported. I hope you'll run again at some point and I can support for a second time. Hope I'll see you at another meetup, too! :) Acalamari 19:00, 19 July 2015 (UTC)

Nelly Furtado is Portuguese-Canadian, and not Canadian.[edit]

Check this video in english: @01:25, Nelly is asked: «You are not spanish, right?». And then, the answer: «No. I'm actually PORTUGUESE-CANADIAN....» Not a fansite, not a blog: the truth from her own mouth. There's a lot more videos on Youtube in portuguese and spanish, where Nelly say she is Portuguese, but I think this one is enough to prove that the sentence «Nelly Furtado is Canadian» is very wrong. Blockmaker00 (talk) 21:12, 23 July 2015 (UTC)

(talk page stalker)Unless they are particularly active in their ethnic community, it is generally considered inappropriate to put this kind of information in the lede. Your idea that a Portuguese-Canadian is not a Canadian is peculiar and racist; not more than a handful of the most extreme Tories would agree with you. --Orange Mike | Talk 01:12, 24 July 2015 (UTC)
Way to soapbox, assume bad faith and straw man, all while posturing as being helpful. GraniteSand (talk) 01:29, 24 July 2015 (UTC)
? How else am I to interpret a flat statement that she is "not Canadian"? Is Michael Chong, being both Chinese-Canadian and Dutch-Canadian, "not Canadian"? Is Leslie Nielsen, being Danish-Canadian, "not Canadian"? --Orange Mike | Talk 02:05, 24 July 2015 (UTC)
You could exercise some due diligence before calling a stranger a peculiar racist. The editor is just trying to establish that's she holds Portuguese citizenship. GraniteSand (talk) 04:35, 24 July 2015 (UTC)
Dear Orangemike, I never said that she is not Canadian. I said that she is not ONLY Canadian, but ALSO Portuguese. There's a big difference. She is Portuguese-Canadian. Call me racist if you want, but that don't change the fact that Nelly's wiki page is WRONG. Ahhh, and let me tell you that you made me laugh with your "Unless they are particularly active in their ethnic community, it is generally considered inappropriate to put this kind of information in the lede". Okay, now we know that people must be particularly active in their ethnic community to get their citizenship recognized... GraniteSand, thank you very much for your good faith! Blockmaker00 (talk) 15:33, 25 July 2015 (UTC)
1. No, actually, in the subject header you explicitly used the words "not Canadian".
2. If she retains dual citizenship, then that's significant in her life. We do not say that Isaac Asimov was a "Russian-born American" or a "Russian American"; we say he was an American. He had only the one citizenship. --Orange Mike | Talk 23:14, 25 July 2015 (UTC)
Orangemike, in the subject I said "Nelly Furtado is Portuguese-CANADIAN, and not Canadian". As I explained, there's a big difference. If I was saying that she is not Canadian, I would have said: "Nelly Furtado is Portuguese and not Canadian". Nelly has the two citizenships and she said it lots of times in interviews. Watch the video on Youtube and you will hear Nelly say: "No. I'm actually PORTUGUESE-CANADIAN." End of story. You can try to find all the arguments you want to deny it (Asimov or whatever), but the fact is that she knows better than you what she is. Blockmaker00 (talk) 08:50, 27 July 2015 (UTC)

Community & Bureaucrat based desysoping proposal[edit]

A discussion is taking place regarding a proposal to create a community and bureaucrat based desysoping committee. The proposal would modify the position of bureaucrat. Your input is encouraged. Please see Wikipedia:Administrators/RfC for BARC - a community desysoping process. Thank you, --Hammersoft (talk) 19:55, 28 July 2015 (UTC)

Hi Hammersoft, thanks for the note. Xeno made me aware of the discussion but I haven't yet decided what my opinion is on the subject; I'm even more unsure what to think after Xeno pointed this out about my own bureaucratic work! :P :D Acalamari 20:37, 28 July 2015 (UTC)
  • Busy little beaver :) --Hammersoft (talk) 21:08, 28 July 2015 (UTC)

Wow Face-smile.svg[edit]

Just reverted a huge edit form here. I don't normally do that on other folk's talk pages but this made yours almost impossible to load. Someone seems to dislike you to the tune of almost 2MB. Good lord. Fiddle Faddle 09:50, 29 July 2015 (UTC)

Hi Timtrent, thanks for the revert. :) Heh, I wonder what I did for that person to drop by and leave that friendly note on my talk page. ;) Speaking of talk pages becoming impossible to load, I ought to archive mine - it's long! Acalamari 12:03, 29 July 2015 (UTC)

Talkpage edit block for abusive user[edit]

Hi Acalamari, you blocked User:Early Morning Hardon back in March, and based on this I'm wondering whether they should perhaps also be blocked from editing their talk page? Cheers, --bonadea contributions talk 20:47, 29 July 2015 (UTC)

Hi Bonadea, yep, no good will come from allowing them to continue editing their talk page; as such, I've blocked talk page access. Thanks for reporting this. :) Acalamari 20:51, 29 July 2015 (UTC)