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Humm, how do you know that they're not real? I can tell you that I've experienced this and have witnesses as well as *evidence* of the kind that could be used in court. The case is being investigated right now and they are stonewalling. I just think that if deniers would like to deny the existence of something there should be some substantiation. Before I knew I was a target, I might have been on the denier side but I would have looked for evidence that it didn't exist before making claims about it.

When I see the OS/EH etc. cases fully investigated and dismissed, I'll believe that I'm the only person in the country with this problem. But that hasn't happened. I don't know of any case that has been fully investigated.

In terms of arm chair psychology, one could just as easily diagnose the deniers. Their inability to look at evidence, their inability to accept even evidence that conforms to their own specifications of what constitutes evidence is a blatant denial of reality stemming from the fact that they are unable to leave their comfort zones. I'm critical of studies that would judge all persons with OS/EH problems without investigating them, or would assume that every kook or disinformation agent on the internet with this problem represents us. I happen to be an academic, and am familiar with the construction of empirical arguments and I'm saying that there is no evidence that this problem doesn't exist just because you don't believe in it.

With regard to Illuminati etc., one could dismiss some of the conspiracy theories by stating that Nelson Rockefeller and Donald Rumsfeld had a contentious relationship (this is documented) and it would be unlikely that they are both part of the so-called Illuminati etc. There are a lot of ways to debunk things.

You could even say that OS/EH/Mind Control is a conspiracy theory but then to say it's not real without citing evidence beyond a not-well-accepted source of armchair psychology, you can't really debunk it. I'm not trying to be argumentative - I'm just saying your article could be improved.

I guess my main point was to say that I have this problem and do not want to be "lumped" into the other "conspiracy theories." It seems very imprecise to cite a study that is not that professional and to presume that all the persons claiming to have the problem are necessarily subscribing to other conspiracy theories. Those of us with this problem have to work backwards... clearly I have this problem - now who could be generating it, what could it be - and from there I see that DEWs are not as "exotic" as one might think, that the stonewalling in the justice system might be related to the fact that there is an Intel or MIC connection, find out where the tactics used come from (which led me to military and intelligence manuals - after I had already noted the tactics) etc. but don't necessarily lead to the conclusion that the New World Order and their reptilian Illuminati are going to take over the world through their masonic footmen.