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hello world
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Page titles[edit]

Hey, great job on the new pages; when you create one that needs a parenthesis, leave a space between the title and the description, like 'Process (philosophy)' instead of 'Process(philosophy)'. Thanks! ~ PseudoSudo 14:49, 14 April 2006 (UTC)

Social entrepreneurship edit[edit]

Hi Amolshah. I've just reverted your edit to social entrepreneurship because it looked as though you were publishing your own research on Wikipedia (which falls foul of our WP:OR and possibly our WP:NPOV policies. If this isn't the case, perhaps you could explain what you were trying to do and I'll try and help out. -- SiobhanHansa 18:55, 30 September 2007 (UTC)

Hi Amolash. I'm not entirely clear on what you mean. If you're looking to publish your organization's recent research and conclusion you should do that on your own site or submit papers to journals etc., you may find one of the other Wikimedia Foundation projects to be appropriate (I don't know any of them that well so I can't really be sure). If you just want to list out definitions that you have found elsewhere, I'm not sure that that's particularly encyclopedic - we'd normally look to summarize the definitions that were most accepted. If those definitions are well sourced (i.e. you have taken them from notable texts on social entrepreneurship, or they are quotes from people considered experts in the subject), they may be appropriate for paraphrasing or for some other use in the article to increase reader understanding.
But it may be that you can achieve what you're looking for without simply listing out the definitions - the article itself is supposed to provide a broad overview of the subject as it is understood by experts in the field. If your desire to add definitions is actually about expanding the article to cover a broader understanding than it currently does, and the research you've done can be well cited, you may be able to expand the article in a more encyclopedic fashion.
Like I say I'm a little vague on what you want exactly. So if this just leaves you more confused perhaps you could give me a specific example and I may be able to provide better advice. -- SiobhanHansa 20:27, 1 October 2007 (UTC)