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Is the list of buses going back to the beginning necessary? It is already on the Chicago Transit and Railfan site, and appears to violate Wikipedia:Trivia. The same can be said for the list of buses in Chicago Surface Lines, which was primarily a trolley operation. Also, you aren't posting references to verifiable sources (see Wikipedia:Attribution). Busjack 14:40, 6 March 2007 (UTC)

CTA fleet listing[edit]

Well, whether you call a fleet listing "trivia" I suppose depends on how you look at it. If you are just a "man on the street", I agree, it makes no difference to you. But then, by the same token, it probably makes no difference to that person either that Citibank started out as New York City Bank many years ago.

As for where this data came from, the specific sources are CTA "property cards" that were located at Records Management at West Shops that I copied circa 1995. In addition, I located and copied Property Accounting Dept records that had specific delivery and disposition data from 1947 thru current. Addistional data came from Illinois Secretary of State "wheel books" (actually now microfilmed) which show license and serial (VIN) numbers for all vehicles registered in Illinois in each year since 1919. I have been doing this research on CTA, CMC, CSL, and additional suburban bus companies since circa 1972.

Now, I am not sure how this can be properly cited, as this is not "published material" but in fact original records from the time we are talking about.

It is then original historical research and not within the scope of Wikipedia. I suggest you read Wikipedia:Notability. By the way, I really doubt that there is any general interest in buses that are theoretically 60 to 70 years old that were scrapped 45 to 60 years ago. The background of CTA may be important, an archive its old property records is not. Again, I suggest you read Wikipedia:Trivia. My similar comment with regard to CSL is that while its history and background may be of interest (and independent sources are cited), a detailed rundown of its small bus fleet (compared to its streetcars) is not, and there is certainly no justification for putting information about the same equipment in both articles. Finally, an article is not a scratch pad for your future work ("more will be added soon"). Busjack 14:34, 7 March 2007 (UTC)

That's fine. I will never darken this doorstep again.

Market-Frankford Ferry Branch[edit]

Seeing as how you got the added dates for Ferry Branch history and specific date of new Spring Garden stop from Cox's "Philadelphia Transit Routes", could you please add the appropriate References for the material in question? You've already got the source, just connect the dots. I'd do it myself, but i don't actually own the book. Thanks! Hiroe (talk) 21:54, 27 December 2009 (UTC)