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David, below is a list of things you may find helpful. --YДмΔќʃʀï→ГC← 10-23-2007 • 00:22:12

  1. Category:Catholicism
  2. WikiProject:Religion
  3. WP:VF
  4. WP:UW
  5. WP:AfD
  6. WikiProject:Christianity
  7. Do not edit in your userspace for two months
  8. After two months, make one and only one edit to your userspace per 50 edits, and do not edit it twice in a month.
  9. Do not leave a talk message unless neccessary
  10. Make as many good quality edits as possible to the mainspace
  11. Download WP:VF, and use it for an hour a day
  12. Consider doing something I'll never do - getting an account on MySpace
  13. If you've got 10 + friends call them and talk with them about whatever for 5 hours, like me. It reduces your dependancy on Wikipedia
  14. Pick up a hobby, and when you learn something about it, if it's not original research, and we don't have it already, type about it. My hobby is JavaScript and HTML/XHTML plus other computer stuff.
  15. See that link on interaction on the side of the page called Recent Changes? Get Firefox, install WP:TWINKLE, and click on it 10 times a minute.
  16. Comment on WP:XfD, WP:RfA, and use the links on my page to find others
  17. Click Random article on Navigation, and click until you find something incomplete that interests you, then add tags neccessary, and do a google search.
  18. Get your friends over for a editing party, and see who can get the most mainspace edits (NOT VANDALIZING, but of course you know that).
  19. Get a WP:ADOPT helper.
  20. Looking at your RfC may help.
  21. MABEY start a WP:ER for yourself
  22. WP:PR No, not Public Relations, Peer Review

Expect the list to grow, and check often.

Suggestions from User:Maxim
  1. I suggest you tone down your userspace. You're allowed to blank most of your userpage. In fact, stick to the minimum. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Maxim (talkcontribs) 01:53, 23 October 2007 (UTC)
More suggestions from User:Yamakiri
  1. When editing your userspace, use the show preview button to test, and wait till you've changed at least 50 things on it before you save. You might even go so far as to put {{db-author}} on your pages
  2. Make a doppleganger for your userspace (I'm good with making accounts look like someone else's) and put the {{doppleganger}} tag on it, just do it covertly to avoid a scandal.
  3. Mabey when saying something to a user, you may sneek a request in eg. hey, and by the way, part x of my page is sloppy...
  4. Remember the golden 50:1 ratio of Mainspace:Userspace
  5. Get Firefox
  6. Though it's in my monobook, do not use the TW features unless you're confident you know how, even then before you are skilled, ask me or User:AzaToth (TW's maker) or someone else who has TW
  7. Learn HTML/Meta-Wiki markup (as if I hear you moan) just the lighter part of it eg <br /> or <b>

YДмΔќʃʀï→ГC← 10-24-2007 • 21:25:48

Markup Language

  1. Simple
    1. <b>bold</b>
    2. <em>emphasis (generaly italics)</em>
    3. <i>italics</i>
    4. <center>centered text</center>
    5. <table> begins a table
      1. <tr> begins a table row
        1. <td>table data</td>
      2. </tr> ends a table row
    6. </table> ends a table (for more look at your template thingy
  2. Harder, but meet W3C XHTML standards (forgot what they're called)
    1. Check out HTML/XHTML I reccomend the XHTML article for this but the HTML article first.
  3. Meta-Wiki's got some (accually a whole mountian of) markup things on it, eg the
{| class="wikitable"
! header 1
! header 2
! header 3
| row 1, cell 1
| row 1, cell 2
| row 1, cell 3
| row 2, cell 1
| row 2, cell 2
| row 2, cell 3

stuff. YДмΔќʃʀï→ГC← 10-26-2007 • 20:53:15