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Articles on Asha Bhosle[edit]

I Know that Asha Bhosle songs list refers to most of her songs. But Asha Bhosle filmography is totally different from that. Because Asha Bhosle filmography is a complete list of her movie names, whereas Asha Bhosle songs list is an incomplete list of her songs. She sang 12,000 songs and this article lists only 5,500 songs. But Asha Bhosle filmography lists 3,054 films out of 3,065 total. And one thing, if there have Kishore Kumar filmography and List of songs recorded by Kishore Kumar simultaneously, then why not for Asha Bhosle? and one thing, Asha Bhosle songs list lacks some song titles and even film names. And you first search on the net how many songs Asha Bhosle sang with Kishore Kumar and Mohammed Rafi. It will be 600+ with Kishore and 900+ with Rafi. So, Asha Bhosle pair's both articles are very important. They don't reflect on the solos that Asha, Kishore and Rafi separately sang. Duet is totally different from solos. It is associated with both the singers. Mayank Kapadia (talk) 09:37, 19 February 2015 (UTC) User

  • Strongly keep this I had written that article "List of Songs Recorded by Asha Bhosle". I feel that songs list and filmography is totally different and my list is a list of hindi songs, but that filmography includes all languages. Arif Shaikh — Preceding undated comment added 17:56, 20 February 2015 (UTC)

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I have opened the FAC for Enthiran. Feel free to leave comments. Face-smile.svgSsven2 Speak 2 me 04:44, 8 March 2015 (UTC)