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Sorry to read this[edit]

Hello, Baffle gab1978 -- I was sorry to read your farewell note. I hope you'll return occasionally to edit. It has been nice editing with you. Best regards,  – Corinne (talk) 04:10, 15 November 2016 (UTC)

+1 ---Another Believer (Talk) 23:55, 30 January 2017 (UTC)

Self-requested block[edit]

Indef block please, per WP:NOTHERE. Thanks, Baffle gab1978 (talk) 01:07, 27 November 2016 (UTC)

Not done Most administrators, myself included, do not issue self-requested blocks. If you're sure you'd like one, see Category:Wikipedia administrators willing to consider placing self-requested blocks. You could also consider the WikiBreak Enforcer. ~ Rob13Talk 08:29, 27 November 2016 (UTC)
I've blocked you with an explicit note that any request for unblock should be accepted. I have disabled all technical restrictions that would hinder or prevent you from editing anonymously or creating a new account. Nyttend (talk) 19:48, 27 November 2016 (UTC)
Thank you, Nyttend. :) Baffle gab1978 (talk) 23:14, 19 April 2017 (UTC)
Hell, you could've asked me. Hope to see you again here. All the best, Miniapolis 23:11, 27 November 2016 (UTC)

Cherry crashing into primordial Earth2.png

Baffle gab1978, thanks for your efforts over the years. Your work was great. Please come on back anytime. — Diannaa 🍁 (talk) 02:29, 28 November 2016 (UTC)

You know where to go (me or Diannaa, among others) when it's time to come back. Hope it'll be soon. Happy holidays and all the best, Miniapolis 14:44, 8 December 2016 (UTC)
Thanks both; I'm thinking about returning fairly soon. I hope you're both well. Cheers. Baffle gab1978 (talk) 23:14, 19 April 2017 (UTC)

Precious anniversary[edit]

A year ago ...
Cornflower blue Yogo sapphire.jpg
the soul of articles
... you were recipient
no. 1386 of Precious,
a prize of QAI!

--Gerda Arendt (talk) 05:00, 19 May 2017 (UTC)