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Hello, Baltimore Symphony Intern!

You have made an edit to the Marin Alsop Wikipedia page. Your username suggests that you have a personal/vested interest in this Wikipedia page. Wikipedia editors are normally discouraged from editing pages on topics they are personally/professionally involved in. The nature of your edit, however, suggests you may have special circumstances.

Your have removed an image from the Marin Alsop page, but have provided no explanation for the action. A common reason for such an action is intellectual property concerns. The Wikipedia/WikiMedia community at large is well aware of intellectual property laws, and also of the fact that some members of the community may not be aware of IP laws, or not treat them with appropriate seriousness. We work to remain in compliance with all applicable intellectual property laws.

We would appreciate a note indicating the reason for the image removal. If the reason had to do with image copyright, that is a perfectly valid reason. In this case, we would like to suggest to Maestro Alsop that she consider, if possible, releasing a suitable image under a Creative Commons license or under the GNU Free Documentation License, for use in Wikipedia and any derivatives.

[Disclaimer: I am a longtime, but only occasional, contributor to Wikipedia, and do not speak in any official capacity for Wikipedia or WikiMedia.] --Rschmertz (talk) 07:16, 16 March 2011 (UTC)