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Happy New Year![edit]

Hi BanyanTree, I hope you're keeping well. So, another year rolls by, and one new FA to my roster during 2013 (Paul Kagame). At this cracking rate I might have ten by 2020!

I'm in to the deep end now, and priorities for this year include Rwandan Revolution, Rwandan Civil War and Rwandan Genocide, topics I know you contributed a lot to back in the day.

All the best, and hope to see you around the Wiki, as and when time permits.....  — Amakuru (talk) 00:38, 7 January 2014 (UTC)

Happy New Year!
Good job on Rwandan Revolution! (Clearly I haven't been paying attention.) I must have spent three years telling myself I would throw up an article on that topic.
Hopefully I'll find myself some new books and be inspired to help out. Rwandan Genocide kicked my ass back in the day, and I may be too emotionally traumatized for that one though. ;) - BanyanTree 18:50, 7 January 2014 (UTC)
Hi, that would be great if you have some time to get involved! I've got a bit sidetracked from the Revolution article in the past couple of weeks, partly because the best work I've found on Google regarding the subject (Church and Revolution in Rwanda) has interesting pages missing from the preview and I'd quite like to head over to the British Library when I have time to look things up properly. I've also spent some time assessing missing articles for WP:RWANDA and compiling a list of all those, ordered by page views last year, which you can see at WP:WikiProject Rwanda/Article Views 2013. It makes for some interesting reading, but also confirms what one might have suspected, that the most visible article in the project (with the exception of things not really much about Rwanda, such as English language, French language and Nile) is the Rwandan Genocide article, followed by Rwanda itself.
I'm interested to know what bit your ass regarding the genocide article? I must have missed that one. I guess it will possibly be the hardest of the articles to edit and maintain a neutral tone, given that there may be more opinionated people floating around than for other Rwanda topics! Cheers  — Amakuru (talk) 08:59, 24 January 2014 (UTC)
Wow, I actually saw a message on my talk the day it was posted! Heh.
I made a comment back in 2006 (God, that makes me feel old) that I still think holds largely true:
"I also have to say that there are some serious issues with this article - the structure is horrible and there is a complete lack of citations. If you look at how an an ideal article would be designed - context leading into well referenced detail on the actual events of the Genocide in Rwanda with a section on the effects - this article falls far short. There may be partially the result of nobody wanting to tackle integrating the subpages PZFUN translated over from FR but mostly it's just the lack of some knowledgeable, skeptical and judicious editing. "
In particular, the core of the description lies within one screen's worth of content under the Genocide section. About 95% of the article is either topics of interest to foreigners, esp foreign involvement and the role of international courts, or prelude or aftermath. Part of this was a result of the unwieldy content dump when PZFUN translated content from to create the articles Initial events of the Rwandan Genocide, Analysis of the causes of the Rwandan Genocide, etc, etc, so the Rwandan Genocide article was written around the existence of those sub-articles, which have since largely been merged into other content .
Back when I thought that I would tackle Rwandan Genocide, I tried to build a foundation by improving/starting/breaking out Initial events, Assassination of Juvénal Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira, Origins of Tutsi and Hutu (an article I'm still not sure I was correct to break out), and Rwandan Civil War. My ideal structure would be 50-70% article focusing on the actual genocide with section on the runup and aftermath pointing to large sub-articles. But I was already beginning to burn out, and frankly didn't have the energy to negotiate my way through a large restructuring of Rwandan Genocide, esp after I lost the battle to keep Darfur conflict from being overrun by university students with lots of passion and limited knowledge; and Ezeu and I, the two editors specializing in Ugandan topics, were outvoted in a structure proposal for Lord's Resistance Army, the article I joined the wiki to improve. Both those articles are in pathetic states at the moment. I actively avoid the LRA article at this point, because it makes me angry. Maybe I should avoid writing about ongoing conflicts.
Wow, this turned into a sad rant. The short story about my involvement in the Rwandan Genocide article is that my energy level/time wasn't nearly sufficient for my ambitions. However, I still go through periods of productive editing, and I'll try to direct those your way. - BanyanTree 20:00, 24 January 2014 (UTC)
No problems on the sad rant... it's very interesting to get a perspective on what was going on with these things back then. I think I vaguely considered getting involved with Rwandan Genocide in 2006-07 but I still didn't quite have the courage to take on the big kahuna articles at that time. Interestingly, the comment you link to above was in response to the point I made about the excessive pre-colonial section, back when I was still SteveRwanda. It made me slightly worried at first because I've just recently inserted five new sections on the pre-colonial and colonial eras. Looking back, though, that part was absurdly long and rambling when in 2006 so hopefully no harm done. And my plan is certainly to have proportionally most of the material on the Genocide itself, with probably a larger section than now on the RPF campaign (which is slightly separate but crucial to the narrative nonetheless). If all that makes the thing too long then I'll look into some more splitting. Whenever all this takes place... if it's in reaonable shape by the end of this year then I'll be content enough!
It remains to be seen how much resistance I'll get from university students and the like; I can see how frustrating that must have been for you now. For whatever reason I was mostly free of that with Rwanda and Paul Kagame. I did have a thought that maybe that phenomenon is less prevalent now than it was around 2007 - the editor numbers have dropped since then, but I'm thinking there's a higher proportion of serious long term editors than there were. And I think the overall quality of Wikipedia is much higher than it was in 2006.
So, hopefully it will go OK, and I look forward to hearing from you again as and when you have time to do some editing!  — Amakuru (talk) 22:20, 24 January 2014 (UTC)

Bukwa and Bukwa District[edit]

Hi BanyanTree, I need help. I am going back to the articles I created in the past, improving the formatting of the references to conform o the recommended format on the English Wikipedia. While working on Bukwa District, it became clear that the correct spelling is Bukwo District; the Uganda Parliament website and USAID both referrer to it in that mane. I now need Administrator assistance to move Bukwa District to Bukwo District and Bukwa to Bukwo. Once those moves are made, I will go back and continue editing the articles in their new locations. Thank you. Fsmatovu (talk) 17:48, 19 May 2014 (UTC)

Hi Fsmatovu, This is done. Registered users used to able to move the page over a redirect with only one revision in the history. Perhaps the rights have been changed in the past year or so that I've been inactive. Best, BanyanTree 20:11, 19 May 2014 (UTC)

Nomination for deletion of Template:PD-UN[edit]

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Proposed deletion of Ranu[edit]

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