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Please do not remove speedy deletion tags from articles that you have created yourself. If you do not believe the article deserves to be deleted, then please place {{hangon}} on the page and make your case on the article's talk page. Administrators will look at your reasoning before deciding what to do with the article. Thank you. Wildthing61476 17:34, 21 August 2006 (UTC)

But why do I have to write a reason for my article? I mean, there's something we wanted to do with friends. I don't understand what's wrong with that article or why do I have to give a reason why we wrote it... just for fun...? :roll:

Recreated article: FCBes Trophy Cabinet[edit]

You have recently created the article FCBes Trophy Cabinet. This was deleted in accordance with Wikipedia's deletion policies. Please do not re-create the article: if you disagree with the article's deletion, you may ask for a review at Wikipedia:Deletion review. ---Casper2k3 23:07, 22 August 2006 (UTC)

Please sign your posts on talk pages[edit]

Hello. In case you didn't know, when you add content to talk pages and Wikipedia pages that have open discussion, you should sign your posts by typing four tildes ( ~~~~ ) at the end of your comment. You may also click on the signature button Button sig2.png located above the edit window. This will automatically insert a signature with your name and the time you posted the comment. This information is useful because other editors will be able to tell who said what, and when. Thank you! --Casper2k3 23:08, 22 August 2006 (UTC)

Concerning deletion of my post.[edit]

I am disappointed to hear that my article has been deleted again. I still however, don't understand what information I am supposed to include to my article or to anyone (administrator) in order for my article to remain. Please post more detailed requirements that I have to add. I am new to Wiki and am sorry if I have unintentionally bended any rule. --BassReFLeX 23:11, 22 August 2006 (UTC)

Hej, hina ne msn po ti nuk ke. Nuk po muj me t'ndihmu kurgjo pa e pa artikullin, keshtu qe qoma tekstin e artikullit ne email edhe tani shohim... --Aeternus 17:50, 27 August 2006 (UTC)