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Please do not add commercial links (or links to your own private websites) to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not a vehicle for advertising or a mere collection of external links. You are, however, encouraged to add content instead of links to the encyclopedia. See the welcome page to learn more. Thanks. --W(t) 11:42, 2005 Jun 16 (UTC)

I think the links you put into articles are quite handy - the articles do not have such pictures.

It is more likely the way you insert the links, w/o giving any explanation, and with external links as your only activity. This may lead quite many people to fast conclusion you added spam. I would recommend to use edit summaries, give explanations on Talk page and perhaps show some other work on Wikipedia. Thanks. Pavel Vozenilek 18:57, 16 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Terminology error on violin schematic[edit]

You may see what I said on Talk:Violin about the schematic drawing you linked there. If you have access to edit the external site, it will be an improvement to replace "chord mechanism" with "frog cross-section" or some such. Cheers, Just plain Bill 23:36, 28 March 2006 (UTC)