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My Policy[edit]

Now that I'm here, feel free to put any questions/concerns/comments below (preferably in their own section) if you want me to respond. Please specify where you want any responses (if they're necessary). Unless otherwise specified - or unless there's a good reason to do so - I'll reply here. Further, I can and will reply to deliberately inflammatory remarks in order to provide context, should the situation escalate or be at risk of doing so.

If you're wondering why an article was deleted, please read this page first. It should at least serve to clarify the situation, even if it doesn't give you an answer. I'm more than willing to answer, of course, but I'll assume that you've read it through.

I can now also be Emailed if you feel that that's a better way to do things. I can't say that I'm a convert to the idea just as yet, but we'll see how it goes. If you want to guarantee a fast response, please accompany your Email with a comment here (just something like "check your Emails" or "I've commented on the such-and-such by Email" should do the trick).

Where archiving is concerned, I'll archive all "dead" discussions when the page gets too long and leave "live" ones out for a while. That way we don't run the risk of having bits and pieces scattered everywhere.

The Signpost: 23 June 2017[edit]