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The people from Calabar State Nigeria brought Pichinglis to Bioko Island, not the Krio people they brought a separate English dialect.[edit]

Pichi is not an offshoot of Fernando Poo Creole English. The two dialects have two separate origins, and later merged taking the name of the most spoken between them.

You deleted the following sourced bit from the Pichinglis article:

The language was transferred to Equatorial Guinea, particularly Bioko Island, from the region of Calabar, Nigeria in the 1700s, when slaves were freed to the city of Clarence. In 1827, Pichinglis was still unknown to the Bubi people of the north, but the Fernandinos quickly spread the language around the island. [1]. It has been suggested that the infusion of English words on Bioko was due to the use of contract laborers from Nigeria, who worked on the cacao plantations.[2]

Pichinglis arrived on Bioko Island via the Nigerian people of Calabar as Nigeria was colonized by the British. They were instrumental in commercial and mission activities on the Island. Krio, which became known as Fernando Poo Creole English, arrived to the island via the Krio people of Sierra-Leone, who descend from Americo-Liberians. This is an important distinction that should be made in the article. You're deleting a very significant part of the history by not mentioning this. The people of Calabar have a history distinctly different from the Krios. I am re-writing the article to reflect this. - 11:08, 5 May 2010 (UTC)

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