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Hello from your Ex-Permanent-House-Guest!

Well, this definitely seems to be the best place to say hello to you. I have taken the last few hours to put up my own page here, and have referenced some of your fantastic articles. I would welcome your advice at my talk page for my particular love, which is fast becoming "how we got to where we are today" from a dogmatic perspective. While not a pure atheist like you are (I maintain a complex spirituality), I reject all current dogma as restrictive; I would love to discuss with you the Egyptian elements that have been "borrowed" by other faiths and belief systems. I guess you could say my passion has become the historical and factual roots of existing religions, but stripping away "belief" in favour of "fact." I also know how much you love the Roman side of things (and we really need to go see the local coin collector next time you are in town). Drop me a line when you get a moment...Cheers...Absalom (4B54L0M) 06:39, 13 February 2007 (UTC)--