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Disasters and hazards[edit]

Thanks for your help in sorting out these categories. I do have a bot that can move large numbers of articles around, but in order to use it for this purpose, a request needs to be posted through the 7-day voting process at WP:CFD. It's really only useful if you want to empty, merge, or rename large categories. Editing each article you want to move, as you have been doing, is unfortunately usually the best way to tidy up messy categories. Some improvements have been requested, but it looks like it will take a few years before the software will be upgraded.

I would recommend merging Category:Natural hazards into Category:Natural disasters. I think it makes more sense to do things as in Category:Epidemics, where the article Epidemic is included at the top, under "*", and the articles on historical epidemics fill out the category. Otherwise, it's too confusing to have twin "hazards" and "disasters" trees, and the number of cross-references you'd have to make would be annoying.

It looks like all of the subcategories in Category:Disasters could be moved into Category:Natural disasters, Category:Man-made disasters, or both. Since this would leave Category:Disasters with only two subcategories, I would recommend skipping these two categories, and putting anything that would be in the two of them directly in Category:Disasters.

Because we already have Category:Disasters, Category:Disaster is rather confusing. I would actually refile all the "abstract" articles on disaster, like Disaster and Catastrophe into Category:Disaster. The remaining articles would make a nice Category:Disaster response, or combined with Category:Disaster preparation, a good Category:Disaster preparation and response (since there seems to be a fair amount of overlap among articles about making disaster plans vs. implementing them).

Any empty categories that need to be deleted should be listed on WP:CFD.

Thanks again! -- Beland 07:07, 9 September 2005 (UTC)