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Sharing a thought

My friend I just want to share a thought with you,

You know, it amazes me that throughout history, the courage and commitment of the Puerto Rican soldier has been questioned. Can you believe that Major General Luis R. Esteves, the "Father of the Puerto Rican National Guard," questioned the fighting capability of our "Jibaros" and when the 65th Infantry was sent to Korea, the American high command also questioned the bravery of our men. Little did they know that the brave men form our island would eventually earn 5 Medals of Honor, 5 Navy Crosses and 15 Distinguished Service Crosses. But, what strikes me the most is the lack of knowledge of our military history that those who criticize us have had and continue to have.

It seems to me that after the United States took control of our island, the heroic actions of our "Boricuas" as members of the Spanish Army and/or the Puerto Rican militia, were eliminated from our history books. Not only are our heroes of the "past" not mentioned in our educational history books, but there aren't any statues, monuments or paintings to honor them. That is why I enjoy writing about these heroes and telling the world about them. I want the world to know that our people were brave soldiers with "cojones" before the United States took over the island and they began to serve the Armed Forces of the United States.

That is why I have written the stories of men such as Juan de Amezquita and the brothers Jose and Francisco Diaz. I hope that you enjoy them. Tony the Marine (talk) 05:32, 15 June 2008 (UTC)