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CTSS always commits itself to be the No. 1 among all top Ultra-voltage oil-immersed power transformer, High voltage power transformers and Special power & distribution power transformer suppliers in China.

We, TRANSPOWERS is a senior player in the Diesel Generator Sets, High-voltage Power Transformers and Power Distribution Substations Industry. We always focus on the R&D, integrating, manufacture, sourcing and trading of power & electric industry and energy generation, i.e. Hydro Turbine Generator units, Diesel Generator Set, Oil-immersed Power and Distribution Transformers (Liquid-filled Power Transformers), Dry Type Power Transformers (Cast Resin) and Distribution Transformers, Furnace Transformers, Rectifier Transformers, Substations and other kinds of Special Transformers; H.V & L.V Switchgears, Gas Insulated Switchgears(GIS), Power Cables and other auxiliary electrical equipments; Grid-connected PV Systems, Stand Alone PV Systems and Solar Heating Systems for different utilization in industry, commerce and residential areas.