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New Mobility Agenda[edit]

Dear CKatz,

Greetings: Back in 2011, you informed me that my entry for New Mobility Agenda was not up to scratch and tossed out my proposed entry.

It seemed that I was not able to convince you or the other editors at the time of the legitimacy of this increasingly widely used phrase in transport, city planning and environment circles, so New Mobility Agenda was scratched from Wikipedia. At the time, I did not make the necessary effort to document its legitimacy in the world-wide discussions of climate modification, environmental degradation, poor decisions when it came to sustainable transport in cities, etc., and the need for, precisely, "new mobility" approaches.

I also understand that even though this phrase evolved out of my own international work in the mid-eighties – like “Car Free Days” – it is important that its broad acceptance be justified. I will be pleased to take a stab at that now.

Half a decade has now passed and if you Google "New Mobility Agenda" today, you will see it calls up more than ten thousand references. Of the ones that are documented roughly half of which are entirely independent of my work or involvement in any form. (By that I mean that the phrase New Mobility Agenda is increasingly broadly used not only in places associated with my own work and recommendations to governments, centers of research and policy, and civil society for sustainable transport, sustainable cites and sustainable lives.

So now please, how can I get the Wikipedia entry on New Mobility Agenda back on line. It’s a small thing but there are no big solutions to our problems of unsustainability and climate modification. Just a huge number of many mainly small things. That is what we and thousands of others around the world working on these challenges call the New Mobility Agenda.

Thanks for advising me so that we can get this phrase back where it belongs. In Wikipedia.

PS. I know how to follow instructions.

ericbritton 17:55, 7 December 2016 (UTC) Eric Britton

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