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Objection to the proposed deletion of the article The list of chemistry mnemonics

This message is in reply to your proposal of deletion of article list of chemistry mnemonics. I agree that the article contains some non-reliable sources. I have put them in just because I need to prove that they were not created in one day, as mnemonics can be easily built up by anyone.

I believe that there is a feeling in many people that mnemonics are not important. But they are really important. You might have heard about the left and right hand rules in electromagnetism, thirty days hath September for remembering number of days in each month, etc. They are famous and helps a lot.

In the given article there are so many valuable, correctly referenced, reliable mnemonics. Also it contains some unimportant mnemonics (especially for periodic table). But it does not make this article deletable.

I kindly request you to note that there are many such articles in Wikipedia like this (which appear not to be a kind of What Wikipedia is not, but actually is needed). I will list some examples

These are similar articles, however are more clean than this. So it is better to keep this article after a cleaning than deleting it.

I would also like to make you know what propelled me to build this article: It was a note to the editors in the article List of electronic color code mnemonics

NOTE TO EDITORS: 1. DO NOT remove mnemonics merely because they are offensive. Wikipedia is not censored. 2. DO remove any mnemonic that is not published (in a book) or does not have a LOT of relevant Google hits. Wikipedia is not for things made up in school one day. 3. DO add citations to book for any that you want to remain here.

So I kindly request you to reverse your deletion proposal, not because its my first article, but because its something that is needed for Wikipedia (It can be an encyclopedia article if it was well edited, referenced and cleaned. And I am sure, it will be done once in future, I promise you -if no one does, I will. VanischenuTM 16:15, 23 January 2012 (UTC)

Hello, Vanischenu. Any editor who objects to a proposed deletion may remove the {{Proposed deletion}} (or PROD) template. Removing it will stop the proposed deletion, thought it is still possible that the page could be deleted via Speedy deletion or Articles for deletion discussion.
Since you object to this deletion, I have removed the PROD template on your behalf. Happy editing, Cnilep (talk) 04:40, 24 January 2012 (UTC)
Thank you very much. I will keep the promise. The article will be cleaned and referenced (But I request you some time to gather up). I am greatly inspired by a good wikipedian like you. Thank you. VanischenuTM 13:02, 24 January 2012 (UTC)