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Hmm. Guess I kind of ignored this page when I first registered. Let's take care of that now.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure[edit]

I am the National Party Secretary of the American Conservative Party. Trying like the dickens to not violate the COI while participating in Wikipedia. COI disclosure is the reason my real ID is included. Yes, my goal is to get a Wikipedia article created describing the ACP. Trying to figure out the proper group or page to make the request on. (Refraining from doing it myself per Wikipedia COI policies).

Currently, there is only one independent verifiable media link I can point to. The rest are sites created by us, or a candidate .

I welcome any input on getting the ACP listed without breaking the COI guidelines.

Crimsonsplat (talk) 03:19, 2 October 2009 (UTC)

Small Edits[edit]

I have made two minor edits to the American Independent Party and List of Political Parties in the United States

The first is an edit to the first paragraph to disambiguate the historical American Conservative party from the modern one. See the discussion page for a further note on references. On the other page page, I simply added the ACP to the list of parties that did not run candidates in 2008. (We have at least one for U.S Rep in 2010, possibly up to 3 others).

Given WP:COI I am limiting myself to either discussions, requests for others to take action, or nothing more than small edits such as these. Still learning my way around Wikipedia... Crimsonsplat (talk) 13:53, 2 October 2009 (UTC)

NY 23 and Doug Hoffman[edit]

This is causing confusion, we've had a sudden influx of people who are confusing us with the CPNYS. Disambiguated the CPNYS page, but I'm wondering if anyone else thinks we need a disambiguation page entry, or an article on the ACP.

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