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Thanks for cleaning up Debrecen, see its talk page about the info you asked for. :-) -- grin 14:21 19 May 2003 (UTC)

Thanks a lot for the much needed corrections to my articles on Split and Brac. Now I know how bad my English really is... ;)

Hope you don't mind if I continue delivering content in bad english --denny 11:11 May 13, 2003 (UTC)

That was a quick correction you did to Krakatoa, Danny! Arno 12:14 May 10, 2003 (UTC)

Maybe this is not the best time to quit smoking. ;) But go ahead, tend to your mental health if you need to. I must say, I am getting pretty tired (and was hoping you come out and play, too). For what it is worth, Sv and I had a cordial and respectful dialogue on his talk page. I even made a good-faith effort on Martha's talk page. But having said all I have to say, I am just too tired myself to even look at the semitism or judeocentric pages. Please do look at ethnoconvergence and my comment on the talk page, and make a decision as sysop (per my request above), though. Shavuah-tov! Slrubenstein

For all those involved in the ensuing debates on anything and everything involving Jews either essentially or peripherally, you are all arguing out of passion. You are all talking (typing) at each other, not to each other, and you are none of you listening to each other and trying to work up to a consensus. Yes, I am saying this, and yes, I do have strong opinions (and some training) on many (but not all) of the relevant subjects. Given that you are ALL so impassioned tonite, I suggest a time out until Monday on all edits relating to these topics. Then, when everyone is calmed down, we can work on something that is agreeable to all sides, perhaps with a neutral third party moderator. Other than that, this is just becoming an attempt to score points against each other, and that does no one any good. Oh, yeah, and if anyone knows how to archive some of this bloody talk page, I would be eternally grateful, whether you are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, atheist, or a worshipper of penguins. Danny 01:01 Feb 9, 2003 (UTC)

Just did -- as far as I know, there's no simpler way to do than add a link to to uncreated archive, copy a block of text to the clipboard and preview, then open the link in a new window or tab or whatever floats your boat, paste your block and presto... you are the proud owner of an archive. Tokerboy
"worshipper of penguins"... that's a Linux thing, right? PML.

Danny, you are so right. And for your information, I just gave RK an olive branch. Its not much, just a twig... but I hear it's supposed to mean something...- Stevert

Holy shit. I'm gonna remind you every day until you tell me the story, and send me something that he touched, even if the only thing you have is your head. Tokerboy

Thanks!! Slrubenstein

Danny, see Submissive. I'm already checking out his/her other contributions. -- Zoe

Absolutely not. I still to know every gory detail, especially the parts that involve gaining a new understanding of the universe, etc and so on, or a way to eat mushrooms without tasting them. Tuf-Kat

I was also concerned about the source of that new Martin Van Creveld article on the IAP site "quoting" him saying "we could destroy all European capitals". Im not as certain about its validity as you are.

"Does "more reliable" sources, however, mean sanitized sources? And wouldnt the act of sanitizing news sources be propagandist? -PackardGoose

It is questionable, but as long as the text of Judaism in Music is still the exact text of the essay... I don't really care either, but it irks me when Clutch reverts because nobody responds to his reasoning even though he ignores the responses. Is there any reason not to straight to the essay? Tuf-Kat

Very welcome. I'll post the list giving a heads up that the article's frozen and mentioning that sysops should be mindful of it and not edit the page (protected pages just have a fairly inconspicious link at the bottom saying "unprotect this page"--which I'd like changed to something more obvious--I wonder how often a sysop has edit a protected page without noticing that it's protected?) Best, Koyaanis Qatsi

You may want to check out Jewish Messiah, created by an anonymous user last night. Tuf-Kat

"Just one question though: How come when I look it up at the second symbol comes out as mud? Danny"

Oh, thats cause of the phonetic: "Ni" which has multiple meanings.. mud being one of them... (which is only a fragment as I understand -such is the problem of phonetics traslated to meanings - "steve" for example, has the sibilant and plosive constinants "ST" (stee) which has to be changed to "sa ti" (jap) or "shi" etc.. Even in Asia, selecting the Kanji for your name is a big deal, and done when your old enough to get a feel for what you want, so where the sound often provides multiple choices for Kanji, the meaning is more important than the sound. Mingbai? -&#35918&#30505

Hi, Danny. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm doing a bunch of years with the Nobel Prize added on. Anonymous56789 20:56 Mar 1, 2003 (UTC)

In more ways than one -- but I am about to close shop! Slrubenstein

And I take any contention you have very seriously. Even if I were to disagree with you on this specific case, I still think there is a larger issue that ought to be addressed in some systematic way. In any event, I need to think about things more and am certainly glad when I can benefit from your thoughts too. Slrubenstein\

Uh, if we are talking about the same thing, I sent an e-mail to RK that he should forward to you (if he hasn't, just ask him). At this very moment there is what I think is an anti-war rally outside my window, so I am off to check it out, Slrubenstein

Danny, how do you find so much info about days in lit.? - Anonymous56789

How could I become an admin like you? - Anonymous56789 22:26 Mar 2, 2003 (UTC)

As of 20:07 Tuesday, I and others did a lot of work on Idol worship; please check it out... Slrubenstein

The quote at Ira Hayes looks fine. I think the main qualification is that it couldn't possibly detract from the value of purchasing the song and it's obviously being used to illustrate a point of academic interest, hence being fair use. Tuf-Kat

The map was from the website listed there. There was no copyright notice so I assumed it was OK to take it. I'll give them credit on the page.

Danny, I just imported some text into Islam and Judaism from the 1906 public domain Jewish Encyclopedia. I know it needs a lot of updating and work, but I was afraid to leave the article as it was. It looked like it was going to get filled with lots of misc. topics that have little (or nothing) to do with the relationship between Islam and Judaism (the supposed topic of the article!) Please feel free to deal with anything in there! RK


I downsized image:Patrick Henry.jpg to 250 px wide and 10% of its original size so that Patrick Henry is a bit more user friendly to people with 800 x 600 displays and dial-up modems. :) --mav

We’re not here to call a ”spade a spade.” Read up on the NPOV policy.


He’s been rejected by Zimbabwe’s ex-colonial master. Many in the Third World, including many Third World leaders, regard him as a hero and respect even more for his defiance of the British.

Saying that the “international community” rejects him thus displays a Western bias.


You have written a blatantly propagandistic introduction to the Robert Mugabe article. You say that you're ‘calling a spade a spade.’ Frankly, this is an admission to violating NPOV guidelines.

Quoting only sources hostile to Mugabe’s land reforms is inappropriate in an introduction. Saying that he’s been rejected by the “international community” is also inappropriate. Since when did the Western ex-colonial powers account for the entirety of the international community? You allege that he’s a racist persecuting whites. Others feel that he’s implementing essential land reforms and carrying out a delayed de-colonization of a country ravanged by apartheid and racism. The introduction shouldn’t endorse any particular point of view.

The introduction reads like a middle-schooler's essay explaining why he hates Mugabe.

Instead, this article needs a more encyclopedic introduction along with a balance of opposing viewpoints if it quotes opinions regarding Mugabe’s presidency.

I know that, Danny. I have a PhD in history and decolonization is one of my areas of expertise. It was still a British colony before the declaration of “Rhodesia’s” independence and that racist government was just an outgrowth of British colonialism.


Saying that he’s been banned from the Commonwealth is enough.

Refrain from hyperbole too. Mugabe’s not Hitler and land reform’s not the Holocaust.

Amnesty International is also a Western organization with little understanding of the historical realities of the Third World.

And you cannot disconnect his “autocratic” policies from the land reforms. The latter necessitates the former.

To understand that, you need a grounding in the historical realities of this country.

Before 1980 Zimbabwe was a white-supremacist British colony that went by the name of Rhodesia, after the British financier Cecil Rhodes, whose company, the British South Africa Company, stole the land from the indigenous Matabele and Mashona people in the 1890s. British soldiers, who laid claim to the land by force of arms on behalf of Rhodes, were each rewarded with nine square miles of land. The Matabele and Mashona -- those who weren't killed defending their land-- were rewarded with dispossession, grinding poverty, misery and subjugation. Today, in a country of 13 million, almost 70 percent of the country's arable agricultural land is owned by an elite of some 4,500 mostly white farmers, many descendant from the British soldiers who Rhodes blessed with a claim to stolen land, to pass down the generations.

After a long campaign for national liberation, independence talks were held in 1979. Talks almost broke down over the land question, but Washington and London, eager for a settlement, agreed to ante up and arrange for financial support for a comprehensive land reform program. If you were going to return land to the peasants who had been working it -- the rightful owners -- you'd have to compensate the white landholders. But the assistance, and therefore, a workable land resettlement plan, was never forthcoming.

That was a problem, because the land issue was largely what drove the struggle for national liberation, and has remained at the heart of Zimbabwean politics since. Unresolved, it festered.

Frustrated, and under pressure from war veterans who had grown tired of waiting for the land reform they'd fought for, Mugabe embarked on a course that would lead him headlong into collision with the IMF and Western governments. He passed legislation enabling the government to seize nearly 1,500 farms owned by white Zimbabweans, without compensation. As Zimbabwe's Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. I.S.G Mudenge put it, at that point "all hell broke loose." Having held free and fair elections on time, and having won them, Mugabe now became international goat and pariah, on the wrong side of London, Washington and international lending institutions. A dictator, a stealer of elections, a thug. That was to be his new guise.

The first thing the EU did was commission a study. The study concluded that Mugabe would have to go, forced out by civil society, the union movement or NGO's, uprisings in the street, maybe even a military coup. "By hook or by crook, but mostly by crook," Mugabe would be ousted.

On 24 January, 1999, a meeting was convened at the Royal Institute of International Affairs to discuss the report. The theme of the meeting, led by The Economist's Richard Dowden, was "Zimbabwe - Time for Mugabe to Go?" Mugabe's "confiscating" of white-held land compelled an unequivocal answer to the conference's rhetorical question: Yes. Dowden presented four options:

1) a military coup;

2) buying the opposition;

3) insurrection; and

4) subverting Mugabe's ZANU-PF party.

On March 23 of that year, Washington weighed in. The US State Department held a seminar to discuss a strategy for dealing with the "Zimbabwe crisis." Civil society and the opposition would be strengthened to foment discontent and dissent. The opposition would be brought together under a single banner to enhance its chances of success at the polls and funding would be funnelled to the opposition through Western backed NGO's. Dissident groups could be strengthened and encouraged to take to the streets. The same plan was to work later in Belgrade (naïvely celebrated today by a large part of the US left as a model of grassroots, non-violent, change from below.) It could work in Harare.

Opposition leaders were told to put their differences aside and unite under a single banner. Washington would bankroll their campaigns, and fund NGOs and civil society to put pressure on the government. In Zimbabwe, the electoral opposition coalesced under the banner, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

Of course, none of these opposition groups had any special claim to being democratic, but the appropriation of the democratic cache was intended to make it seem that the government was authoritarian and antidemocratic.

Under these circumstances the reviled leader is caught in an unfair position. Allow the massive interference of Western governments to go unchecked, and forfeit the only chance of a free and fair election. Take steps to limit the interference and give your opponents ammunition to step up the charges that you're authoritarian and antidemocractic.



I'd just like to thank you so much for reverting People on stamps for me. -user:Zanimum


First, I believe those parliamentary figures are outdated. I’ll check.

Second, I stand behind what I said.

If there are competitive, multiparty elections to be rigged in the first place what you have in Zimbabwe is closer to the British model than the Stalinist model. Regardless, food, vaccination, preventative medicine (don’t forget the AIDS crisis) shelter, and clean water are more important than a free press in a country as impoverished and underdeveloped as Zimbabwe. White Americans, in contrast, seem to care more about their rights to fund veiled pro-racist NGOs in Zimbabwe than about the material well-being of a over ten million improvised Zimbabweans.

I’ll be honest. Mugabe shouldn’t have abandoned the single-party state in the first place. That’s what left Zimbabwe open to outside interference, which has really been destabilizing the country. I want Mugabe to subvert the self-serving, neocolonial opposition as much as he can in order to offset their funding advantage provided by greedy, greedy colonialists. He can’t surrender Zimbabwe’s long struggle for national liberation begun when British troops (the ancestors of those 4,000 or so pseudo-aristocrats) massacred nearly everyone in Matabeleland’s military in Bulawayo their 1890 "preemptive" attack. Just because the white farmers figured out how to legitimize the illegitimate under the guise of “free elections,” with that treasonous MDC puppet potentate, Mugabe does not surrender his heroic cause.

It’s a about time we’re seeing unemployed youths, aspiring bureaucrats, and war veterans taking back what was stolen from their people in the first place. They’re not all Mugabe cronies. Some are, though; and they’re even preferable to what you had before. Regarding the white farmers and their ex-colonial overlords who fund the opposition, no fair-minded person should have an iota of sympathy for those racist parasites.

And you can’t develop Zimbabwe’s economy without taking these difficult measures. You can’t have vibrant capitalist development in such a latifundia economy in which 4,000 racist pseudo-aristocrats own 70% of the arable land in an agrarian country of 13 million. Given the resistance, the expropriation process had to be haphazard. This will cause hardships in the short run, but once things have stabilized productivity will have recovered if Mugabe is able to fend of the enemies of the Zimbabwean people.

I wish sell-out Mandela and Mbeki and their ANC had the courage and resolve of Mugabe and his ZANU-PF.


No prob with the Alma Mahler relocation (though I sort of like maiden names<G>), and a big "wow!" at all the info you've added. I'll have to do a bit of research on dates and details, but I do hope to be able to add to it! -- Someone else 04:38 Mar 31, 2003 (UTC)

I have finished working on Hafiz for the meantime, I will make further necessary adjustments. Inform me of any other requests that you may have

Danny, I have made some changes to the Halakha article, trying to briefly describe the halakhic process. (I know, there is no one set methodology that all rabbis agree on! I am using the term in a general sense.) When you get a chance please take a look, and if you see anything that needs fixin', please do so, or let me know what changes or additions you think I should add. RK

You were the one with the POV problem. I favored removing sentences like ‘he’s a totalitarian leader bent on staying in power rejected by the international community’ with ‘because of his controversial policies Zimbabwe as suspended from the Commonwealth’. You clearly don’t know the difference between the commentary of a propagandist and the neutral, matter of fact content that really belongs in an encyclopedia. You are a liar and a hypocrite for saying that I was refusing to accept any point that contradicted my viewpoint, whatever that viewpoint is. You were the one protecting the page, a dead violation of protocol, so that I could not add facts that contradicted your anti-Mugabe obsessions.

Although this has nothing to do with the above criticism, I think that your failure to understand Zimbabwe's historical and material realities also makes you a white supremacist.


You are really pushing it now, 172, if you dont start behavibng you will be banned. -fonzy

Liar and hypocrite, huh? You forgot to mention that I'm overweight and I smoke too much. Anti-Mugabe obsession? Get real. I've actually worked on some other articles too. As for being a white supremacist, I suggest you look on my page at some of my contributions. Now, with regard to your PhD in history, you have used ad hominem attacks and plagiarized texts to get your point across. Your dissertation must have been a gem. Danny

uh, I thought you were going to quit smoking ... Slrubenstein

I know that I’m not making many friends, but I’m the only one dedicated to making the Mugabe article an informative, illuminating, and balanced article. I care more about doing what’s right than what's popular.


Should more of those cleopatra pages (that say she lived to be 100 yrs old) be blanked like you started to do? LittleDan

Yes. It is so odd that the biggest page of on a victim of the Palestinian issue is a white, blonde, blue eyed attractive American woman! *heavy irony!!!* The irony is of course that so many Americans on wiki don't realise the bizarre fact. She seems like becoming white middle class pro-Palestinian America's virgin mary, to whom we need a shrine. (Maybe I better change that. I've just spent days working on the Blessed Virgin Mary page. Opps! Though hopefully that is an encyclopædic entry and not a shrine!!!)

My God, someone else with the culpa focail! Reminds me of some friends who visited Capitol Hill recently on St. Patrick's day and were asked to speak as gaeilge. So they said the Ár n-athair to each other as a dialogue. And a couple of US congressmen were all watery-eyed at hearing the 'old mother tongue'. *grin* Though they were puzzled that one of the guys speaking the Our Father as gaeilge was black. A black Irishman with perfect Irish? They couldn't get over it. :-) STÓD/ÉÍRE 23:38 Apr 8, 2003 (UTC)

It gets even funnier. You probably know more Irish and love it more than most Irish people. Unfortunately the manner in which it was taught in school made it hated by generations. A teaching approach of 'by God, we'll make you speak this language if it the last thing we do' produced a response of 'by God we'll never speak that fucking language if it is the last thing we do'. My classmates ceremonially burned their Irish books and took oaths never to use the language from the moment they left school. Most people if they ever return to the language (and most don't after the gestapo-teaching methods of the Irish language lobby) do fall in love with it, but it is inspite of, not because of, the Irish language lobby. Some years ago a politician called 'Mrs. Lemass' lost a by-election because of a letter sent around cutting people's social welfare. They blamed her personally because the letter had the words Ís Mise le Meas (ie, yours sincerely) which people, knowing so little Irish took to read Mrs. Lemass!!!

According to recent figures, the Irish language is in such decline in Gaeltachtai (Irish speaking areas) that 80% of those receiving tax-break because they supposedly speak the language, don't. Whereas previous worst case senarios predicted the demise of gaeltacht Irish in as little as fifty years, the shocking outcome of that recent survey suggests it could be largely dead in as little as ten years. And the major blame, ironically, lies with Irish language fanatics who so tried to bully people into speaking it that they turned most generations since 1922 into hating it in a way that it never hated under British rule. Already the new national gaelic-speaking TV station only survives by showing english soccer with english-language commentaries, with a few Irish language programmes all subtitled in english. I only wish I had better Irish, but I so came to hate it in school (like everyone else I knew), where you had to read eighteenth century love poetry, Peig Sayers ad nausaum, more sixteenth century poetry about cattle, more Peig Sayers, then another dollop of Peig Sayers in which her 940th son fell to his death, and she said 'woe is me' as gaeilge for the 1,354,021st time, that you switched off and just wished the language would hurry up and die before the exams came around. It is only afterwards, reading Peig as bearla (in english) and suddenly understanding the beauty lost in the painstaking translation classes, that inspite of the teaching, I am now falling in love with the language. In that I am in a small minority, indeed a smaller one than I could possibly have imagined before the report on language use in the gaeltachtaí.

OK. That's my sermon on Irish over with, before I clog up your talk page entirely. Hopefully, though the odds seem against it, it may survive as a spoken language in the gaeltachtaí. It is booming among a small minority in galltachtaí (english-speaking areas) but somehow losing it as a spoken language in areas like gaeltachtaí where it has been spoken for millenia would mark its effective end, because with its death there you will lose its history, folklore, tradition, dialects, etc none of which can be restored with the odd Irish language school in an english-speaking urban centre. And on that depressing, downbeat note, it is time to write another article!!! Slán STÓD/ÉÍRE 00:58 Apr 9, 2003 (UTC)

If you get the chance to read Spenser on Ireland, among other things you will see how 16th century Irish culture had a huge tendency to make English incomers go native (which he deplored). PML.

Yeah. It was called becoming more Irish than the Irish themselves.

"Ipsis Hibernis Hiberniores". PML.
Thus people began to talk about mere Irish (mere in its old sense, ie, pure) to distinguish non-Irish 'irishmen'! STÓD/ÉÍRE 01:31 Apr 9, 2003 (UTC)

You people believe Lir/Vera/Dietary Fiber/Susan/Adam?

All I did was clarify this sentence pointed out by Dachshund: “As mentioned, the Soviets bore the heaviest casualties of World War II. These war causalities can explain much of Russia's behavior after the war.”

I added content. I did not delete content. Maybe some user prior do me deleted some content, but who knows. I wasn’t following the rest of the article, just this sentence pointed out by Dachshund.

My parents were Holocaust survivors and my entire family apart from the two of them was eradicated. I demand an apology for all you users who believe that slander coming from that lunatic user who has been banned repeatedly. I don’t think that I’ve ever lashed out against anyone violently in my entire life, but if those charges were made against me in person I doubt that I would have been able to control myself.

If the charges by this latest reincarnation of Lir have made it onto the mailing list, then I expect you people to correct these charges so that nobody is under the impression that I did this.


Sorry, Danny. I actually thought about moving it to the Jokes page. -- Zoe

I realize that the content of the article heavily focuses on Zionism; this is an important topic nonetheless since Zionism was the second major Jewish movement crushed by Soviet authorities following the breakup of the Jewish Labor Bund under the tutelage of Lenin. And remember that restrictive Soviet emigration policies, particularly with regards to its Jewish population, drew significant amounts of Western criticism during the Cold War. Remember the Jackson-Pollack legislation? It’s also significant in light of the huge proportion of the Jewish population within the former Soviet Union that has emigrated to Israel in recent years. I do realize that this article is heavily weighted toward the pre-war years, but it is a work in progress.

I do apologize, however, for omitting the Anti-Fascist League by mistake. I’m stunned that I left it out somehow. I believe that I did write a paragraph or two on that topic. Perhaps it got lost with all the cutting, pasting, and editing. Oh well, that’s my mistake. I’d appreciate it if you added it. Otherwise, I’ll get around to it.

Your above comments, however, misrepresent the article's contents. The Doctor's Plot is mentioned, but it doesn’t require vast amounts of attention since it is still a matter of idle historical speculation of a crisis averted. Feel free to add content about the Doctor’s Plot, but keep that in mind. I’m familiar with Veidlinger's work as well, but also keep in mind that this is a general historical narrative and the article already deals with Jewish institutions, even ones of an artistic nature.


Regarding recent comments in the talk page:

Of course I know that. Sorry for the poor wording, but please don't suggest things like that just because my wording might have been ambiguous. Clarify the wording, but don't suggest that I failed to realize something as elementary as the boundary shifts.


The article is light on concrete specifics, as it is a work in progress, but the framework for addressing what you cited as the gradual persecution of Jews under Stalin is already there. And really that what's needed for the beginning.

For instance, at one point I believe that the article briefly states that Soviet Jews were “were the immediate benefactors of, but long-term victims of the Marxist notion that any manifestation of nationalism is "socially retrogressive", a notion threatening to Jewish cultural institutions, the Jewish Labor Bund, Jewish autonomy, and Zionism.” The article thus goes into considerable detail explaining the problems of Marxist internationalism and the national question of the Jewish people. It does make it clear that the Jewish identity is supposed to fade away according to Marx's ideal. It introduces why and when Stalin often contradicted that ideal and when he switched sides on that debate depending on other conditions; and, of course, the recognition of Israel comes to mind along with the founding to the Jewish Autonomous Soviet Socialist Oblast in Birobidzhan. It also goes over how the Soviets were able to get around their ideology (which really doesn't have a framework for dealing with Jews in a socialist society on a theoretical level) by labeling them as an ethnic group, which is deserving of autonomy according to Leninist "self-determination" so long as it has a territorial base. It mentions that upon the disillusion of the USSR that Jews were considered the 11th largest nationality. And this goes to the fundamental question of what is a Jew.

Thus, the article is a framework for future contributions since it addresses the state's ideals and how it dealt with its Jewish population according to these ideals and how it often contradicted these ideals (often to the benefit of the Jewish identity) pragmatically due to other factors.

I’m not sure where the leading scholars of the period and the topic might disagree with certain key aspects of the position in the article either (if it is taking any controversial position for that matter). I haven’t really taken a position on the Doctor’s Plot; I just didn’t go into great detail on it, contented to develop a general narrative that can be expounded by specifics that any contributor can feel free to add.

I think that the brief section on Kaganovich is throwing you off, probably leading you to think that the article was suggestion that everything was great once the Bolsheviks liberated the Jews from the backward-thinking unenlightened Czarist tyrants. It was there not to suggest that the interest of Soviet Jews always coincided with the Soviet state, but just to suggest that there is a difference between the primitive anti-Semitism of the Czarist past and the caviler anti-Semitism of Marxist internationalism which suggests that the Jewish identity will fade a way once the revolution puts an end to the class struggle and rids society of primitive superstitions. So, it gets into the irony that I think you were describing earlier of an ideology that condemns prejudice against individuals of Jewish backgrounds but still manages to suggest that all would be better if the Jewish identity "withered away" through the abandonment of non-universal institutions and religion.

Please be patient with me as well. Despite my Polish Jewish linage, contemporary Jewish history (especially literary, artistic, religious, and cultural developments) is very far from my areas of expertise, which is quite obvious considering the scope of my usual contributions.

The article I posted is more of a framework for discussing broad sociological trends and the relationship between the Marxist-Leninist state and its Jewish population. So please, add as much as possible, especially weak areas like the ones that I’ve mentioned.


Welcome back! 172

Hope I can correspond in Hebrew with you:
רציתי להוסיף מפת פ"ת כקובץ ששמרתי מתוך MAPQUEST
האם לדעת זה ב"רוח" / עקרונות ה-WIKI?

Dod1 13:51 Apr 24, 2003 (UTC)

I tried to U-L this file. Pl. take a look at it and tell me what U think File:Petah Tiqwa.jpg

Dod1 14:34 Apr 24, 2003 (UTC)

Is this way-around ok ?

You can search for the city map by using Mapquest

How does it look?

Dod1 14:58 Apr 24, 2003 (UTC)

We are not arguing that China is a "communist" (lower-case "c") society in the Marxist sense, that is a state where the means of production are under common ownership. Whether or not China is a "socialist" society in Marxian terms, defined by state ownership of the means of production, is further irrelevant to this debate. In this context, the term "Communist state" (upper-case "C") strictly refers to the type of government in the same sense that "constitutional monarchy" describes the governments of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, that "federal republic" describes the government-types of the United States and Brazil, that "Islamic republic" describes the government-type of Iran, that "military government" describes the government of Myanmar, and finally that "absolute monarchy" would describe the government of Oman. The government is Communist, ruled by a Marxist-Leninist party.

Divergences between the development levels, levels of state ownership, and economic structures between the five Communist states of China, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, and North Korea or whether or not China is "capitalist" and has betrayed its Marxist-Leninist philosphy thus don't matter to this discussion (I personally think that they haven't and that they've finally found a workable model of socialism worth revisiting, but that doesn't matter either). The ruling Communist parties of these countries share roughly the same structure and share similarly intertwined state and party institutions and share roughly the same constitutional forms. They represent a common government-type based on the Leninist state and are bound by having to adapt to similar circumstances, that is (with the exception of Castro's Cuba which wasn't at first definitively Communist) supplanting or revamping existing state institutions to fit the mold of an underground revolutionary political party.


I completely redid the article on neoconservatism, replacing an old rant by an anonymous contributor that fell just short of making references to Zionist conspiracies. Perhaps you’d want to take a look at it. 172

I'm well-aware of all this. I was just trying to suggest that many factions on the left influenced their early thinking. And I wanted to characterize them as generally center-left (with a propensity to lean more and more anti-Soviet), anti-fascist, working class, and eager to see US entry into the Second World War for the sake of brevity.

Thanks for looking at the article. If you want you can look at the older version on the neoconservative page. Just click on "neoconservative" when you get to the "neoconservatism" page and see "redirected from neoconservative." Nothing in it is inaccurate, but it has an anti-Semitic tone due to its preoccupation with Israel, which is absurd since they're really born-again Zionists after the Six Day War. For the sake of brevity once again, I'll say a useful maxim. They like Israel because they're hawks, it's not that they're hawks because they're Jews supporting Israel. 172

I see that you're back on. Want to come back to Neoconservatism (United States)? It's important to finish the links to people like Irving Kristol too. Maybe you could help with that. 172

By the way, here's a link to the old article.

I am trying to get there, but I keep getting this message that I am blocked. Mut be a glitch somewhere. Danny 02:14 Apr 27, 2003 (UTC)

Sorry about the blocking. Michael keeps coming in andvandalizing and I have to keep blocking him. I do re-unblock in a day or so. -- Zoe

Danny, I have no idea why you're blocked at the article level. I don't do that -- I wouldn't even know how to do that. -- Zoe

Test. Danny

The test worked, by the way. ;)
If that was you whose edits in some year entries and such I reverted a couple of days ago, sorry about that. It was the IP looking like Michael's, especially after seeing Zoe's greeting intended for Michael. I think they'll still be in my visible contributions history (I had a near-Wikiless weekend), so I'll see if I can find those and fix them if that turns out to have been you. -- John Owens 10:41 Apr 28, 2003 (UTC)

Please look at Supernaturalization and my comment on the talk page, and weigh in, Slrubenstein 18:17 May 7, 2003 (UTC)

Thanks for editing the Saadia Gaon stuff. These Britannica articles are coming thick and fast from somewhere, and I seem to be spending a lot of my time just wikifying them, let alone updating them. However, I admit to being pretty ignorant about Judaism. Deb 17:00 24 May 2003 (UTC) Heh, I bet you thought you were going to have to go back and change the Isfahan disambig. Just like I thought I was going to have to go and move The City of Isfahan to Isfahan (city). ;) -- John Owens 02:12 May 8, 2003 (UTC)

Danny, I just started a brief article on Mishpat Ivri. Any suggestions or constructive criticisms would be welcomed. RK

If you could find an image to replace Al Aqsa.jpg that would be best. I edited Dome_of_the_Rock and Temple_mount you should like those :-)


2003 in literature etc. are alphabetized. We had some difficulty with articles in foreign languages but I think we got most of it right. Anyway, spot check it when you get a chance and tell us if we owe you a partial refund.  :-) Koyaanis Qatsi

Danny, I did some additions to the stub on Meforshim. Ezra Wax will blow a gasket when he sees post 17th century commentators mentioned.... RK 02:58 22 May 2003 (UTC)

Thanks, Danny -- but if this nastiness from Jacques keeps on, I don't know how long I will stay. I do have better things to do with my time than defend myself ;-) Knowing wikipedians like you are still around and supportive sure helps, though! JHK

Why did you delete this statement of fact from Merovingian? "They are considered by virtually all qualified historians as the first French royal house. (See references below.)" -- That seems strange when to support wildly non NPOV statements by Ms. K in French Monarchs, like "Highly debatable" and her "allowing" the Carolingians. My insertion is not only proper, but documented by facts rather than personal biases.Triton

Yes, we're not very strong on fine art, I agree. I keep writing articles on contemporary British artists, but they're not always very well known figures, and we're lacking articles on some very significant international artists (in particular, I keep meaning to write about Barnett Newman, whose stuff I love). Anyway, things will continue to slowly improve, I'm sure. Good job on starting Frankenthaler--Camembert

Hello Danny, I just read your edit comment "new article based on the Nuttall encyc. being processed at DP": can you tell me what the Nuttall encyclopedia and DP are? -- The Anome 11:40 22 Jun 2003 (UTC)

Thanks for the reply, Danny: that sounds like a useful resource. I can't find a pointer to it anywhere on Google, could you please add it to Wikipedia:Public domain resources as soon as it is available publically? The Anome

Danny, I have made some changes (hopefully improvements) to the Judeo-Islamic tradition page. RK 13:48 22 Jun 2003 (UTC)

  • 23:04 26 May 2003, Danny blocked (contribs) (unblock) (consistent vandalism)
time to unblock? Martin
No. Danny
conciseness. I like that. :)
Is it a static or a dynamic IP? Martin 00:03 30 Jun 2003 (UTC)
The person was a vandal, attacking articles. When someone using the IP number requests that it be unblocked, then it is open for consideration, and I will be willing to unban. Until then, that person has long disappeared so there is no reason to waste time on this. I highly recommend that instead of worrying about a bunch of vandals who got banned, we all get on with the job of writing an encyclopedia. And when did you last contribute a new article ... Danny 00:15 30 Jun 2003 (UTC)
15:45 29 Jun 2003 Passport To Pimlico (stub from Talk:Burgundians)
I'll unblock the IP address then. Martin 09:24 30 Jun 2003 (UTC)

Hi, I am a new comer here, and I found u at Queer wikipedians. I am now working mainly on Chinese verision about gay-related articals. And I think you can help me a lot. Hopefully we can be friends! :D --Gboy 04:10 9 Jul 2003 (UTC)

Thank you for Edelweiss Pirates.  :) - Hephaestos 02:02 20 Jul 2003 (UTC)

I read your comments on the US history (1865-1918) page. That article is in fairly bad shape, but I've only really begun working on the 1918-present articles, which are in far better shape, yet still unfinished. Not to burden you, but the series could use another contributor. If you're unable, that's fine. After all, I've been declining many offers due to the burden of this series. 172

I'd been meaning to thank you for the article on the Edelweiss Pirates, very interesting subject. That was a lot to write on such short notice.  :) - Hephaestos 21:26 25 Jul 2003 (UTC)

הי דני אני כותב אליך בעברית, כי אני מניח שאתה דובר וקורא עברית. אני רק רוצה לוודא כי אתה יודע שפרויקט הויקיפדיה בעברית יצא לדרך לפני כ-3 שבועות אני יודע גם כי אין לך בעיה להגיע / לנווט לשם. מה דעתך להצטרף גם לויקי. בעברית ולתרום איכשהו מניסיונך הרב בעבודה בויקי. אין לי ספק שתוכל לתרום המון ואני מעריך כי להיות בין המייסדים של פרויקט כזה, היא זכות לא קטנה (כך לפחות אני חושב ביחס לעצמי) שני המשתמשים / העורכים של האנציקלופדיה הם: רותם דן ו-AAARRGGGHHH בשם השני בטוח שלא דייקתי יש כבר מאמרים (לדעתי חלקם מועתקים) ויש פעילות התחלתית די יפה ומרשימה אגב, בויקי בעברית, הכיוי שלי הוא דוד1 (ממש מפתיע נכון?)

אז להתראות ב"עברית" - ולפחות תן תגובה

Sorry I did not put some
in the Hebrew part, but now it's going to be too diff. Hope yu'll be able to read it. -- Dod1 02:31 28 Jul 2003 (UTC)

Thanks for paying attention to the US history series. I've been severely reprimanded for going into excessive detail in the US history series. I've been warned continually by Mav to summarize on the series pages and to go in depth in the hyperlink articles. So, with that in mind, I suggest that you go into the socio-economics of the opposition to the Vietnam War in Vietnam War, an article that haven't edited yet. If what you've suggested isn't in that article, it's actually really pressing that you add it or I add it. I agree completely that real analysis of antiwar sentiment has been thwarted by the knee-jerk tendency, even among good scholars, to focus on the more memorable, more well-publicized hippy and counterculture antiwar movement among college students. 172 03:45 28 Jul 2003 (UTC)

Hi, you cast a vote in the TEMP5 debate. The Temp5 proposal was voted down by 61.3% to 38.6%. We seem to be going around in circles on the whole issue of the main page. A new vote is now taking place to clarify what exactly we want, namely

  1. Do we actually want to have a new page?
  2. If so when (immediately, after a pause, timed to the press release, etc)?
  3. What do people want on the front page and what do they want excluded?

As of now, the whole issue seems surrounded by complete confusion. This way, finally and definitively, we will know what we want and when we want it. So do please express your opinions. The vote is on the same page as the previous votes. FearÉIREANN 20:31, 13 Aug 2003 (UTC)

Curious -- on the sloganZ=R page, what exactly were you "tired" of? RK? The subject? It was hard to tell from your comment. Respectfully, -戴&#30505sv 05:00, Aug 15, 2003 (UTC)

When RK comes back I want to nominate him for sysop (again) I dont ask for much, but I ask that you support his nomination. Sincerely-戴&#30505sv 23:25, Aug 16, 2003 (UTC)


-戴&#30505sv 17:32, Aug 17, 2003 (UTC)

Hi! You seem to know alot about Jerusalems walls. Care to elaborate a little on the topic? This page [1] clearly lists two sets of walls and I can't figure out which set is considered the "real" "old wall" or if both of them is the "old wall". It also lists the Ginnoth Gate, Women's Gate and the Tadi Gate which is not mentioned in other sources. To my understanding the walls were razed and rebuilt many times. The Jaffa Gate for example is listed on the model of Jerusalem 60 CE, but another source says it was built in the 16th century. BL 13:22, 23 Aug 2003 (UTC)

Hi. You have made edits to the Isla Perejil page. Since I have questions about the accuracy of information added by user, can you take a look at Isla Perejil and at Talk:Isla Perejil and check this? Pascal 23:53, 23 Sep 2003 (UTC)

Hi, regarding your vote on To be valid you need to have a active userpage on Meta which points to your userpage of your home-wikipedia Giskart Walter 23:00, 27 Sep 2003 (UTC)

To be clear about this; In the other vote rounds some votes where not counted because there was no active userpage and no link to the home-wiki. Because I am against the new logo i inform you and others about this so your vote can be valid. I have not made up the rules. Giskart Walter 00:43, 28 Sep 2003 (UTC)