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About Dominican DNA:[edit]

.. Mr. Darkwind. I've made several attempts to remove the new addition in reference to a dna portion made about Dominicans in the DR page, inly for it to be re-added and eventually leading to me being unable to make edits anymore. The reason I've made several attempts to erase it, is because of the bias info which contradicts findings from several other DNA studies. This study was conducted on 1000 people in certain towns in a few provinces within the DR with predominant afro influence. Studies done on 1,000 Dominican citizens from these towns do not represent the entire population of 10,000,000.

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Here is some examples of other DNA studies done in DR with some links:

In the Last 2010 Dominican Census, Dominican marked themselves as follow...

59% Other(Mixes) 28% White 12% Black

According to C.I.A. Fact Book estimates Dominicans are:

73% Mix Tri-racial(Spanish ,Afro ,Native) 16% White( Spanish/Other European) 11% Black

According to recent genealogical tests by DNA-Tribe the average Mix Dominican is estimated to be:

58.1 % Spanish European 35.2% African 6.4% Taino Indio

According to 23andMe DNA test, Mix Dominicans are estimated to be:

60% European 35% African 5% Taino Indian

According to PLOS Genetic the average Mix Dominican is:

57% Spanish European 38% Afro 5 % Native

According to "History Of The Caribbean" book Pg. 34 written by Franklin W. Knight a extremely important Historian of the slavery in the Caribbean inform that by 1750 Dominicans were:

38,000 Whites 30,000 Mixed 15,000 Slaves

My point, is that DNA shouldn't even be used in this Wikipedia page about DR, because of all the conflicting findings and opinions. This is very divisive within our community and alienates a large portion of the population. Please remove this info, because it isn't a fact. Thank you very much. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Jpimentel201 (talkcontribs) 03:00, 19 July 2016‎

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