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The Archdeacon of Canterbury is an office-holder in the Diocese of Canterbury in the Church of England. Like other archdeacons, he or she is an administrator in the diocese at large (having oversight of parishes in roughly half the diocese) and is a Canon Residentiary of the cathedral.

Furthermore, the Archdeacon of Canterbury has an additional role beyond that of other archdeacons, traditionally serving as the Archbishop of Canterbury's representative at enthronement ceremonies for new diocesan bishops in his province. At these services, he or she reads the Archbishop's mandate and, taking the new bishop by the hand, conducts him on to his throne.

The present incumbent is Sheila Watson.

Selected office-holders[edit]


16th century[edit]

17th century[edit]

18th century[edit]

19th century[edit]


To be processed[edit]

Thomas Green D.D. 1708-1721.

Coll. 28 Oct. 1708 (Lamb., Reg. Tenison II f. 193). Instal. 3 Nov. (AC 1670-1710 f. 228v). Bp. of Norwich 1721.

Thomas Bowers D.D. 1721-1724.

Pres. by king; instit. by abp. 7 Nov. 1721 (Lamb., Reg. Wake 1 f. 318). Instal. 21 Nov. (AC 1711-26 f. 109). Bp. of Chichester 1722, but held archdcnry in commendam to d. 23 Aug. 1724 (m.i., Chichester cath.) (Brit. Mus., Add. MS. 5699 f. 351/p. 759; Lamb., Reg. Wake 1 ff. 332v-333).

Samuel Lisle D.D. 1724-1748.

Coll. 1 Sept. 1724 (Lamb., Reg. Wake 1 ff. 332v-333). Instal. 10 Sept. (AC 1711-26 f. 153v). Bp. of St. Asaph 1744, but held archdcnry in commendam until trans. to Norwich 1748.

John Head M.A. 1748-1769.

Pres. by king; instit. by abp. 9 Apr. 1748 (Lamb., Reg. Potter f. 280). Instal. 15 Apr. (AC 1746-60 f. 26). Pres. by king pubd. 30 Apr. (Lond. Gaz. no. 8734). Succeeded to baronetcy 1768 (Complete Baronetage IV 76-7). D. 4 Dec. 1769 (Gent. Mag. 1769, xxxix 608; Lamb., Reg. Cornwallis f. 406v).

William Backhouse M.A. 1769-1788.

Coll. 13 Dec. 1769 (Lamb., Reg. Cornwallis f. 406v). Instal. by proxy 18 Dec. (AC 1761-75 pp. 220-1). D. 29 Sept. 1788 (Gent. Mag. 1788, lviii (2) 936; Lamb., Reg. Moore ff. 520v-521).

John Lynch D.C.L. 1788-1803.

Coll. 7 Nov. 1788 (Lamb., Reg. Moore ff. 520v-521). Instal. by proxy 11 Nov. (AC 1775-93 pp. 366-7). D. 1 May 1803 (Gent. Mag. 1803, lxxiii (1) 485; Lamb., Reg. Moore f. 571v).

Houstonne Radcliffe D.D. 1803-1822.

Coll. 19 May 1803 (Lamb., Reg. Moore f. 571v). Instal. 30 May (AC 1794-1824 pp. 119-20). D. 8 Apr. 1822 (Gent. Mag. 1822, xcii (1) 380; Lamb., Reg. Sutton II f. 58r-v).d

Hon. Hugh Percy M.A. 1822-1825.

Coll. 26 Apr. 1822 (Lamb., Reg. Sutton II f. 58r-v). Instal. 13 May (AC 1794-1824 pp. 412-13). Dean of Canterbury 1825, and res. archdcnry by 18 June (Lamb., Reg. Sutton II f. 65v).

James Croft M.A. 1825-1869.

Coll. 18 June 1825 (Lamb., Reg. Sutton II f. 65v). Instal. 23 June (AC 1824-54 pp. 9-10). Croft's preb. (4th) permanently annexed to archdcnry of Canterbury by Stat. 3 & 4 Vic. c. 113 and Order in Council 10 Nov. 1852 (Lond. Gaz. no. 21390). D. 9 May 1869 (The Times, 11 May p. II; Lamb., Reg. Tait p. 496).



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