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Time Zone Note: I am on GMT+2; please keep this in mind when looking for a response!

How to use Talkbacks (or whisperbacks): When you have left a message for another user on your own talk page, then place {{Talkback|YOUR_USER_NAME}} in the OTHER user's talk page. At the bottom of the page in a new section is best.
If you leave a message for another user on their talk page, then you don't need to leave a Talkback because they will be notified of a change to their talk page anyway.
If a conversation has begun on a given talk page, it is usually best to keep the whole conversation on that page, and not try to answer back and forth between pages. In that case the user whose talk page it is (where the conversation started) must take responsibility for notifying the other user when they have replied. The easiest way to do that is usually just to place a Talkback or whisperback in the other user's talk page. You can also just leave a message there. David_FLXD (Talk) 08:27, 19 July 2012 (UTC)