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CP x Settlmnt
Settlmnt x CP
"Former ..." Artcl
Artcl for CP in Ches
EP Tmplt
CP Tmplt
Crewe Article Sandbox
* Arbcom evidence



I fail to see what is wrong with my edits and i also fail to see why you have recklessly deleted them. The first time was because i did not cite a source which i accept however, you didn't tell me to do anything else to my edits therefore I dont think you should have deleted them. Please give me the full reason why you took my edits down and I will do everything I can to improve them so they stay up. - Davida002

1: I have not deleted them. Someone else did. Their deletion was allowed given that what you added was not obviously related.
2: Your inability to spell the name of the article correctly here is a bad sign.
3: You need to read BRD. You are engaged in a slow-motion edit-war and you can be penalised for it.
4: Engage with the editors who take issue with you on Talk:Runcorn.
5: Please learn more about wikipedia and respond more to issues raised on your talk page. For example, sign your comments on talk pages with four tildas to give a proper signed response. (~ four times). Thank you.  DDStretch  (talk) 02:02, 21 October 2016 (UTC)