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  • As a listed GA participant, you are invited to contribute to a formal Request for Comment on the question of whether Good Articles should be eligible to appear in the Did You Know? slot in future. Please see the proposal on its subpage here, or on the main DYK talk page. To add the discussion to your watchlist, click this link. Thank you in advance. Gilderien Chat|Contributions02:57, 1 August 2013 (UTC)

Comments concerning the VE devo & implementation - no hard feelings?

This was in response to your response to my criticism of the style and substance of some of your comments concerning the VE devo & implementation. Just wanted to make sure you saw it and were aware of my effort to guard against any hard feelings... I am attempting to put an honest assessment of the software. @User:ddstretch That I can understand and appreciate. If you cannot see that what I have said is an expression of despair... That I can now also recognize and acknowledge. I, too, want Wikipedia to continue to progress as I've derived great benefit from its existence and enjoyment from contributing to its evolution and improvement. Learning Wikimarkup has been an ongoing process that continues to this day, and while it's not been a barrier to my participating, I broadly support any effort to make it easier for new contributors to become involved in the project (assuming good faith and positive intentions on their part!). I apologize for singling you out for rebuke and criticism if my doing so was perceived as unfair, although I still believe that the way in which you chose to express your obvious passion and strong feelings against facets of the ongoing development and implementation of VE did not necessarily serve your purpose well. That said, I do want to acknowledge that it seems the impetus for your comments was genuine interest and concern, and not whining or malingering. Cheers. Azx2 16:33, 3 August 2013 (UTC)