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Marvel Cinematic Universe (Thor: Ragnarok)[edit]

Firstly; thank you for the information about Thor: Ragnarok.

However, being tipped and reported about something is not what I exactly call confirmation. If Sam L Jackson was indeed in Thor: Ragnarok, then the news would be all over the internet. Since that is not the case and because the news comes from just one (rather unknown) website, I will take that with a little grain of salt. Same goes for Cate Blanchett playing Hela. While I do agree it is a safe assumption that she is going to play Hela, again this was not confirmed by Marvel Studios. If it was, then again, the news would all over the internet. The ONLY thing that has been confirmed to be in the movie so far, is Tessa Thompson. While it is still unclear which character she is will be playing, it has been confirmed that she will be in it. And it seems you left that one out of the article in question.