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Indefinite username block[edit]

Your username has been blocked indefinitely because it is inappropriate (see our blocking policy for more information). If it hadn't been, I would have blocked this account as a likely sock of Thewolfstar, see this CheckUser assessment. You are not encouraged to choose yet another name and keep circling round Thewolfstar's interests, habits, and acquaintances, as the Dot Bitch account immediately does. But I do encourage you to choose a new username and edit constructively from it. If you avoid the mistakes of Thewolfstar, especially in editing the articles in her typical fields of interest, make a fresh start, and edit harmlessly, you are welcome as a wikipedian. Bishonen | talk 14:48, 21 May 2006 (UTC).


Page protected as per request. Plenty of good advice has been given to this user, she has chosen not to take any of it. --ajn (talk) 13:51, 23 May 2006 (UTC)

Attack page blanked[edit]

My apologies to the community for having inadvertently enabled yet another soapbox/attack page for indefinitely banned user Thewolfstar by engaging in dialogue with her sock Dot Bitch on this page. I assumed too much good faith, and Thewolfstar took advantage of it to hold forth on the usual Thewolfstar subjects, to make specific accusations against individual users while ignoring evidence posted that the accusations are untrue and for personal attacks and lawyering. I won't be caught that way again. I advise any admin who's tempted to extend good faith to any incarnation of Thewolfstar to take a look at the development of this page first. It's instructive, and it's all in the History. Bishonen | talk 14:01, 23 May 2006 (UTC).