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University of Kansas "Ancient Central America" course assignment[edit]

This is just a heads-up to let you know that I'm once again having students create Wikipedia entries for a course this semester. I've posted the information for them here:


Dwapara Yuga / Yoekteshwar[edit]

Hi Doug, I'm Robert ( RobCZ ) and I think the last correction must have been five years ago on the particular year we are in according to this interpretation of Yoekteshwar. Swami Yoekteshwar wrote his Holy Science in 194 Dwapara ( 1894 ), thus currently we are in 316 Dwapara. Kind regards Robert, Amsterdam, Holland


Could you run a quick checkuser for me, please? I have a probable DUCK sock of an indef blocked user and I need to confirm. The sock is Sjick14, the indef-blocked user is CaptainHog. SPI at the far bottom will have the most current IP and account information, of course. Also, could you check for any sleepers while you are at it? Diannaa usually handles these, but she is offline at the moment. Much appreciated. - NeutralhomerTalk • 13:06 on September 3, 2016 (UTC)

I filed an SPI related to the above request. Just letting you know. - NeutralhomerTalk • 15:25 on September 3, 2016 (UTC)
Thank you! - NeutralhomerTalk • 16:09 on September 3, 2016 (UTC)

Kabyle people[edit]

Recently an editor wanted my opinion concerning the validity of The Races of Europe, by Carleton Stevens Coon, 1939. It is a revised edition by William Z. Ripley's 1899 edition. To me it appears a bit out of date, but this is out of my area of study. It is currently being used as a source on the Kabyle people article. --Kansas Bear (talk) 17:57, 18 October 2016 (UTC)

Actually Carleton S. Coon, a racist, rewrote it entirely. The Races of Europe (Coon). I've deleted that whole section. Doug Weller talk 18:23, 18 October 2016 (UTC)
Sorry for the belated thanks. Been a little busy lately. Thank you! --Kansas Bear (talk) 01:00, 22 October 2016 (UTC)

"New Account" and archaeologist John Marshall[edit]

Hi Doug. This "new account", created a few days ago,[1] seems to be implying WP:OR and non-WP:RS synthesizes en masse, cross-article, and is using the findings of John Marshall, a British Archaeologist of some 100 years ago as the main "source" for these claims, e.g. [2][3][4]. I reverted some of his edits already, but I can't keep up with it I'm afraid. He's mass uploading images with OR captions as well on Wikimedia.[5]. Something should be done about this I believe. As you're often involved with such matters, I thought that this might interest you. Bests - LouisAragon (talk)

Please comment on Wikipedia talk:Disambiguation[edit]

The feedback request service is asking for participation in this request for comment on Wikipedia talk:Disambiguation. Legobot (talk) 04:29, 22 October 2016 (UTC)

Changing Allah to God[edit]

What am I doing wrong? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Noah Glimmerveen (talkcontribs) 19:03, 23 October 2016 (UTC)

Sorry. It is not my intention to change quotes. I only wanted to change unnecessary usages of the Arabic 'Allah' into the English 'God' in texts that aren't quotes, because most of it says 'God' anyway. But I don't want to vandalize anything. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Noah Glimmerveen (talkcontribs) 19:10, 23 October 2016 (UTC)

@Noah Glimmerveen: There are a lot of articles that need work. I suggest you find them and not do this anymore before you get the attention of others. Doug Weller talk 19:17, 23 October 2016 (UTC)
One shouldn't go round changing things like that mechanically. But any Arabic-speaking Christian calls the Christian god 'Allah', and that is not noted enough.Nishidani (talk) 21:00, 23 October 2016 (UTC)
I'd forgotten that, User:Nishidani. Does that mean you want to reinstate some of his edits

. Doug Weller talk 21:03, 23 October 2016 (UTC)

No. I stalk your page Doug, and hadn't looked at the edits in question. I'm just against mechanical editing that plunks in something everywhere, and I got the impression this was the problem. I recalled a bishop's remark - a very conservative Catholic - telling me about his visits to prison, not to evangelize, but simply to see if he could help Islamic believers out. He said that he was compelled to rethink a lot of his received views when, on bidding one fellow goodbye for now, he said:'Pray for me', and the Arab apologized, saying he could not. This stopped the bishop in his tracks: he took it as a negative Islamic kind of diffidence about the people of the Book. On inquiring 'why not', the prisoner told him, that in Islam, God's will determined whatever occurred (Insh'allah), and that to pray for intercession was sacrilegious, an attempt to bend the will of the Almighty. In short, intercession was theologically impossible because it implied man's relationship with God/god was a do ut des mercenary bargain. A very good point, esp. to anyone familiar with Marcel Mauss's seminal essay on 'The Gift'. Must get back to reading up on the Damin language, though. Cheers Nishidani (talk) 21:13, 23 October 2016 (UTC)
I have followed the breadcrumbs from some of those edits. There are people who strongly prefer one or the other variant and both are commonly used. While I understand Doug's reaction to seeing this debatable change made across multiple articles, it happens to be consistent with WP:ALLAH. Eperoton (talk) 00:16, 24 October 2016 (UTC)
So it is. {{yo|Eperoton|Nishidani]] if WP:ALLAH applies to all articles, then virtually all of our Christianity and Jewish articles break it by using "He" in the middle of sentrnces. Something needs fixing. Doug Weller talk 06:23, 24 October 2016 (UTC)
@Eperoton and Nishidani: Doug Weller talk 06:58, 24 October 2016 (UTC)
And I see that is indeed what MOS:CAPS says. Missed or forgot that. Doug Weller talk 07:02, 24 October 2016 (UTC)

Wikidata weekly summary #232[edit]

Epistle of James[edit]

Someone who's using a secure device has been adding the same OR since Oct. 17. Could you please protect the page? Thank you & Cheers! — JudeccaXIII (talk) 15:36, 25 October 2016 (UTC)

Talgai Skull[edit]

Hi Doug, I managed to find some pics of the Talgai Skull on a 1918 English paper. However, it is a work by Stewart Arthur Smith who is pratically unknown aside being an anatomist and the younger brother of the more famous Grafton Elliot Smith. I was wondering if you could find his nationality (most likely Australian though) and above all his death date in some database or way unknown to me, hoping he is gone long enough for this work being in PD now. Khruner (talk) 17:30, 25 October 2016 (UTC)

@Khruner: I'm afraid he died in 1961.[6]. Doug Weller talk 17:51, 25 October 2016 (UTC)
How fast, anyway I see... the picture will be provided by a visitor in Sydney some day. Thanks for the accurate search! Khruner (talk) 18:00, 25 October 2016 (UTC)
(talk page stalker) @Khruner: although the image is still under copyright in the UK, so cannot be hosted on Commons, to be allowed here it only need be PD in the USA—which it is, having been published before 1923. So ISTM that, unless you consider yourself subject (practically or ethically) to British law, you could upload it locally with a {{PD-US-1923-abroad}} tag including the parameter out_of_copyright_in=2032.—Odysseus1479 21:42, 25 October 2016 (UTC)
@Odysseus1479: I was already thinking of drawing the skull from the picture by myself (a thing I used to do quite often in the past) in order to upload the result on Commons and making that available to everyone. However, at the moment the only wiki where such drawing could be put is, so I can seriously consider your idea. Thanks for letting me know about this template. Khruner (talk) 22:00, 25 October 2016 (UTC)

Please comment on Talk:1[edit]

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