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Drau1, good luck, and have fun.Jnanaranjan Sahu (ଜ୍ଞାନ) talk 12:12, 28 February 2014 (UTC)

Online ambassador greetings[edit]

hello Drau1,

I am one of your online ambassadors. I am around to help you out with editing Wikipedia, You can contact me by email or on my talk page. Since I'm in Australia my timezone is quite different to yours. I have no tertiary qualification in astronomy or geology, but I like the topic, and I am hoping that you can write so that I can understand it! Graeme Bartlett (talk) 20:46, 5 March 2014 (UTC)

DYK for Ghost craters on Mercury[edit]

The DYK project (nominate) 10:34, 17 April 2014 (UTC)

Introducing myself[edit]

I work with the Wiki Education Foundation, and help support students who are editing as part of a class assignment. If there's anything I can do to help with your assignment (or, for that matter, any other aspect of Wikipedia) please feel free to drop me a note. Ian (Wiki Ed) (talk) 20:16, 18 February 2015 (UTC)

Name Reference issues[edit]

This help request has been answered. If you need more help, you can ask another question on your talk page, contact the responding user(s) directly on their user talk page, or consider visiting the Teahouse.

Hello, I am having an issue with my references. The first two references in my reference list: García, Marga; Ercilla, Gemma; Alonso, Belen (2009). "Morphology and sedimentary systems in the Central Bransfield Basin, Antarctic Peninsula: sedimentary dynamics fromshelf to basin". Basin Research 21: 295–314 & González-Casado, José; Jorge, Giner-Robles; Jerónimo, López-Martínez (November 2000). "Bransfield Basin, Antarctic Peninsula: Not a normal backarc basin". Geology 28 (11): 1043–1046 are not showing up. When I try to attribute the reference as a citation for some text via the named reference tool/feature the citation will not show up. Currently I have been manually entering in the citation for the text I want to attribute to those two references as just a placeholder to remind myself to address the issue, but when I do this it creates duplicate references in my reference list. Here is a link to my sandbox: (talk) 16:58, 23 February 2015 (UTC)

Drau1, the issue was that you were naming your references with non-standard characters (á and í). I replaced them with a and i and now everything's working fine. Primefac (talk) 17:12, 23 February 2015 (UTC)
Using quotation marks around your reference names helps avoid problems like this. For that reason, it's generally safer to use <ref name = "name"> rather than <ref name = name>
You were also repeating the <ref name = "name">NameofReference</ref> format for later calls to these references, instead of just using <ref name = "name"/> format. Ian (Wiki Ed) (talk) 17:28, 23 February 2015 (UTC)