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  • To explain this archive, I’ve used two methods to archive material from my talk page, first the move procedure to archive the entire user talk page editing history. This creates a searchable edit history. Since there is apparently a 5000 edit limit on standard deletions (anything over that needs a Steward to delete!), I split the move-archive talk page into chunks of ~1500 edits each. This is in section User talk:Dreadstar archived edit history.
  • I’ve also utilized the Cut and paste procedure to create a set of archives of searchable text, split into certain periods of time and/or talk page size. This is in the Textual archives section below.
  • And yes, I do tend to archive quickly. I like to keep my fire engine clean, it's a clean machine; with perhaps a little OCD mixed in.  :)
  • If you any questions or issues with this set up, please email me. Thanks! Dreadstar 23:13, 29 August 2010 (UTC)

User talk:Dreadstar archived edit history[edit]

These are split into ~1500 edit chunks to avoid running into certain WP limitations. Email me for further info if you have questions.

Textual archives[edit]