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Future Plans[edit]

Here is an outline of the content related to OTR Truck Driver Compensation (US) that I think Wikipedia is missing.

Clean up OTR Truck Driver Compensation article[edit]

  • base rate (basically the existing article)
  • additional pay
    • dock pay
    • offload pay
    • detention pay (link to full article)
    • idle bonus
    • fuel surcharge
    • etc. (please recommend additional categories of pay)
  • per diem (link to full article)

Unpaid work time[edit]

  • short miles
  • layover
  • loading and unloading
  • chaining
  • breakdown

Household goods mileage article[edit]

  • insert redirect pages for common terms
  • How it's calculated
    • overview of the tools used (print book, software, etc.)
    • brief explanation...even rip and cite section of print guide or software explanation that illuminates methodology
  • history of this practice
  • lawsuits (Swift class action, etc....may need link to full article)

Regulation of Trucking Industry[edit]

  • this will be a mammoth article
  • history of regulations
    • pre 1980
    • 1980 deregulation (existing article def needs work, is written with blatant pro-regulation bias, short on verifiable fact)
    • post deregulation (including CSA 2010, which is a blurb on the FMCSA article, should be full article)
  • I'd need lots of time to research this, would rather reach out to folks to see if they will contribute

Lease-purchase programs[edit]

  • history (?)
  • create some sort of breakdown for understanding these contracts
  • thinking I will create a blog for people to scan in lease-purchase contracts and have other users breakdown/rate the contract...let readers rate these breakdowns for usefulness

Detention Pay[edit]

  • brief overview
  • examples of specific companies breakdown policies (just a few...I've heard that Wikipedia frowns on lists:)...I mean :(
  • section on Defazio bill (is this already an article?)

Per Diem[edit]

  • overview
  • detailed explanation
  • history?
  • per diem pay policies (link to full article with examples)

Driverpatriot (talk) 09:23, 7 January 2012 (UTC)