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David Hardy was born in Watts,California

{{{D-Styles TheCode breaker}}}[edit]

Born as David Hardy. Birthday in August 6 1991 age 16 Born in Atlanta,Georgia and born as a native also. D-Styles had been a rapper since at the age of 10. My album is coming on the debut of The Westcoast Prodigy in 2008.Then I met This Lady and her name is Cynthia Stern aka Cindy Stern and she works at Interscope Records with G-Unit,Busta Rhymes,and more but she like my music from Mann Music.Then I got caught up with my science teacher Mr. Leak aka Dolo Pacino working with other kids 6th graders to 8th graders known as Mann Music. There is another thing me and my cousin Scoop Loc known as Me & U.

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i rap


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