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Blackout's Box[edit]

The issue is not really whether this person is funny or not -- I'm sure he is -- but whether 1) the person's pseudonymn is stable enough (in business for a long time) to discuss, 2) the person can be spoken of as a real person, and not just as a screen name or stage name (i.e. few pseudonymns can be written about; when we have articles like that (e.g. Ossian), we name the real person behind them), 3) a biography can be written (as an article on a proper noun is a biography), and 4) the information should be better placed in another location (e.g. in an article on prank callers). I'm pretty regular in voting against popular culture phenomena with pseudonymns unless we can talk about the real person (even our articles on people like Commander Taco name the guy) and for wishing transient performers to be discussed in a master article. It may turn out, for example, that this performer will have a long career as a comedian and be known by another name. I didn't vote on "notability" and really somewhat rarely do, as much as I do "how much of an effect on the world is there" and "how discussed is the person." Geogre 10:50, 2 December 2005 (UTC)