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Hello, Edward Willhoft, and welcome to Wikipedia! Thank you for your contributions. I hope you like the place and decide to stay. If you are stuck or looking for help, please come to the Wikipedia Help Desk, where experienced Wikipedians can answer any queries you have! Or, you can just type {{helpme}} on your user talk page, and someone will show up shortly to answer your questions.

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If you'd like to respond to this message, or ask any questions, feel free to leave a message at my talk page!

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Best of luck to you, and happy editing!

Luna Santin (talk) 07:27, 30 July 2007 (UTC)

Health Hazards of Carbonated Drinks[edit]

Dear Edward Willhoft, I couldn't help but noticing that you have posted, at several places, questions concering what is required for this article to be accepted. I will first like to state that articles and edits are not accepted; you are able to add your contributions and create your articles without qualification and without any prior permit to do so. This is because, here at Wikipedia, we assume good faith, so we, as a collective and singularly, trust all editors intentions and motivations here by default. However, if an editor makes edits or otherwise does things that are not productive, helpful or at all constructive, this is called vandalism, and is removed swiftly, and they may be disallowed to edit, for a set period of time. That in mind and said, I wish to make sure you feel comfortable creating your article, provided that it keeps in touch with Wikipedia policy. You may wish to see what and what kind of articles are and are not appropriate for Wikipedia, the notability guidelines on Wikipedia, How to write a great article and Information on creating your first article. Finally, if you ever find yourself in need of administrator or experienced user help, applying the following syntax to this page will attract the attention of one of the latter or former people: {{helpme}}. Any futher questions you might have would be best directed to my messages/talk page. Kind regards, -- Anonymous DissidentTalk 10:52, 30 July 2007 (UTC)

Hi again Ed (if I may call you that; you signed thusly on my talk page so I'll assume its okay to call you that), thanks for the reply. I'd first like to thank you for the comment you made about my contributions; I think ythat you will soon understand why I enjoy working on Wikipedia. Second of all, i would like to point out that, review of your contributions will show that you actually havent created the article you intended to. just to make sure you know how, I will explain how to do it. Firstly, type the name of the article in the search (Health Hazards of Carbonated Drinks). You will see a list of search results, but near the top, there will be a red-linked phrase "create this page". Click there. you will come up with a large edit box. type out your article there. When you are finished, go down to the bottom of the edit box, and click preview. You will see what you have done, and how it will look when saved. when you are happy, click the save button. Your article will appear; you have then created your first article. I can help you with the doing of any of these things, and I promise I will help you 'polish' the article after you create it. remember, if it is going to be a long article, you dont have to write it all in one go. Also, please (I cannot stress this enough), please remember policy on articles when you do create this article. this and this are especially important to remember. Cheers, -- Anonymous DissidentTalk 11:23, 30 July 2007 (UTC)
That was quick. I assume you what you mean is when will your article appear in the search. The answer to that is in the next overhaul; when they next purge the server. I dont know the technicals, but they usually do this every not-so-long period of time. However, if someone searches for something relatively close to the name of your article, yours should come up in the search results, and if they search the exact name, they will go straight to the article. Thanks, and good luck making the article. -- Anonymous DissidentTalk 11:26, 30 July 2007 (UTC)

Thats just excellent. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time here, and decide to stay. It was a pleasure helping you out. If any more help is required, you know where to find me (I am, however, going to bed for the time being). Regards, -- Anonymous DissidentTalk 11:36, 30 July 2007 (UTC)

No. You can still get messages while not logged in. You will simply get them when you come back on. Thanks -- Anonymous DissidentTalk 11:37, 30 July 2007 (UTC)
I am quite happy to keep helping you as long as you ask questions Ed. However, it appears that, according to this page, you didnt submit the article; see? There is no mention of Hazards of Soft Drinks on that page, which means you actually didnt create it. Try clicking here, assuming you want to create an article on Hazards of Soft Drinks. Type the article into the edit box, and click save. Your article should come up. You will know you have done it right when a mention of Hazards of Soft Drinks appears here. I hope I have helped. PS: this is why the article isn't appearing in the index - yet. -- Anonymous DissidentTalk 10:23, 31 July 2007 (UTC)
All I will say is consider the policies and you cant go wrong. Good luck. -- Anonymous DissidentTalk 14:21, 1 August 2007 (UTC)

Original research[edit]

Please don't add large essays of original research to articles, such as you did (twice) to Carbonation. We welcome contributions and improvements to articles, but they must be cited from reliable sources. Also, please don't sign contributions in articles - that is mean for comments left in discussion spaces. Thanks. --ZimZalaBim talk 14:19, 12 August 2007 (UTC)

Edward, I happened to see your comments on Luna Santin's talk page, and the reason why your edits "disappeared" is because they appear to be original research, as ZimZalaBim pointed out above. If you want to create a new article or add new information to an existing article you should first make sure it fits the recommendations given in sections like Wikipedia:Your first article and Wikipedia:Article development. What you need to do is find references from reliable sources as noted above, and combine them to add notable information to Wikipedia. This way we try prevent people from just pulling random nonsense from the air and adding it here as fact. Unfortunately, not all articles are done that way, but don't let the fact that other bad articles exist lead you to believe that this is how things should be done here. Many of those articles without references end up with cleanup tags noting that the article, "[...]does not cite any references or sources," or they simply get deleted. I note that you added your information on "The Health Hazards of Exploding Pop Bottles" to the Carbonation article, which seems like a rather off-topic location for it. Also, considering the relative rarity of glass bottles used for carbonated beverages today, I think such an article probably fails the notability test, thus may not be a good candidate for a new article. Please don't let this dampen your enthusiasm for editing Wikipedia, you just need to get a better understanding of how Wikipedia works first. Hope that helps clear things up for you! -- HiEv 11:16, 21 August 2007 (UTC)

Edward, I've looked through all your past edits (in Tonic water and Carbonation, for example), and I've read the comments that you left on Vortexrealm's talk page and Jparenti's user page. It appears that you've done a lot of research during the course of your career, and you now wish to publish articles on the subjects of interest to you. You especially want to disseminate new information that hasn't previously been published. These are worthy goals. However, I am not sure whether Wikipedia is the best forum for this. As an encyclopedia, Wikipedia is interested in collecting information that is already known. It is not interested in publishing new and original research. It is also not interested in information based on references not available to the public, such as non-published industry studies. It seems that your articles might be more suited for newspapers, magazines, or scientific journals. For more success in spreading your information to a wider audience, you might want to consider submitting your articles to these sorts of publications rather than Wikipedia. --Ben James Ben 03:55, 9 October 2007 (UTC)

Unknown article comment[edit]

Hi Edward, I am not sure which article the comments you left on my discussion page relate to. I do not believe I have been involved in editing any piece you have contributed to. It surely doesn't refer to the previous composting compost discussion.--Alex 08:10, 8 October 2007 (UTC)