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National TriGeneration CHP Company

Dear, May I know what are the comments for the mentioned title .. U requested deletion and I want to talk about it.. Regards

Regie Cabico Image

I obtained the image from Regie himself, is there a particular difference in how I should go about dealing with the copyright issue other than indicated in your post? Thanks. --CKJ411 (talk) 08:04, 4 July 2013 (UTC)

Yes, read what it says in the message I posted to you. Eeekster (talk) 18:32, 4 July 2013 (UTC)

How to edit the copyright info.

Nipun Nayar 22:12, 13 July 2013 (UTC) Hi, You have been pointing out the mistakes in my uploaded images. I don't know how to change the copyright info. once the image has been uploaded. Even you haven't specified or given a link for me to refer. I know there is a copyright info. drop down menu while you are uploading the image for the first time. Now how do I do it?

Are you saying the Edit button does not work for you? Eeekster (talk) 23:30, 13 July 2013 (UTC)

I don't know, but I really can't see one when I open or If you can then please let me know. Nipun Nayar 01:13, 14 July 2013 (UTC)

I saw the editing box. I thought it was somewhere in the content box. But it showed the normal editing space. Where will I get the copyright options from? Nipun Nayar 01:13, 14 July 2013 (UTC)

Just what license are you trying to claim for these photos? As far as I can see there's none that fit since you just took the photos from somewhere. Eeekster (talk) 01:37, 14 July 2013 (UTC)

Coolidge birthplace

The photo is on my website, which is why I listed the site. I operate the site as a log of all the presidential places I've visited. --Coingeek (talk) 00:19, 14 July 2013 (UTC)

In that case you won't have any problem providing proof of your ownership. Eeekster (talk) 01:07, 14 July 2013 (UTC)

Kerry Muzzey, Composer

Hi Eeekster,

Re: this entry: -- apparently my Wiki username (KirbykoMusicLLC) violates some rules.I have submitted a request for username change to SaMoSurfer70. KirbykoMusicLLC (talk) 21:07, 14 July 2013 (UTC) Kerry Muzzey

Carter (Real Estate)

Hi Eeekster,

I have edited Carter (Real Estate)'s page so it is written less like an advertisement. If it is suitable now, please remove the tag. If you believe it still does not fit the proper criteria, let me know. Thank you! Sduncan87 (talk) 17:40, 17 July 2013 (UTC)

User talk:Ericcp3

Looks like he hasn't a clue about fair use, I think all of Ericcp3 (talk · contribs)'s uploads are probably copyvio. He also added copyvio text to an article. Dougweller (talk) 06:00, 20 July 2013 (UTC)

I noticed. Eeekster (talk) 13:47, 20 July 2013 (UTC)

Speedy deletion declined: Four Henrys Productions

Hello Eeekster. I am just letting you know that I declined the speedy deletion of Four Henrys Productions, a page you tagged for speedy deletion, because of the following concern: Article claims coverage in reliable sources. Thank you. — Malik Shabazz Talk/Stalk 21:44, 27 July 2013 (UTC)

contesting speedy deletion of an image

I added this image

Your comment was that a freely licensed version could be found. I added the contested response to the description of that page, but I'm not sure I did it right. I searched the web and could not find a freely licensed version of an image that shows Marina DeBris's work. If you can find one, I'll use it. Thanks. Socialresearch (talk) 02:12, 29 July 2013 (UTC)