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IOM infobox[edit]

Just following up on this...

I've move the template to a live page - {{Infobox comics in other media}} and placed it on most of the IOM articles.

I've also gotten some feed back on my talk if you're interested.

- ~~``

Carol Danvers Death?[edit]

I changed the text stating the death of the character, as it is more plausible to assume from the interview and from her addition to the New Avengers cast, that Carol will fake her death. Either way, we do not know for sure the state of her during dark reign, and the source interview is inconclusive. I changed the text to reflect what we know for sure.

More minor stuff-questions[edit]

1) Doom (film) has a character, Carmack, that people keep saying is named for a real person, a programmer for the Doom game. But since Carmack the fictional character is an evil man, I've been deleting the references. Am I right to do so? It's one thing to say 'Funky Flashman is based on Stan Lee's mannerisms' when Funky is a fictional slave trader but a name is a name.

No. The character in the movie is not intended as a reflection on id's John Carmack. If you look at names mentioned in the credits, Carmack actually isn't even the only "scientist" who was involved in the development of the original DOOM--he's just the one with the most recognizable name and the most screen time.
The names are there simply as a nod to the history of the story and its beginnings as a video game; they're just intended to elicit a knowing smile from the audience. Their presence has no biographical implications whatsoever, particularly not as reported on Wikipedia.
TLDR: Stop removing stuff like that.
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2) The Nathan Thompson Show. Kinda got out of control there re: history so I'm throwing it out with no commentary.

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